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Darts - European Tour - Dutch Darts Masters - 2018 - Detailed results

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European Tour - Dutch Darts Masters 2018

NetherlandsNetherlands - Zwolle - 11th May 2018 - 13th May 2018


13th May - 22h50Michael Van Gerwendef.Steve Lennon8-5


13th May - 21h55Michael Van Gerwendef.Daryl Gurney7-6
13th May - 21h15Steve Lennondef.Kim Huybrechts7-5


13th May - 20h50Michael Van Gerwendef.Kyle Anderson6-2
13th May - 20h25Daryl Gurneydef.Stephen Bunting6-2
13th May - 19h50Kim Huybrechtsdef.Peter Wright6-5
13th May - 19h20Steve Lennondef.Mensur Suljovic6-3

Round of 16

13th May - 16h35Michael Van Gerwendef.Darren Webster6-4
13th May - 16h05Kyle Andersondef.Cameron Menzies6-5
13th May - 15h40Daryl Gurneydef.Mervyn King6-2
13th May - 15h10Stephen Buntingdef.Krzysztof Ratajski6-3
13th May - 14h40Peter Wrightdef.Gerwyn Price6-3
13th May - 14h15Kim Huybrechtsdef.Jermaine Wattimena6-5
13th May - 13h40Mensur Suljovicdef.Simon Whitlock6-3
13th May - 13h05Steve Lennondef.James Richardson6-5

Round of 32

12th May - 22h20Michael Van Gerwendef.Terry Jenkins6-0
12th May - 22h40Darren Websterdef.Steve Beaton6-4
12th May - 15h55Cameron Menziesdef.Dave Chisnall6-4
12th May - 16h20Kyle Andersondef.Ian White6-3
12th May - 21h50Daryl Gurneydef.Cristo Reyes6-4
12th May - 14h55Mervyn Kingdef.Ryan Joyce6-4
12th May - 20h35Stephen Buntingdef.Michael Smith6-0
12th May - 21h25Krzysztof Ratajskidef.Jelle Klaasen6-2
12th May - 20h55Peter Wrightdef.James Wilson6-4
12th May - 14h20Gerwyn Pricedef.Dragutin Horvat6-5
12th May - 15h30Jermaine Wattimenadef.Joe Cullen6-3
12th May - 13h20Kim Huybrechtsdef.Wayne Jones6-2
12th May - 19h50Mensur Suljovicdef.Josh Payne6-5
12th May - 19h20Simon Whitlockdef.Jan Dekker6-4
12th May - 20h15Steve Lennondef.Rob Crossw.o.
12th May - 13h50James Richardsondef.John Henderson6-3

Round of 64

Michael Van Gerwen Bye
11th May - 19h45Terry Jenkinsdef.Mike De Decker6-2
Darren Webster Bye
11th May - 20h10Steve Beatondef.Jeffrey De Graaf6-5
Dave Chisnall Bye
11th May - 19h20Cameron Menziesdef.Kevin Munch6-1
Ian White Bye
11th May - 16h45Kyle Andersondef.Christian Kist6-3
Daryl Gurney Bye
11th May - 22h55Cristo Reyesdef.James Wade6-3
Mervyn King Bye
11th May - 13h10Ryan Joycedef.Michael Rosenauer6-5
Michael Smith Bye
11th May - 20h45Stephen Buntingdef.Tobias Muller6-1
Jelle Klaasen Bye
11th May - 21h55Krzysztof Ratajskidef.Ricky Evans6-2
Peter Wright Bye
11th May - 15h40James Wilsondef.Johan Engström6-2
Gerwyn Price Bye
11th May - 13h45Dragutin Horvatdef.Antonio Alcinas6-5
Joe Cullen Bye
11th May - 14h45Jermaine Wattimenadef.Adam Huckvale6-3
Kim Huybrechts Bye
11th May - 15h15Wayne Jonesdef.Jamie Lewis6-1
Mensur Suljovic Bye
11th May - 21h15Josh Paynedef.Jonny Clayton6-5
Simon Whitlock Bye
11th May - 22h20Jan Dekkerdef.Adrian Lewis6-4
Rob Cross Bye
11th May - 16h15Steve Lennondef.Rowby John Rodriguez6-5
John Henderson Bye
11th May - 14h15James Richardsondef.Jason Cullen6-4

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