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Cycling - Univest Grand Prix - 2011 - Detailed results

Cycling - Univest Grand Prix - 2011 - Detailed results

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United States

Results 2011

Univest Grand Prix 2011

United StatesUnited States - 17 September 2011

Univest Grand Prix - 17 September 2011

1CANRyan Roth (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energy3:52:27
2USAFrank Kevin Pipp (USA)Bissell Pro Cyclings.t.
3USATom Zirbel (USA)Jamis - Sutter Homes.t.
4USAEric Young (USA)Bissell Pro Cycling0:00:13
5RUSAlexey Shmidt (RUS)Team Type 1s.t.
6CANMartin Gilbert (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energys.t.
7USAJake Keough (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxiss.t.
8USARobin Carpenter (USA)s.t.
9CANAdam Thuss (CAN)Trek/red Truck Racing P/b Mosaic Homess.t.
10AUSShaun McCarthy (AUS)s.t.
11SWESebastian Balck (SWE)
12USAThomas Brown (USA)s.t.
13USAWilliam Dugan (USA)Team Type 1s.t.
14USAAdam Matthew Farabaugh (USA)s.t.
15CANSimon Lambert-Lemay (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energys.t.
16USANick Frey (USA)Jamis - Sutter Homes.t.
17USAIan Crane (USA)s.t.
18CANChris Gruber (CAN)s.t.
19USABenjamin Zawacki (USA)s.t.
20USARobert Lea (USA)s.t.
21CANMathieu Roy (CAN)Gaspésien/ Passion-Vélos.t.
22USAAdam Carr (USA)s.t.
23USAJohn 'Jack' Simes IV (USA)Jamis - Sutter Homes.t.
24USARicky Gargiulo (USA)Geox Fuji Test Teams.t.
25USAKennett Peterson (USA)s.t.
26USAAndrew Dahlheim (USA)Bissell Pro Cyclings.t.
27NZLHeath Blackgrove (NZL)s.t.
28CANRémi Pelletier-Roy (CAN)Equipe du Québecs.t.
29USAGabe Varela (USA)s.t.
30CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energys.t.
31USAJason Donald (USA)Kelly Benefit Strategies - Optum Healths.t.
32USABarry Miller (USA)s.t.
33USAIgor Volshteyn (USA)s.t.
34USAMat Stephens (USA)s.t.
35USAMichael Chauner (USA)
36AUSHilton Clarke (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxiss.t.
37LUXChristian Helmig (LUX)Elbowz Racing0:00:36
38USATim Mitchell (USA)s.t.
39CANAaron Fillion (CAN)s.t.
40USAJohn Loehner (USA)s.t.
41USAJeremy Durrin (USA)s.t.
42USAClayton Barrows (USA)0:00:55
43AUSBenjamin King (AUS)Team Type 1s.t.
44USAKeck Baker (USA)0:01:02
45AUSClay Murfet (AUS)s.t.
46USAAmos Brumble (USA)s.t.
47USAAndy Bajadali (USA)Kelly Benefit Strategies - Optum Healths.t.
48CANMark Batty (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energys.t.
49USAMichael Margarite (USA)0:01:11
50AUSSamuel Witmitz (AUS)Letua Cycling Teams.t.
51CANFrancois Parisien (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energys.t.
52ITADavide Frattini (ITA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxiss.t.
53USAChristopher Parrish (USA)0:01:21
54USAChad Haga (USA)0:01:48
55USAAdrian Hegyvari (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:01:56
56SWERobert Pölder (SWE)Cykelcity.se0:02:12
57SWEMichael Olsson (SWE)
58USAPeter Hurst (USA)s.t.
59USAJonathan Reid Mumford (USA)Kelly Benefit Strategies - Optum Health0:02:52
60USATyler Jewel (USA)s.t.
61USABradley White (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:04:05
62USAScott Zwizanski (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxiss.t.
63USAJesse Anthony (USA)Kelly Benefit Strategies - Optum Healths.t.
64CANCody Campbell (CAN)Cycling BC0:06:17
65USANicholas Rogers (USA)0:07:01
66AUSJames Stevens (AUS)s.t.
67BLRYahor Buben (BLR)0:15:22
68USAThomas Soladay (USA)Kelly Benefit Strategies - Optum Health0:16:22
69BLRAliaksandr Bieliauski (BLR)0:17:22
70USAMax Korus (USA)0:17:27
71NZLBrett Tivers (NZL)s.t.
72CANBrandon Spencer (CAN)Kallisto - Wheels of Bloors.t.
73CANJean-François Racine (CAN)0:17:50
74USAAndrew McCullough (USA)0:18:39
75CANEvan Mcneely (CAN)0:36:43
76USARyan Pettit (USA)0:37:07
77USANeil Bezdek (USA)0:38:07
78USABrett Kielick (USA)0:38:34
79CANCasey Roth (CAN)Ride With Rendalls.t.
80USAAlex Bowden (USA)Team Type 1s.t.
81USAAndrew Seitz (USA)0:49:08
82USADylan McNicholas (USA)0:50:08
83USAEvan Burkhart (USA)0:51:08
84USAAndrew Gonzales (USA)0:54:08
85USAWesley Kline (USA)0:58:13
86CANRobert Ralf Harris (CAN)0:59:13
87CANKiernan Orange (CAN)Ride With Rendall1:01:13



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