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Cycling - Grand Prix Cycliste de Saguenay - 2017 - Detailed results

Cycling - Grand Prix Cycliste de Saguenay - 2017 - Detailed results

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Results 2017

Grand Prix Cycliste de Saguenay 2017

CanadaCanada - 8 June 2017 - 11 June 2017

General classification - 11 June 2017

1USASteve Fisher (USA)Canyon - Shimano13:48:59
2CANGuillaume Boivin (CAN)Israel Cycling Academy0:04
3MEXUlises Alfredo Castillo Soto (MEX)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:13
4SPAFrancisco Mancebo Perez (SPA)Skydive Dubai - Al Ahli0:24
5CANTravis Samuel (CAN)H&r Block0:27
6CANJack Burke (CAN)Aevolo0:30
7DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr0:41
8USAChad Beyer (USA)Canyon - Shimano0:50
9CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:57
10ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:11
11USAKaler Marshall (USA)Canyon - Shimano2:49
12CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)2:56
13CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Israel Cycling Academy3:28
14MEXJonathan Sandoval Ulloa (MEX)8:03
15USABrett Wachtendorf (USA)8:07
16CANChristopher Prendergast (CAN)H&r Block9:21
17CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling10:30
18CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor10:34
19CANConnor Toppings (CAN)11:26
20USAJacob Sitler (USA)Ccb Velotooler11:57
21SLOJure Rupnik (SLO)H&r Block11:59
22SPAJavier Mejías Leal (SPA)Novo Nordisk12:23
23SPAJokin Etxabe Leturia (SPA)Aevolo14:30
24USAStephen Bassett (USA)Silber Pro Cycling16:17
25USAGage Hecht (USA)Aevolo16:36
26USABen Wolfe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis17:12
27CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling17:15
28USATyler Stites (USA)Aevolo17:20
29USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis17:29
30CANDerrick St. John (CAN)17:52
31USASean Bennett (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis18:33
32USAPatrick Collins (USA)Ccb Velotooler19:41
33CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling21:32
34MEXGerardo Medina Robles (MEX)22:18
35USASpencer Petrov (USA)Ccb Velotooler22:19
36IRLStephen Clancy (IRL)Novo Nordisk22:30
37CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)23:06
38CANPier-André Côté (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling23:21
39USAMichael Sheehan (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis23:36
40CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling23:38
41SPAAlbert Torres Barceló (SPA)Inteja - Mmr24:44
42CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)Garneau - Québecor26:02
43USAJustin Mauch (USA)26:52
44CANCameron McPhaden (CAN)28:09
45USAAdam Carr (USA)28:13
46SPAJesús Alberto Rubio Arribas (SPA)28:44
47CANWilliam Goodfellow (CAN)33:15
48CANTimothy Austen (CAN)33:35
49CANJean-Denis Thibault (CAN)H&r Block33:46
50SPARafael Márquez Raigon (SPA)Inteja - Mmr33:48
51CANMatthew Sherar (CAN)33:56
52CANTrevor O'Donnell (CAN)36:22
53CANLukas Conly (CAN)38:25
54CANJake Cullen (CAN)39:27
55USASean Gardner (USA)41:26

Stage 1 - La Baie - La Baie - 166,1 km - 8 June 2017Medium mountain

1USASteve Fisher (USA)Canyon - Shimano4:06:10
2CANGuillaume Boivin (CAN)Israel Cycling Academy0:00
3MEXUlises Alfredo Castillo Soto (MEX)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
4SPAFrancisco Mancebo Perez (SPA)Skydive Dubai - Al Ahli0:00
5DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr0:00
6CANTravis Samuel (CAN)H&r Block0:03
7CANJack Burke (CAN)Aevolo0:03
8USAKaler Marshall (USA)Canyon - Shimano0:20
9CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:44
10USAChad Beyer (USA)Canyon - Shimano0:44
11CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)0:44
12ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:53
13CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Israel Cycling Academy3:03
14CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling3:03
15SPAJokin Etxabe Leturia (SPA)Aevolo3:17
16SLOJure Rupnik (SLO)H&r Block4:17
17MEXJonathan Sandoval Ulloa (MEX)4:17
18CANChristian Gomes (CAN)5:18
19CANChristopher Prendergast (CAN)H&r Block5:41
20USAGage Hecht (USA)Aevolo5:41
21CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo5:41
22USABrett Wachtendorf (USA)6:55
23CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor7:35
24USAMichael Sheehan (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis8:20
25USAJacob Sitler (USA)Ccb Velotooler8:20
26MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)Inteja - Mmr8:20
27SPAJavier Mejías Leal (SPA)Novo Nordisk8:20
28CANLeandre Bouchard (CAN)14:36
29USAPatrick Collins (USA)Ccb Velotooler14:36
30CANLukas Conly (CAN)14:36
31RWABonaventure Uwizeyimana (RWA)14:46
32AUSChris Winn (AUS)Canyon - Shimano16:46
33SPAAlbert Torres Barceló (SPA)Inteja - Mmr16:46
34SPARafael Márquez Raigon (SPA)Inteja - Mmr16:46
35CANJean-Denis Thibault (CAN)H&r Block16:46
36AUSFabio Calabria (AUS)Novo Nordisk16:46
37SPAJesús Alberto Rubio Arribas (SPA)16:46
38USAErik Slack (USA)Canyon - Shimano16:46
39CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)16:46
40CANJordann Jones (CAN)16:46
41USACortlan Brown (USA)Canyon - Shimano16:56
42NEDBrian Kamstra (NED)Novo Nordisk16:56
43CANMartin Rupes (CAN)16:56
44CANTrevor O'Donnell (CAN)16:56
45CANRyan Primeau (CAN)16:56
46CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor16:56
47USAJason Saltzman (USA)Aevolo16:56
48USABen Wolfe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis16:56
49CANMarc-Antoine Nadon (CAN)H&r Block16:56
50USAAdam Carr (USA)16:56
51CANFrancis Izquierdo Bernier (CAN)16:56
52USATyler Stites (USA)Aevolo16:56
53CANNicolas Ducharme (CAN)16:56
54CANJean-Simon d'Anjou (CAN)Garneau - Québecor16:56
55CANStephen Keeping (CAN)16:56
56CANWilliam Goodfellow (CAN)16:56
57USALance Haidet (USA)Aevolo16:56
58FRACorentin Cherhal (FRA)Novo Nordisk16:56
59SPAJulio Alberto Amores Palacios (SPA)Inteja - Mmr16:56
60CANTimothy Austen (CAN)16:56
61CANElliott Doyle (CAN)Garneau - Québecor16:56
62CANMitch Ketler (CAN)16:56
63CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)Garneau - Québecor16:56
64CANPier-André Côté (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling16:56
65DOMWellington Dariel Canela Capellán (DOM)Aero Cicling Team16:56
66CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling16:56
67CANDerrick St. John (CAN)16:56
68CANConor O'Brien (CAN)16:56
69CANJean-François Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor16:56
70USAJustin Mauch (USA)16:56
71CANNicolas Masbourian-Parent (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling16:56
72USASpencer Petrov (USA)Ccb Velotooler16:56
73CANJake Cullen (CAN)16:56
74CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling16:56
75USANoah Granigan (USA)Ccb Velotooler16:56
76USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis16:56
77CANOlivier Péloquin (CAN)16:56
78CANReid McClure (CAN)Novo Nordisk16:56
79CANMatthew Staples (CAN)H&r Block16:56
80CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling16:56
81USACooper Willsey (USA)Ccb Velotooler16:56
82USAStephen Bassett (USA)Silber Pro Cycling16:56
83USASean Gardner (USA)16:56
84CANCameron McPhaden (CAN)16:56
85CANJean-Michel Lachance (CAN)16:56
86IRLStephen Clancy (IRL)Novo Nordisk16:56
87DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr17:07
88USASean Bennett (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis17:07
89AUSAngus Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis17:07
90CANBenjamin Andrew (CAN)
91CANKristiyan Trenchev (CAN)
92CANMatthew Sherar (CAN)
93FRAAlexandre Latil (FRA)
94CANShawn Turcotte (CAN)
95CANLaurent Levasseur (CAN)
96CANVincent Veilleux (CAN)
97CANMichael Dalterio (CAN)
98USABrendan McCormack (USA)
99CANConnor Toppings (CAN)
100CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)
101CANWilliam Blackburn (CAN)
102CANAdam Lefebvre (CAN)
103CANEric Johnstone (CAN)
104FRAQuentin Valognes (FRA)Novo Nordisk
105USACory Small (USA)Ccb Velotooler
106USAJonah Mead-VanCort (USA)Ccb Velotooler
107CANRaphaël Auclair (CAN)
108MEXGerardo Medina Robles (MEX)
109CANSimon Ouellet (CAN)
110CANHendrik Pineda (CAN)
111CANMax Rubarth (CAN)
112AUSJonathan Lewis (AUS)
113AUSDaniel Rae (AUS)
114CANBen McNabb (CAN)
115CANKellen Viznaugh (CAN)

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Stage 2 - Kénogami - Kénogami - 9 June 2017Escape

1CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling4:20:04
2USAStephen Bassett (USA)Silber Pro Cycling0:00
3CANGuillaume Boivin (CAN)Israel Cycling Academy0:00
4CANJean-Simon d'Anjou (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:00
5USANoah Granigan (USA)Ccb Velotooler0:00
6USASteve Fisher (USA)Canyon - Shimano0:00
7MEXUlises Alfredo Castillo Soto (MEX)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
8AUSFabio Calabria (AUS)Novo Nordisk0:02
9ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:02
10CANLukas Conly (CAN)0:02
11IRLStephen Clancy (IRL)Novo Nordisk0:02
12USAJacob Sitler (USA)Ccb Velotooler0:02
13CANChristopher Prendergast (CAN)H&r Block0:02
14USATyler Stites (USA)Aevolo0:02
15CANTravis Samuel (CAN)H&r Block0:02
16SPAFrancisco Mancebo Perez (SPA)Skydive Dubai - Al Ahli0:02
17USAKaler Marshall (USA)Canyon - Shimano0:02
18CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Israel Cycling Academy0:02
19USACooper Willsey (USA)Ccb Velotooler0:02
20CANJack Burke (CAN)Aevolo0:02
21USASpencer Petrov (USA)Ccb Velotooler0:02
22USAChad Beyer (USA)Canyon - Shimano0:02
23CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:02
24CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:02
25CANConnor Toppings (CAN)0:02
26CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:02
27CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:02
28CANLeandre Bouchard (CAN)0:02
29CANJordann Jones (CAN)0:23
30USAGage Hecht (USA)Aevolo0:23
31CANCameron McPhaden (CAN)0:23
32CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo0:23
33USAPatrick Collins (USA)Ccb Velotooler0:23
34USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:23
35CANMarc-Antoine Nadon (CAN)H&r Block0:23
36USASean Bennett (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:23
37SPAJokin Etxabe Leturia (SPA)Aevolo0:23
38DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr0:23
39CANTimothy Austen (CAN)0:27
40USABrett Wachtendorf (USA)0:27
41USALance Haidet (USA)Aevolo0:27
42CANMatthew Staples (CAN)H&r Block0:27
43USABen Wolfe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:27
44USAAdam Carr (USA)0:27
45CANDerrick St. John (CAN)0:27
46CANRyan Primeau (CAN)0:35
47AUSAngus Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:35
48RWABonaventure Uwizeyimana (RWA)0:35
49CANConor O'Brien (CAN)0:38
50USAJustin Mauch (USA)0:45
51CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)0:45
52MEXGerardo Medina Robles (MEX)0:45
53SPAJulio Alberto Amores Palacios (SPA)Inteja - Mmr0:48
54SPAJesús Alberto Rubio Arribas (SPA)0:48
55CANMatthew Sherar (CAN)0:48
56MEXJonathan Sandoval Ulloa (MEX)0:48
57CANJean-Denis Thibault (CAN)H&r Block0:48
58USASean Gardner (USA)0:48
59CANJean-Michel Lachance (CAN)0:48
60FRACorentin Cherhal (FRA)Novo Nordisk0:58
61SPAJavier Mejías Leal (SPA)Novo Nordisk0:59
62SLOJure Rupnik (SLO)H&r Block2:14
63CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)2:28
64SPAAlbert Torres Barceló (SPA)Inteja - Mmr3:24
65MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)Inteja - Mmr3:24
66CANMartin Rupes (CAN)0:35
67CANTrevor O'Donnell (CAN)3:24
68CANMitch Ketler (CAN)3:52
69CANWilliam Goodfellow (CAN)4:53
70SPARafael Márquez Raigon (SPA)Inteja - Mmr5:13
71CANElliott Doyle (CAN)Garneau - Québecor5:33
72CANJean-François Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor5:33
73CANReid McClure (CAN)Novo Nordisk6:01
74CANJake Cullen (CAN)6:05
75CANNicolas Ducharme (CAN)6:08
76CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)Garneau - Québecor6:08
77CANPier-André Côté (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling6:08
78USAMichael Sheehan (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis6:08
79CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling6:28
80CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling6:28
81NEDBrian Kamstra (NED)Novo Nordisk6:28
82USACortlan Brown (USA)Canyon - Shimano8:50
83USAErik Slack (USA)Canyon - Shimano8:50
84AUSChris Winn (AUS)Canyon - Shimano8:54
85DOMWellington Dariel Canela Capellán (DOM)Aero Cicling Team8:56
86CANOlivier Péloquin (CAN)8:56
87CANFrancis Izquierdo Bernier (CAN)9:27
88CANStephen Keeping (CAN)13:31
89FRAAlexandre Latil (FRA)16:35
90CANChristian Gomes (CAN)16:35
91DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr29:26
92CANNicolas Masbourian-Parent (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling
93USAJason Saltzman (USA)Aevolo

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Stage 3 - Kénogami - Kénogami - 10 June 2017Escape

1USAChad Beyer (USA)Canyon - Shimano1:33:49
2CANMarc-Antoine Nadon (CAN)H&r Block0:00
3USAGage Hecht (USA)Aevolo0:00
4CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:00
5SPAJavier Mejías Leal (SPA)Novo Nordisk0:00
6CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:00
7AUSAngus Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
8USASpencer Petrov (USA)Ccb Velotooler0:00
9CANConnor Toppings (CAN)0:00
10CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:00
11CANElliott Doyle (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:11
12USANoah Granigan (USA)Ccb Velotooler0:11
13CANGuillaume Boivin (CAN)Israel Cycling Academy0:11
14SPAAlbert Torres Barceló (SPA)Inteja - Mmr0:11
15USASteve Fisher (USA)Canyon - Shimano0:11
16MEXUlises Alfredo Castillo Soto (MEX)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:11
17USALance Haidet (USA)Aevolo0:11
18SPAFrancisco Mancebo Perez (SPA)Skydive Dubai - Al Ahli0:11
19IRLStephen Clancy (IRL)Novo Nordisk0:11
20CANTravis Samuel (CAN)H&r Block0:11
21AUSFabio Calabria (AUS)Novo Nordisk0:11
22CANStephen Keeping (CAN)0:11
23ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:11
24USATyler Stites (USA)Aevolo0:11
25USAKaler Marshall (USA)Canyon - Shimano0:11
26CANJean-Simon d'Anjou (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:11
27CANJack Burke (CAN)Aevolo0:11
28CANTimothy Austen (CAN)0:11
29CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:11
30RWABonaventure Uwizeyimana (RWA)0:11
31CANTrevor O'Donnell (CAN)0:11
32CANCameron McPhaden (CAN)0:11
33SPAJokin Etxabe Leturia (SPA)Aevolo0:11
34USAAdam Carr (USA)0:11
35CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo0:11
36DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr0:11
37USAStephen Bassett (USA)Silber Pro Cycling0:11
38CANChristopher Prendergast (CAN)H&r Block0:11
39SLOJure Rupnik (SLO)H&r Block0:11
40USABrett Wachtendorf (USA)0:11
41CANJean-Denis Thibault (CAN)H&r Block0:11
42CANJean-Michel Lachance (CAN)0:11
43USAJacob Sitler (USA)Ccb Velotooler0:11
44CANRyan Primeau (CAN)0:11
45CANJordann Jones (CAN)0:11
46CANMatthew Sherar (CAN)0:11
47FRAAlexandre Latil (FRA)0:11
48CANJean-François Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:11
49USAPatrick Collins (USA)Ccb Velotooler0:11
50CANLeandre Bouchard (CAN)0:11
51CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:11
52CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Israel Cycling Academy0:11
53CANPier-André Côté (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:11
54USACooper Willsey (USA)Ccb Velotooler0:11
55CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)0:11
56CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:11
57MEXJonathan Sandoval Ulloa (MEX)0:11
58CANNicolas Ducharme (CAN)0:11
59FRACorentin Cherhal (FRA)Novo Nordisk0:11
60CANReid McClure (CAN)Novo Nordisk0:11
61DOMWellington Dariel Canela Capellán (DOM)Aero Cicling Team0:22
62CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:22
63CANJake Cullen (CAN)0:25
64CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)0:25
65CANOlivier Péloquin (CAN)0:25
66AUSChris Winn (AUS)Canyon - Shimano0:25
67USAJustin Mauch (USA)0:25
68CANFrancis Izquierdo Bernier (CAN)0:25
69USASean Bennett (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:25
70USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:25
71USASean Gardner (USA)0:25
72USACortlan Brown (USA)Canyon - Shimano0:25
73CANMatthew Staples (CAN)H&r Block0:30
74CANLukas Conly (CAN)0:30
75SPAJulio Alberto Amores Palacios (SPA)Inteja - Mmr0:30
76SPAJesús Alberto Rubio Arribas (SPA)0:31
77USABen Wolfe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:31
78MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)Inteja - Mmr0:31
79USAErik Slack (USA)Canyon - Shimano0:37
80CANDerrick St. John (CAN)0:43
81CANWilliam Goodfellow (CAN)0:47
82CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:48
83USAMichael Sheehan (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:54
84SPARafael Márquez Raigon (SPA)Inteja - Mmr3:51
85CANConor O'Brien (CAN)4:14
86CANMitch Ketler (CAN)4:44
87DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr6:06
88MEXGerardo Medina Robles (MEX)6:26
89CANChristian Gomes (CAN)
90NEDBrian Kamstra (NED)Novo Nordisk
91CANMartin Rupes (CAN)

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Stage 4 - Chicoutimi - Chicoutimi - 11 June 2017Medium mountain

1CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor3:48:18
2USAStephen Bassett (USA)Silber Pro Cycling0:00
3USABen Wolfe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
4CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)0:04
5CANDerrick St. John (CAN)0:25
6USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:25
7USASteve Fisher (USA)Canyon - Shimano0:44
8ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:46
9MEXUlises Alfredo Castillo Soto (MEX)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:46
10CANGuillaume Boivin (CAN)Israel Cycling Academy0:46
11USATyler Stites (USA)Aevolo0:49
12CANTravis Samuel (CAN)H&r Block0:49
13SPAFrancisco Mancebo Perez (SPA)Skydive Dubai - Al Ahli0:49
14DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr0:49
15CANPier-André Côté (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:49
16CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:49
17CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:49
18CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:52
19CANJack Burke (CAN)Aevolo0:52
20USAChad Beyer (USA)Canyon - Shimano0:52
21SPAJavier Mejías Leal (SPA)Novo Nordisk0:52
22CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Israel Cycling Academy0:52
23CANConnor Toppings (CAN)0:52
24USAJacob Sitler (USA)Ccb Velotooler0:52
25CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:56
26USASean Bennett (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:16
27USABrett Wachtendorf (USA)1:19
28USAKaler Marshall (USA)Canyon - Shimano2:58
29MEXGerardo Medina Robles (MEX)3:14
30CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)Garneau - Québecor3:14
31MEXJonathan Sandoval Ulloa (MEX)3:25
32CANChristopher Prendergast (CAN)H&r Block4:05
33CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling5:01
34SPAAlbert Torres Barceló (SPA)Inteja - Mmr5:01
35USAPatrick Collins (USA)Ccb Velotooler5:09
36IRLStephen Clancy (IRL)Novo Nordisk5:59
37USASpencer Petrov (USA)Ccb Velotooler5:59
38SLOJure Rupnik (SLO)H&r Block6:02
39CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)6:02
40USAMichael Sheehan (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis6:02
41SPARafael Márquez Raigon (SPA)Inteja - Mmr8:37
42USAJustin Mauch (USA)9:24
43CANWilliam Goodfellow (CAN)11:17
44USAGage Hecht (USA)Aevolo11:17
45USAAdam Carr (USA)11:17
46SPAJokin Etxabe Leturia (SPA)Aevolo11:17
47CANCameron McPhaden (CAN)11:17
48SPAJesús Alberto Rubio Arribas (SPA)11:17
49CANTrevor O'Donnell (CAN)16:29
50CANTimothy Austen (CAN)16:39
51CANJean-Denis Thibault (CAN)H&r Block16:39
52CANMatthew Sherar (CAN)16:39
53CANJake Cullen (CAN)16:39
54CANLukas Conly (CAN)23:55
55USASean Gardner (USA)23:55
56USAErik Slack (USA)Canyon - Shimano
57AUSChris Winn (AUS)Canyon - Shimano
58USALance Haidet (USA)Aevolo
59CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo
60CANStephen Keeping (CAN)
61CANOlivier Péloquin (CAN)
62CANNicolas Ducharme (CAN)
63CANFrancis Izquierdo Bernier (CAN)
64CANJordann Jones (CAN)
65RWABonaventure Uwizeyimana (RWA)
66FRAAlexandre Latil (FRA)
67CANRyan Primeau (CAN)
68DOMWellington Dariel Canela Capellán (DOM)Aero Cicling Team
69CANJean-Michel Lachance (CAN)
70CANMitch Ketler (CAN)
71USACortlan Brown (USA)Canyon - Shimano
72DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr
73SPAJulio Alberto Amores Palacios (SPA)Inteja - Mmr
74CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor
75CANElliott Doyle (CAN)Garneau - Québecor
76CANJean-Simon d'Anjou (CAN)Garneau - Québecor
77CANMatthew Staples (CAN)H&r Block
78CANMarc-Antoine Nadon (CAN)H&r Block
79CANConor O'Brien (CAN)
80FRACorentin Cherhal (FRA)Novo Nordisk
81AUSFabio Calabria (AUS)Novo Nordisk
82CANReid McClure (CAN)Novo Nordisk
83AUSAngus Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis
84USACooper Willsey (USA)Ccb Velotooler
85USANoah Granigan (USA)Ccb Velotooler
86CANLeandre Bouchard (CAN)
87MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)Inteja - Mmr
88CANJean-François Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor

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