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Cycling - Canadian National Championships - 2011

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Canadian National Championships - Results Men 2011

CanadaCanada - 23 June 2011 - 25 June 2011

Men's Road Race - 25 June 2011

1CANSvein Tuft (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energy4:33:52
2CANWill Routley (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energys.t.
3CANZachary Bell (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energys.t.
4CANRobert Britton (CAN)Bissell Pro Cycling0:01:43
5CANHugo Houle (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energy0:05:26
6CANArnaud Papillon (CAN)Equipe du Québecs.t.
7CANSebastian Salas (CAN)Team H&r Block0:05:31
8CANChristian Meier (CAN)United Health Care Presented by Maxxiss.t.
9CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energy0:05:39
10CANFrancois Parisien (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energy0:05:42
11CANJason Thompson (CAN)0:05:46
12CANJamie Riggs (CAN)Team Ontarios.t.
13CANNic Hamilton (CAN)Jelly Belly Presented by Kenda0:05:51
14CANDavid Veilleux (CAN)Europcar0:05:54
15CANAdam Thuss (CAN)Trek/red Truck Racing P/b Mosaic Homes0:05:59
16CANRyan Anderson (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energy0:06:24
17CANAndrew Randell (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energy0:07:36
18CANKevin Lacombe (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energy0:07:40
19CANSpencer Smitheman (CAN)Hagens Berman Llp Elite0:11:20
20CANMichael Sidic (CAN)Cycling BC0:13:54
21CANJean-Michel Lachance (CAN)Rocky Mountain Desjardins Vales.t.
22CANLaurent Dallaire (CAN)Rocky Mountain Desjardins Vales.t.
23CANDerrick St. John (CAN)Ride With Rendall0:14:17
24CANDerrek Ivey (CAN)Kallisto - Wheels of Bloors.t.
25CANOsmond Bakker (CAN)Jet Fuel Coffee/la Bicicletta0:14:26
26CANGarrett Mcleod (CAN)Team H&r Block0:14:38
27CANDustin Andrews (CAN)Team H&r Blocks.t.
28CANAntoine Matteau (CAN)Gaspésien/ Passion-Vélo0:14:43
29CANMathieu Roy (CAN)Gaspésien/ Passion-Vélos.t.
30CANRyan MacDonald (CAN)Rocky Mountain- Cibc Wood Gund0:14:46
31CANRyan Aitcheson (CAN)Team Ontario0:14:50
32CANWilliam Blackburn (CAN)Gaspésien/ Passion-Vélos.t.
33CANStuart Wight (CAN)Atlantic Cycling Centre0:14:55
34CANCraig Logan (CAN)Trek/red Truck Racing P/b Mosaic Homes0:14:59
35CANCody Campbell (CAN)Cycling BC0:15:06
36CANChris Balestrini (CAN)Garneau - Club Chaussures - No0:15:08
37CANMarvin Guzman (CAN)Westwood Cycles / Cannondale P0:15:12
38CANRémi Pelletier-Roy (CAN)Equipe du Québec0:15:15
39CANSimon Lambert-Lemay (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energys.t.
40CANCameron Mackinnon (CAN)Team H&r Block0:15:20
41CANDustin Macburnie (CAN)Team H&r Blocks.t.
42CANLuc Dionne (CAN)Jean-Coutu/cibc Wood Gundy0:15:50

Men's Time Trial - 23 June 2011Time Trial

1CANSvein Tuft (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energy0:56:29
2CANChristian Meier (CAN)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:00:57
3CANDavid Veilleux (CAN)Europcar0:01:13
4CANZachary Bell (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energy0:01:26
5CANHugo Houle (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energy0:01:32
6CANAndrew Randell (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energy0:01:54
7CANRobert Britton (CAN)Bissell Pro Cycling0:02:20
8CANRémi Pelletier-Roy (CAN)Equipe du Québec0:02:43
9CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Jet Fuel Coffee/la Bicicletta0:02:45
10CANJesse Reams (CAN)Cycling BC0:02:50
11CANEd Veal (CAN)Jet Fuel Coffee/la Bicicletta0:03:11
12CANNic Hamilton (CAN)Jelly Belly Presented by Kenda0:03:22
13CANOwen Harrison (CAN)Team H&r Block0:03:23
14CANStuart Wight (CAN)Atlantic Cycling Centre0:03:25
15CANCameron Mackinnon (CAN)Team H&r Block0:03:27
16CANCuylar Conly (CAN)Team Saskatchewan0:03:47
17CANCharly Vives (CAN)Spidertech Powered By C100:03:49
18CANDavid Boily (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energy0:03:58
19CANCraig Logan (CAN)Trek/red Truck Racing P/b Mosaic Homes0:04:04
20CANGarrett Mcleod (CAN)Team H&r Block0:04:12
21CANSimon Lambert-Lemay (CAN)Spidertech Powered by Planet Energy0:04:24
22CANAdrian Huemmer (CAN)Kallisto - Wheels of Bloor0:04:31
23CANZachery Garland (CAN)Team H&r Block0:04:38
24CANTrevor Connor (CAN)Team Rio Grande0:04:48
25CANBailey McKnight (CAN)Trek/red Truck Racing P/b Mosaic Homes0:04:52
26CANKristofer Dahl (CAN)Team H&r Block0:04:59
27CANCody Campbell (CAN)Cycling BC0:05:04
28CANMatthew Degiacomo (CAN)Team London0:05:11
29CANAntoine Duchesne (CAN)Canada National Team0:05:12
30CANLuc Dionne (CAN)Jean-Coutu/cibc Wood Gundy0:05:23
31CANWilliam Blackburn (CAN)Gaspésien/ Passion-Vélo0:05:31
32CANJamie Riggs (CAN)Team Ontario0:05:42
33CANCasey Roth (CAN)Ride With Rendall0:05:57
34CANSpencer Smitheman (CAN)Hagens Berman Llp Elite0:06:05
35CANOsmond Bakker (CAN)Jet Fuel Coffee/la Bicicletta0:06:06
36CANArnaud Papillon (CAN)Equipe du Québec0:06:10
37CANDarko Ficko (CAN)Jet Fuel Coffee/la Bicicletta0:06:12
38CANKyle Fry (CAN)Team Ontario0:06:18
39CANMason Hanrahan (CAN)Ride With Rendall0:06:34
40CANAndrew Watson (CAN)0:06:39
41CANMike Rothengatter (CAN)Cycling BC0:06:40
42CANEvan Mundy (CAN)Team Ontario0:06:45
43CANBrandon Spencer (CAN)Kallisto - Wheels of Bloor0:07:23
44CANKevin Massicotte (CAN)Nativo/devinci0:07:26
45CANCharlie Bryer (CAN)Team Ontario0:07:37
46CANRobert Nicolas Pratt (CAN)Seppshomecardio0:07:43
47CANBrian Trafford (CAN)Fresh Air Experience/ottawa Bicycle Club0:07:44
48CANIsaac Smith (CAN)Darkhorse Flyers0:07:59
49CANBradley Clifford (CAN)Team H&r Block0:08:00
50CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)Rockland MD Presented by Medique0:08:29
51CANJoshua Hall (CAN)Cycling BC0:08:39
52USAZachary Taylor (USA)Cycling BC0:09:25
53CANPhilippe Bergeron (CAN)Fresh Air Experience/ottawa Bicycle Clubs.t.
54CANKiernan Orange (CAN)Ride With Rendall0:10:12
55CANBrody Pasciullo (CAN)Thunder Bay Cycling Club0:10:40
56CANClayton Meisner (CAN)Olympia Cycling Club0:11:17
57CANGabriel Charlton (CAN)Black Tooth Grin Bike Club0:11:22
58CANTimothy Burton (CAN) Cc P/b Real Deal Racing0:11:40
59CANLogan Cornel (CAN)Euro-Sports/ Foodery/dal-Cin0:13:33
60CANKevin Intini (CAN) - Gears0:17:06
61CANJeff Dicks (CAN)Midweek Cycling Club0:21:22



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