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The New Zealand men's national basketball under-18 team represents the New Zealand in the international under-18 basketball competitions. The governing body is the Basketball New Zealand.

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New Zealand U-18 - Results

Men's U-18 Asian Championships - Final Round - 2018

8th August 2018 - 10h30
First Round
New Zealand U-18New Zealand U-18109 - 76India U-18India U-18
9th August 2018 - 05h30
New Zealand U-18New Zealand U-1887 - 72Iran U-18Iran U-18
10th August 2018 - 10h30
New Zealand U-18New Zealand U-1887 - 82China U-18China U-18
11th August 2018 - 10h45
Australia U-18Australia U-1872 - 63New Zealand U-18New Zealand U-18

Men's U-18 Asian Championships - Group C - 2018

General classificationPtsMPWLGFGAdiff
5th August 2018 - 07h45
Group C
New Zealand U-18 (2)New Zealand U-1894 - 62Bahrain U-18Bahrain U-18 (3)
6th August 2018 - 10h30
Group C
New Zealand U-18 (2)New Zealand U-1889 - 47Thailand U-18Thailand U-18 (4)
7th August 2018 - 05h30
Group C
Australia U-18 (1)Australia U-18111 - 62New Zealand U-18New Zealand U-18 (2)


Prize list

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