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Rugby - Men's National leagues ranking

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This classification is inspired by UEFA coefficients and allows to rank the European championships by basing itself on the results of the last 5 seasons of the rugby European Cups : the European Rugby Champions Cup and the European Rugby Challenge Cup in this order.

Latest update: 2022-02-21

1France (TOP 14 / TOP 16)606
2England (England Championship)513
3Ireland (Celtic League)254
4Wales (Welsh Premier Division)151
5Scotland (Scottish League Championship)94
6Italy (Italian Championship - Super 10)86
7Russia (Russia Division 1 - Russian Premier League)24
8Georgia (Georgia Championship)6
9Romania (Romania Division 1 - SuperLiga)4
10Germany (Rugby-Bundesliga)2
11Spain (Spain - Division de Honor)2
12Belgium (Belgian Elite League)0
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