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Cycling - White Spot / Delta Road Race - 2016 - Detailed results

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Results 2016

White Spot / Delta Road Race 2016

CanadaCanada - 10th July 2016

White Spot / Delta Road Race - 10th July 2016

1CANJoëlle Numainville (CAN)Cervélo - Bigla2:40:18
2CANSara Bergen (CAN)Trek Red Truck - Mosaic Homes0:00
3CANAlison Jackson (CAN)Twenty16 - Ridebiker0:00
4CANSara Poidevin (CAN)Rally Cycling Women0:03
5AUSShannon Malseed (AUS)0:06
6CANStephanie Roorda (CAN)0:14
7USATina Pic-Mayolo (USA)Pepper Palace - The Happy Tooth0:14
8AUSKimberley Wells (AUS)Colavita - Bianchi0:14
9USAElle Anderson (USA)Rally Cycling Women0:14
10USAJessica Corrin Prinner (USA)Rally Cycling Women0:14
11CANJanna Gillick (CAN)0:14
12CANJustine Clift (CAN)0:14
13CANRachel Canning (CAN)0:14
14USAGretchen Stumhofer (USA)Colavita - Bianchi0:14
15NZLHannah Van Kampen (NZL)0:14
16CANDenise Ramsden (CAN)Trek Red Truck - Mosaic Homes0:14
17USAChristina Gokey-Smith (USA)Pepper Palace - The Happy Tooth0:14
18NEDAnnemarije Rook (NED)0:14
19CANGabrielle Pilote-Fortin (CAN)Cervélo - Bigla0:14
20USAHannah Ross (USA)Rally Cycling Women0:14
21CANMarina Shea-Aspen (CAN)0:14
22CANJamie Gilgen (CAN)Visit Dallas - Dna0:14
23CANMegan Rathwell (CAN)0:14
24CANAlizee Brien (CAN)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:14
25CANKinley Gibson (CAN)Trek Red Truck - Mosaic Homes0:14
26CANAnnie Foreman-Mackey (CAN)0:14
27CANTerra Manca (CAN)0:14
28CANEmily Flynn (CAN)0:14
29CANCatherine Ouellette (CAN)Rally Cycling Women0:14
30AUSSophie Mackay (AUS)0:14
31CANAshley Barson (CAN)0:14
32CANMorgan Cabot (CAN)0:14
33CANMiriam Brouwer (CAN)0:14
34USAIvy Audrain (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:14
35USAMichele Schaeffer (USA)0:14
36USAAllison Linnell (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:14
37CANHélène Pilote-Fortin (CAN)0:14
38CANAnne Ouellet (CAN)0:14
39CANMarie-Soleil Blais (CAN)0:14
40CANJoanie Caron (CAN)0:14
41CANAlysia Withers (CAN)0:21
42CANGillian Ellsay (CAN)Trek Red Truck - Mosaic Homes0:23
43USAKathryn Donovan (USA)Colavita - Bianchi0:23
44USAJessica Cutler (USA)Colavita - Bianchi0:25
45GBREmma Grant (GBR)Colavita - Bianchi0:25
46CANEllen Watters (CAN)0:27
47AUSLauretta Hanson (AUS)Colavita - Bianchi0:27
48CANAmélie Bruneau (CAN)0:41
49USAJulie Kuliecza (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:50
50GBRSuzanne Hamilton (GBR)Trek Red Truck - Mosaic Homes6:32



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