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Speed Skating - Women's World Cup Classification Team Pursuit - Statistics

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Results 2021/2022


Women's World Cup Classification Team Pursuit - Statistics

  • Women's Team pursuit : Palmares since 2004/2005
    2004/2005JPN JapanCAN CanadaNED Netherlands
    2005/2006GER GermanyCAN CanadaRUS Russia
    2006/2007NED NetherlandsRUS RussiaGER Germany
    2007/2008CAN CanadaGER GermanyRUS Russia
    2008/2009CZE Czech RepublicUSA United StatesNED Netherlands
    2009/2010CAN CanadaRUS RussiaGER Germany
    2010/2011NED NetherlandsGER GermanyNOR Norway
    2011/2012CAN CanadaRUS RussiaKOR Republic of Korea
    2012/2013NED NetherlandsCAN CanadaPOL Poland
    2013/2014NED NetherlandsPOL PolandJPN Japan
    2014/2015NED NetherlandsGER GermanyPOL Poland
    2015/2016JPN JapanNED NetherlandsRUS Russia
    2016/2017JPN JapanNED NetherlandsRUS Russia
    2017/2018JPN JapanGER GermanyNED Netherlands
    2018/2019JPN JapanRUS RussiaCAN Canada
    2019/2020CAN CanadaRUS RussiaNED Netherlands
    2020/2021CAN CanadaNED NetherlandsNOR Norway
    2021/2022CAN CanadaJPN JapanNED Netherlands
  • Women's Team pursuit : All podiums since 2004/2005
    WinnersSecond placeThird place
    CAN Canada631
    NED Netherlands535
    JPN Japan511
    GER Germany142
    CZE Czech Republic100
    RUS Russia54
    POL Poland12
    USA United States10
    NOR Norway2
    KOR Republic of Korea1


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