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Cycling - Grand Prix Cycliste de Saguenay - 2015 - Detailed results

Cycling - Grand Prix Cycliste de Saguenay - 2015 - Detailed results

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Results 2015

Grand Prix Cycliste de Saguenay 2015

CanadaCanada - 28 May 2015 - 31 May 2015

General classification - 30 May 2015

1CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling9:45:05
2CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:12
3DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr0:15
4CANPierrick Naud (CAN)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies0:15
5AUSJason Lowndes (AUS)Garneau - Québecor0:16
6CANGuillaume Boivin (CAN)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies0:17
7CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:20
8CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:24
9USATim Mitchell (USA)0:26
10AUSBrodie Talbot (AUS)Budget Forklifts0:27
11AUSBrendan Canty (AUS)Budget Forklifts0:28
12CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)0:28
13AUSJosh Berry (AUS)Budget Forklifts0:28
14CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:28
15NZLSamuel Horgan (NZL)Budget Forklifts0:44
16USAKevin Mullervy (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes0:46
17USAThomas Soladay (USA)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies2:31
18MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)5:44
19CANStephen Keeping (CAN)12:44
20FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)12:53
21CANAnton Varabei (CAN)Garneau - Québecor12:54
22CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor12:54
23CANJack Burke (CAN)13:09
24CANGavriel Epstein (CAN)Champion System - Stans No Tubes13:12
25USADrew Christopher (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes13:21
26RSAEdward Greene (RSA)13:38
27CANEd Veal (CAN)14:44
28CANEtienne Moreau (CAN)14:44
29USACory Small (USA)14:44
30USAAdam Carr (USA)14:44
31BARDarren Matthews (BAR)14:49
32USABrendan McCormack (USA)14:57
33AUSFabio Calabria (AUS)Champion System - Stans No Tubes15:01
34CANDavid Drouin (CAN)15:02
35CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor15:02
36CANSébastien Cossette (CAN)15:02
37CANFrédéric Cossette (CAN)15:07
38CANAlexis Cartier (CAN)15:14
39CANRobert Hargrove (CAN)15:16
40NZLAlexander Ray (NZL)Silber Pro Cycling15:44
41CANBenjamin Andrew (CAN)16:13
42CANCameron McPhaden (CAN)16:16
43CANBrandon Etzl (CAN)16:22
44USAIsaac Howe (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes16:22
45CANBenjamin Martel (CAN)16:30
46CANConor O'Brien (CAN)16:37
47CANAaron Thomas (CAN)16:40
48CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor16:40
49USAEric Young (USA)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies16:44
50USAConor Mullervy (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes16:59
51CANBenjamin Chartrand (CAN)17:40
52CANMitchell Macdonald (CAN)17:48
53CANÉmile Jean (CAN)18:02
54CANDerrick St. John (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling18:22
55CANMichael Le Rossignol (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling19:51
56AUSJacob Kauffmann (AUS)Budget Forklifts20:41
57CANYuri Hrycaj (CAN)20:54
58CANEdward Walsh (CAN)21:00
59USACharles Bradley Huff (USA)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies21:02
60CANJustin Purificati (CAN)21:04
61SPAIsrael Nuño Argüelles (SPA)Inteja - Mmr21:05
62SPAJoaquin Sobrino Martinez (SPA)Inteja - Mmr21:05
63CANSimon Fothergill (CAN)21:05
64AUSScott Sunderland (AUS)Budget Forklifts21:28
65CANCasey Roth (CAN)22:15
66CANWilliam Blackburn (CAN)26:24
67AUSMitchell Mulhern (AUS)Budget Forklifts26:32
68CANHendrik Pineda (CAN)28:57
69TRIGevan Samuel (TRI)28:59
70CANYohan Patry (CAN)29:32
71BERDominique Mayho (BER)30:52
72CANUgo Lapierre (CAN)34:01

Stage 1 - La Baie - La Baie - 166,1 km - 28 May 2015Escape

1CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling4:13:35
2CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:14
3DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr0:14
4CANGuillaume Boivin (CAN)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies0:14
5AUSJason Lowndes (AUS)Garneau - Québecor0:14
6CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:14
7USATim Mitchell (USA)0:18
8AUSBrendan Canty (AUS)Budget Forklifts0:18
9CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)0:18
10CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:18
11NZLSamuel Horgan (NZL)Budget Forklifts0:18
12CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:18
13CANPierrick Naud (CAN)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies0:18
14AUSBrodie Talbot (AUS)Budget Forklifts0:18
15AUSJosh Berry (AUS)Budget Forklifts0:18
16USAKevin Mullervy (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes0:18
17USAThomas Soladay (USA)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies0:31
18USABjörn Selander (USA)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies0:31
19MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)3:38
20CANEd Veal (CAN)14:34
21CANBrandon Etzl (CAN)14:34
22AUSScott Sunderland (AUS)Budget Forklifts14:34
23CANEtienne Moreau (CAN)14:34
24CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor14:34
25CANStephen Keeping (CAN)14:34
26CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor14:34
27NZLAlexander Ray (NZL)Silber Pro Cycling14:34
28USACory Small (USA)14:34
29CANHendrik Pineda (CAN)14:34
30CANDavid Drouin (CAN)14:34
31CANAnton Varabei (CAN)Garneau - Québecor14:34
32USAKai Wiggins (USA)14:34
33USAIsaac Howe (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes14:34
34CANRobert Hargrove (CAN)14:34
35CANSébastien Cossette (CAN)14:34
36USABrendan McCormack (USA)14:34
37CANGavriel Epstein (CAN)Champion System - Stans No Tubes14:34
38AUSFabio Calabria (AUS)Champion System - Stans No Tubes14:34
39USAAdam Carr (USA)14:34
40CANEdward Walsh (CAN)14:34
41CANUgo Lapierre (CAN)14:34
42CANYuri Hrycaj (CAN)14:39
43CANFrédéric Cossette (CAN)14:39
44CANJack Burke (CAN)14:39
45CANCameron McPhaden (CAN)14:39
46SPAIsrael Nuño Argüelles (SPA)Inteja - Mmr14:39
47SPAJoaquin Sobrino Martinez (SPA)Inteja - Mmr14:39
48CANAnthony Barrette (CAN)14:39
49CANBenjamin Andrew (CAN)14:39
50BARDarren Matthews (BAR)14:39
51CANDerrick St. John (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling14:39
52CANAaron Thomas (CAN)14:39
53FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)14:39
54CANConor O'Brien (CAN)14:39
55AUSMitchell Mulhern (AUS)Budget Forklifts14:39
56CANÉmile Jean (CAN)14:39
57RSAEdward Greene (RSA)14:39
58CANBenjamin Chartrand (CAN)14:39
59CANJustin Purificati (CAN)14:39
60CANYohan Patry (CAN)14:39
61AUSJacob Kauffmann (AUS)Budget Forklifts14:39
62CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor14:39
63CANBenjamin Martel (CAN)14:39
64USADrew Christopher (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes14:39
65CANMichael Le Rossignol (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling14:39
66CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor14:39
67USACharles Bradley Huff (USA)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies14:45
68BERDominique Mayho (BER)14:45
69CANMitchell Macdonald (CAN)14:47
70USAConor Mullervy (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes14:47
71CANAlexis Cartier (CAN)14:47
72USASamuel O'Keefe (USA)14:49
73CANSimon Fothergill (CAN)14:53
74CANCasey Roth (CAN)14:57
75CANWilliam Blackburn (CAN)15:07
76TRIGevan Samuel (TRI)15:10
77USAEric Young (USA)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies15:10
78USAJames Laberge (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes
79CANShawn Clarke (CAN)
80DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr

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Stage 2 - Kénogami - Kénogami - 156,65 km - 29 May 2015Medium mountain

1CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor3:50:30
2CANStephen Keeping (CAN)0:14
3FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)0:14
4CANAnton Varabei (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:16
5USADrew Christopher (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes0:16
6CANJack Burke (CAN)0:16
7CANGavriel Epstein (CAN)Champion System - Stans No Tubes0:34
8RSAEdward Greene (RSA)0:34
9CANAlexis Cartier (CAN)0:38
10CANEd Veal (CAN)2:06
11AUSJason Lowndes (AUS)Garneau - Québecor2:06
12AUSBrendan Canty (AUS)Budget Forklifts2:06
13USATim Mitchell (USA)2:06
14CANPierrick Naud (CAN)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies2:06
15CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling2:06
16CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling2:06
17CANGuillaume Boivin (CAN)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies2:06
18CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling2:06
19CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Garneau - Québecor2:06
20BARDarren Matthews (BAR)2:06
21USACory Small (USA)2:06
22CANEtienne Moreau (CAN)2:06
23DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr2:06
24CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling2:06
25CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)2:06
26USAAdam Carr (USA)2:06
27AUSJosh Berry (AUS)Budget Forklifts2:06
28USAKai Wiggins (USA)2:06
29USABrendan McCormack (USA)2:19
30CANDavid Drouin (CAN)2:24
31CANSébastien Cossette (CAN)2:24
32AUSFabio Calabria (AUS)Champion System - Stans No Tubes2:24
33USAKevin Mullervy (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes2:24
34CANRobert Hargrove (CAN)2:24
35NZLSamuel Horgan (NZL)Budget Forklifts2:24
36CANFrédéric Cossette (CAN)2:24
37CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor2:24
38CANBenjamin Andrew (CAN)3:06
39CANMichael Le Rossignol (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling3:06
40NZLAlexander Ray (NZL)Silber Pro Cycling3:06
41CANBenjamin Martel (CAN)3:23
42CANÉmile Jean (CAN)3:33
43CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor3:33
44CANCameron McPhaden (CAN)3:33
45USAEric Young (USA)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies3:33
46CANAaron Thomas (CAN)3:33
47USAConor Mullervy (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes3:44
48USAIsaac Howe (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes3:44
49CANBrandon Etzl (CAN)3:44
50USAThomas Soladay (USA)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies3:44
51CANConor O'Brien (CAN)3:44
52MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)3:44
53AUSBrodie Talbot (AUS)Budget Forklifts4:32
54CANBenjamin Chartrand (CAN)4:32
55CANMitchell Macdonald (CAN)4:32
56CANDerrick St. John (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling5:16
57CANYuri Hrycaj (CAN)5:49
58USACharles Bradley Huff (USA)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies7:58
59SPAJoaquin Sobrino Martinez (SPA)Inteja - Mmr7:58
60AUSJacob Kauffmann (AUS)Budget Forklifts7:58
61CANJustin Purificati (CAN)7:58
62SPAIsrael Nuño Argüelles (SPA)Inteja - Mmr7:58
63CANWilliam Blackburn (CAN)7:58
64CANEdward Walsh (CAN)7:58
65CANSimon Fothergill (CAN)7:58
66CANCasey Roth (CAN)8:50
67AUSScott Sunderland (AUS)Budget Forklifts8:50
68AUSMitchell Mulhern (AUS)Budget Forklifts13:49
69TRIGevan Samuel (TRI)15:21
70BERDominique Mayho (BER)15:21
71CANHendrik Pineda (CAN)16:19
72CANYohan Patry (CAN)16:25
73CANUgo Lapierre (CAN)21:23
74USABjörn Selander (USA)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies
75CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor
76USASamuel O'Keefe (USA)
77CANAnthony Barrette (CAN)

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Stage 3 - Chicoutimi - Chicoutimi - 74,2 km - 30 May 2015Sprint

1CANPierrick Naud (CAN)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies1:39:04
2AUSJason Lowndes (AUS)Garneau - Québecor0:00
3CANGuillaume Boivin (CAN)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies0:00
4CANEtienne Moreau (CAN)0:00
5NZLAlexander Ray (NZL)Silber Pro Cycling0:00
6CANEd Veal (CAN)0:00
7CANAnton Varabei (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:00
8CANBrandon Etzl (CAN)0:00
9AUSMitchell Mulhern (AUS)Budget Forklifts0:00
10AUSScott Sunderland (AUS)Budget Forklifts0:00
11USAIsaac Howe (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes0:00
12CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:00
13DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr0:00
14CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:00
15USAEric Young (USA)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies0:00
16BARDarren Matthews (BAR)0:00
17CANStephen Keeping (CAN)0:00
18CANHendrik Pineda (CAN)0:00
19AUSJosh Berry (AUS)Budget Forklifts0:00
20AUSBrodie Talbot (AUS)Budget Forklifts0:00
21NZLSamuel Horgan (NZL)Budget Forklifts0:00
22CANDavid Drouin (CAN)0:00
23AUSBrendan Canty (AUS)Budget Forklifts0:00
24CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:00
25CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:00
26CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)0:00
27USAKevin Mullervy (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes0:00
28USAAdam Carr (USA)0:00
29CANUgo Lapierre (CAN)0:00
30CANGavriel Epstein (CAN)Champion System - Stans No Tubes0:00
31CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:00
32FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)0:00
33CANCameron McPhaden (CAN)0:00
34USACory Small (USA)0:00
35USABrendan McCormack (USA)0:00
36CANSébastien Cossette (CAN)0:00
37AUSFabio Calabria (AUS)Champion System - Stans No Tubes0:00
38AUSJacob Kauffmann (AUS)Budget Forklifts0:00
39CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:00
40CANFrédéric Cossette (CAN)0:00
41USATim Mitchell (USA)0:00
42CANJack Burke (CAN)0:10
43CANConor O'Brien (CAN)0:10
44CANSimon Fothergill (CAN)0:10
45CANRobert Hargrove (CAN)0:14
46USAThomas Soladay (USA)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies0:14
47USACharles Bradley Huff (USA)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies0:18
48MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)0:18
49CANDerrick St. John (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:24
50CANBenjamin Andrew (CAN)0:24
51CANAaron Thomas (CAN)0:24
52CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:24
53CANBenjamin Martel (CAN)0:24
54CANMitchell Macdonald (CAN)0:24
55CANYohan Patry (CAN)0:24
56CANJustin Purificati (CAN)0:24
57CANEdward Walsh (CAN)0:24
58SPAIsrael Nuño Argüelles (SPA)Inteja - Mmr0:24
59CANCasey Roth (CAN)0:24
60CANBenjamin Chartrand (CAN)0:24
61USADrew Christopher (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes0:24
62RSAEdward Greene (RSA)0:24
63SPAJoaquin Sobrino Martinez (SPA)Inteja - Mmr0:24
64USAConor Mullervy (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes0:24
65CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:24
66CANAlexis Cartier (CAN)1:46
67CANÉmile Jean (CAN)1:46
68CANYuri Hrycaj (CAN)2:22
69BERDominique Mayho (BER)2:42
70TRIGevan Samuel (TRI)0:24
71CANMichael Le Rossignol (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling4:02
72CANWilliam Blackburn (CAN)5:15
73USAKai Wiggins (USA)

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Stage 4 - Chicoutimi - Chicoutimi - 149,8 km - 31 May 2015Escape

1CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor3:41:54
2CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:03
3AUSJason Lowndes (AUS)Garneau - Québecor0:03
4CANGuillaume Boivin (CAN)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies0:03
5CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:03
6CANEtienne Moreau (CAN)0:03
7AUSFabio Calabria (AUS)Champion System - Stans No Tubes0:03
8CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:03
9DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr0:03
10CANGavriel Epstein (CAN)Champion System - Stans No Tubes0:03
11NZLAlexander Ray (NZL)Silber Pro Cycling0:03
12BARDarren Matthews (BAR)0:03
13CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:03
14CANDavid Drouin (CAN)0:03
15USACory Small (USA)0:03
16CANAnton Varabei (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:03
17CANStephen Keeping (CAN)0:03
18CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:03
19AUSBrodie Talbot (AUS)Budget Forklifts0:03
20CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:03
21CANPierrick Naud (CAN)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies0:03
22CANFrédéric Cossette (CAN)0:03
23USATim Mitchell (USA)0:03
24NZLSamuel Horgan (NZL)Budget Forklifts0:03
25AUSJacob Kauffmann (AUS)Budget Forklifts0:03
26USADrew Christopher (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes0:03
27CANRobert Hargrove (CAN)0:03
28USAKevin Mullervy (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes0:03
29AUSBrendan Canty (AUS)Budget Forklifts0:03
30CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)0:03
31AUSJosh Berry (AUS)Budget Forklifts0:03
32CANConor O'Brien (CAN)0:03
33CANCameron McPhaden (CAN)0:03
34CANJack Burke (CAN)0:11
35MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)0:11
36CANEd Veal (CAN)0:11
37USAThomas Soladay (USA)Optum - Kelly Benefit Strategies0:11
38SPAIsrael Nuño Argüelles (SPA)Inteja - Mmr0:17
39USAConor Mullervy (USA)Champion System - Stans No Tubes0:25
40USAAdam Carr (USA)1:03

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