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Darts - World Championships - 2018 - Detailed results

Darts - World Championships - 2018 - Detailed results

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World Championships 2018

EnglandEngland - Surrey - 6th January 2018 - 14th January 2018


14th Jan - 17h45Glen Durrantdef.Mark McGeeney7-6


13th Jan - 16h40Glen Durrantdef.Scott Waites6-2
13th Jan - 20h00Mark McGeeneydef.Michael Unterbuchner6-4


12th Jan - 16h25Glen Durrantdef.Jim Williams5-4
12th Jan - 13h40Scott Waitesdef.Andy Baetens5-4
12th Jan - 23h05Mark McGeeneydef.Wayne Warren5-4
12th Jan - 21h00Michael Unterbuchnerdef.Richard Veenstra5-4

Round of 16

10th Jan - 21h30Glen Durrantdef.Darryl Fitton4-1
11th Jan - 15h40Jim Williamsdef.Chris Whitehead4-3
10th Jan - 23h00Scott Waitesdef.Dean Reynolds4-2
10th Jan - 13h30Andy Baetensdef.Scott Mitchell4-2
10th Jan - 16h00Mark McGeeneydef.Danny Noppert4-1
10th Jan - 20h05Wayne Warrendef.Willem Mandigers4-2
11th Jan - 23h00Richard Veenstradef.Geert De Vos4-0
11th Jan - 20h50Michael Unterbuchnerdef.Martin Phillips4-2

Round of 32

7th Jan - 14h05Glen Durrantdef.Gary Robson3-0
8th Jan - 23h20Darryl Fittondef.Julie Thompson3-2
9th Jan - 22h00Chris Whiteheaddef.Cameron Menzies3-1
9th Jan - 13h35Jim Williamsdef.Dennis Nilsson3-2
7th Jan - 17h35Scott Waitesdef.Ross Montgomery3-1
8th Jan - 22h15Dean Reynoldsdef.Cody Harris3-1
6th Jan - 23h40Scott Mitchelldef.Darius Labanauskas3-2
8th Jan - 20h00Andy Baetensdef.Scott Baker3-2
6th Jan - 14h05Mark McGeeneydef.Martin Adams3-2
8th Jan - 15h55Danny Noppertdef.Roger Edwards3-0
7th Jan - 22h35Wayne Warrendef.Wesley Harms3-1
6th Jan - 15h40Willem Mandigersdef.Nick Kenny3-0
9th Jan - 17h00Geert De Vosdef.Derk Telnekes3-1
9th Jan - 15h00Richard Veenstradef.Kyle McKinstry3-2
9th Jan - 23h05Michael Unterbuchnerdef.Jamie Hughes3-2
9th Jan - 20h00Martin Phillipsdef.Daniel Day3-1

First Round

The winners of this round are qualified

6th Jan - 17h25Gary Robsondef.Mohamed Pengiran3-0
6th Jan - 20h05Justin Thompsondef.Chris Gilliland3-2
7th Jan - 20h00Dennis Nilssondef.Jeffrey Sparidaans3-0
7th Jan - 14h55Chris Harrisdef.Umit Uygunsozlu3-2
6th Jan - 22h50Danny Noppertdef.Joe Chaney3-0
7th Jan - 21h35Derk Telnekesdef.Chris Landman3-0
8th Jan - 13h40Michael Unterbuchnerdef.David Cameron3-2
8th Jan - 14h50Daniel Daydef.Craig Caldwell3-0

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