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Cycling - Tour de Beauce - 2016 - Detailed results

Cycling - Tour de Beauce - 2016 - Detailed results

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Results 2016

Tour de Beauce 2016

CanadaCanada - 15 June 2016 - 19 June 2016

General classification - 19 June 2016

1USAGregory Daniel (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman15:37:34
2CANHugo Houle (CAN)AG2R - La Mondiale0:22
3USARobin Carpenter (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team1:07
4AUSLachlan David Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:32
5CZEDaniel Turek (CZE)Cycling Academy1:53
6USASepp Kuss (USA)2:03
7CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling2:09
8AUSAngus Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis2:16
9CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling4:23
10CANDavid Drouin (CAN)Norco Premiertech5:11
11USARobbie Squire (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team6:06
12USAChris Butler (USA)Cycling Academy7:11
13USAChris Horner (USA)Lupus7:15
14BLRAndrei Krasilnikau (BLR)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team7:15
15CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling7:23
16USAChad Beyer (USA)Lupus7:42
17CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor8:53
18CANRyan Anderson (CAN)Direct Energie10:07
19SPAIsrael Nuño Argüelles (SPA)Inteja - Mmr12:07
20CANDerrick St. John (CAN)14:19
21USAJustin Mauch (USA)14:30
22MEXLuis Enrique Lemus Davila (MEX)Cycling Academy14:34
23USANeilson Powless (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman14:49
24NAMDan Craven (NAM)Cycling Academy17:01
25CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis18:01
26CANBailey McKnight (CAN)H&r Block18:17
27FINJoonas Henttala (FIN)Novo Nordisk19:35
28USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis20:28
29USALogan Owen (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman21:34
30ESTMihkel Räim (EST)Cycling Academy21:41
31USAGeoffrey Curran (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman21:43
32USAEmerson Oronte (USA)Rally Cycling23:16
33USAWilliam Barta (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman24:32
34CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor29:45
35CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling30:56
36USAColin Joyce (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman33:25
37CANJack Burke (CAN)H&r Block33:30
38BELKevin De Mesmaeker (BEL)Novo Nordisk35:10
39FRAJocelyn Lemperriere (FRA)37:09
40CANChristopher Prendergast (CAN)H&r Block37:39
41MDAAlexandr Braico (MDA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis38:03
42USAJacob Rathe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis38:13
43CANJean-Simon d'Anjou (CAN)39:03
44USAJoshua Berry (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis39:06
45USAShane Kline (USA)Rally Cycling39:54
46SPARafael Márquez Raigon (SPA)Inteja - Mmr41:43
47CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor42:28
48DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr44:20
49CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling44:21
50USAOscar Clark (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team44:34
51ISRRoy Goldstein (ISR)45:36
52USAEric Young (USA)Rally Cycling53:18
53CANDanick Vandale (CAN)H&r Block56:20
54CANConnor Toppings (CAN)58:15
55RSAEdward Greene (RSA)59:58
56CANAlexis Cartier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor1:00:35
57CANNicolas Masbourian-Parent (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:01:34
58CANAdam Roberge (CAN)1:02:01
59USAMike Olheiser (USA)Lupus1:04:22
60DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr1:21:04

Stage 1 - Saint-Georges - Saint-Georges - 185 km - 15 June 2016Escape

1ESTMihkel Räim (EST)Cycling Academy4:28:26
2USAGregory Daniel (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:00
3USAChad Beyer (USA)Lupus0:02
4BLRAndrei Krasilnikau (BLR)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:05
5NAMDan Craven (NAM)Cycling Academy0:08
6USANeilson Powless (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman1:16
7CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:16
8USALogan Owen (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman1:16
9CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:16
10NEDMartijn Verschoor (NED)Novo Nordisk1:16
11USARobin Carpenter (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team1:16
12USARobbie Squire (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team1:16
13CANBailey McKnight (CAN)H&r Block1:16
14CANDavid Boily (CAN)Garneau - Québecor1:16
15CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:16
16USAChris Horner (USA)Lupus1:16
17USATyler Williams (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman1:16
18AUSLachlan David Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:16
19CANRyan Anderson (CAN)Direct Energie1:16
20CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:16
21USAColin Joyce (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman1:16
22CZEDaniel Turek (CZE)Cycling Academy1:16
23FINJoonas Henttala (FIN)Novo Nordisk1:16
24CANDavid Drouin (CAN)Norco Premiertech1:16
25CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling1:16
26CANHugo Houle (CAN)AG2R - La Mondiale1:16
27CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor1:16
28MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)Inteja - Mmr1:16
29USABryan Lewis (USA)Lupus1:16
30USAChris Butler (USA)Cycling Academy1:16
31ISRRoy Goldstein (ISR)1:16
32CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor1:16
33CANChristopher Prendergast (CAN)H&r Block1:16
34AUSAngus Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:16
35USAJustin Mauch (USA)1:16
36MEXLuis Enrique Lemus Davila (MEX)Cycling Academy1:16
37USABarry Miller (USA)Lupus1:16
38USASepp Kuss (USA)1:16
39CANJack Burke (CAN)H&r Block1:16
40CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor1:16
41LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team1:16
42CANWill Routley (CAN)Rally Cycling1:16
43AUSMichael Rice (AUS)Garneau - Québecor1:16
44USAGeoffrey Curran (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman1:30
45USAJacob Rathe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:40
46CANDerrick St. John (CAN)2:15
47DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr2:15
48SPAIsrael Nuño Argüelles (SPA)Inteja - Mmr2:15
49CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis2:15
50CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling2:15
51USASamuel Bassetti (USA)2:21
52USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis2:29
53USATimothy Rugg (USA)2:38
54FRAJocelyn Lemperriere (FRA)4:08
55CANRobert Gutgesell (CAN)4:10
56USAJonathan Hornbeck (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team4:10
57USAEric Young (USA)Rally Cycling4:15
58CANPierrick Naud (CAN)Rally Cycling7:15
59MDAAlexandr Braico (MDA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis8:55
60ISRGay Sagiv (ISR)Cycling Academy8:55
61CANJean-Simon d'Anjou (CAN)10:35
62RSAEdward Greene (RSA)10:35
63USAWilliam Barta (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman10:35
64CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)10:35
65FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)Lupus11:38
66FRAThomas Vaubourzeix (FRA)Lupus11:38
67IRLStephen Clancy (IRL)Novo Nordisk11:38
68FRANicolas Lefrançois (FRA)Novo Nordisk11:38
69CANKyle Buckosky (CAN)11:38
70CANConnor Toppings (CAN)11:38
71USAMike Olheiser (USA)Lupus11:38
72CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)H&r Block11:38
73CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor11:38
74NEDGerd De Keijzer (NED)Novo Nordisk11:38
75BELKevin De Mesmaeker (BEL)Novo Nordisk11:38
76USAEmerson Oronte (USA)Rally Cycling11:38
77USAShane Kline (USA)Rally Cycling11:38
78CANStephen Keeping (CAN)11:38
79USAJoshua Berry (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis11:38
80CANTravis Samuel (CAN)H&r Block11:38
81USAMiguel Bryon (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team11:38
82USAOscar Clark (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team12:19
83CANAdam Roberge (CAN)14:19
84CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)14:25
85CANConor O'Brien (CAN)Foothill Cyclery14:28
86CANNicolas Masbourian-Parent (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling14:28
87CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling14:28
88SPAFernando Grijalba Perez (SPA)Inteja - Mmr14:33
89SPARafael Márquez Raigon (SPA)Inteja - Mmr14:33
90USABrett Wachtendorf (USA)15:18
91CANJustin Purificati (CAN)15:26
92CANWilliam Elliott (CAN)15:26
93CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)15:26
94CANDanick Vandale (CAN)H&r Block15:26
95CANIsaac Leblanc (CAN)18:08
96CANJean-Michel Lachance (CAN)21:16
97CANDylan Davies (CAN)22:42
98CANCameron McPhaden (CAN)24:21
99USANigel Kinney (USA)24:21
100DOMJuan José Cueto Montero (DOM)Inteja - Mmr24:21
101DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr24:27
102CANJulien Brazeau-Séguin (CAN)25:19
103CANBenjamin Andrew (CAN)25:19
104CANFrancois Chabot (CAN)25:19
105CANWilliam Blackburn (CAN)25:32
106CANKyle Boorsma (CAN)25:32
107CANAlexis Cartier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor25:37
108CANMitchell Macdonald (CAN)37:43
109CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)37:43
110CANBenoît Boulay (CAN)48:18
111CANMathieu Borduas (CAN)
112CANFabien Lemaire (CAN)
113CANChristopher MacLeod (CAN)
114CANDerek Gee (CAN)
115CANBrandon Jones (CAN)
116CANCasey Roth (CAN)
117CANJacob Schwingboth (CAN)H&r Block
118NEDBrian Kamstra (NED)Novo Nordisk
119CANEmmanuel Gagné (CAN)

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Stage 2 - Lac-Mégantic - Mont-Mégantic - 169 km - 16 June 2016Mountain

1USASepp Kuss (USA)4:15:32
2MEXLuis Enrique Lemus Davila (MEX)Cycling Academy0:08
3CANHugo Houle (CAN)AG2R - La Mondiale0:08
4USAChris Butler (USA)Cycling Academy0:13
5AUSLachlan David Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:30
6CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:44
7USARobin Carpenter (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:46
8CZEDaniel Turek (CZE)Cycling Academy0:53
9AUSAngus Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:08
10CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling1:09
11USAWilliam Barta (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman1:11
12USAGregory Daniel (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman1:13
13CANDavid Drouin (CAN)Norco Premiertech1:57
14CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling2:21
15USAChris Horner (USA)Lupus2:22
16USAChad Beyer (USA)Lupus2:22
17SPAIsrael Nuño Argüelles (SPA)Inteja - Mmr2:23
18CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling2:27
19CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor2:45
20BLRAndrei Krasilnikau (BLR)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team2:52
21CANRyan Anderson (CAN)Direct Energie3:00
22USATyler Williams (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman3:14
23USARobbie Squire (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team3:31
24CANDerrick St. John (CAN)3:45
25USAJustin Mauch (USA)3:51
26CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)4:15
27MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)Inteja - Mmr4:16
28USABarry Miller (USA)Lupus4:36
29CANBailey McKnight (CAN)H&r Block4:45
30BELKevin De Mesmaeker (BEL)Novo Nordisk5:32
31SPARafael Márquez Raigon (SPA)Inteja - Mmr6:33
32ESTMihkel Räim (EST)Cycling Academy9:01
33NAMDan Craven (NAM)Cycling Academy9:01
34USAEmerson Oronte (USA)Rally Cycling9:23
35USAShane Kline (USA)Rally Cycling9:23
36USANeilson Powless (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman9:28
37USAColin Joyce (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman9:28
38NEDMartijn Verschoor (NED)Novo Nordisk11:02
39CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis11:22
40FRAJocelyn Lemperriere (FRA)11:27
41CANDavid Boily (CAN)Garneau - Québecor11:29
42CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor11:29
43CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor11:29
44CANJean-Simon d'Anjou (CAN)12:24
45IRLStephen Clancy (IRL)Novo Nordisk12:28
46FINJoonas Henttala (FIN)Novo Nordisk12:28
47USAOscar Clark (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team13:01
48LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team13:01
49CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor13:06
50USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis14:39
51AUSMichael Rice (AUS)Garneau - Québecor15:09
52USALogan Owen (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman15:09
53USAGeoffrey Curran (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman15:10
54USAJoshua Berry (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis16:41
55FRAThomas Vaubourzeix (FRA)Lupus19:24
56ISRGay Sagiv (ISR)Cycling Academy19:53
57MDAAlexandr Braico (MDA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis21:54
58ISRRoy Goldstein (ISR)23:48
59CANAlexis Cartier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor24:47
60CANNicolas Masbourian-Parent (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling25:14
61CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling25:15
62USAJacob Rathe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis25:16
63USABrett Wachtendorf (USA)26:25
64CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)27:00
65CANConnor Toppings (CAN)27:01
66CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling27:20
67CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling27:23
68USABryan Lewis (USA)Lupus27:34
69CANWill Routley (CAN)Rally Cycling27:34
70USAEric Young (USA)Rally Cycling27:34
71CANChristopher Prendergast (CAN)H&r Block27:54
72CANRobert Gutgesell (CAN)27:54
73CANStephen Keeping (CAN)27:54
74CANDanick Vandale (CAN)H&r Block27:55
75RSAEdward Greene (RSA)27:55
76CANJack Burke (CAN)H&r Block28:08
77USAJonathan Hornbeck (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team28:16
78CANKyle Buckosky (CAN)28:16
79CANDylan Davies (CAN)28:16
80CANTravis Samuel (CAN)H&r Block28:57
81CANAdam Roberge (CAN)28:59
82USAMiguel Bryon (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team29:19
83USASamuel Bassetti (USA)29:38
84FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)Lupus30:02
85CANPierrick Naud (CAN)Rally Cycling30:03
86CANKyle Boorsma (CAN)32:30
87CANWilliam Elliott (CAN)32:57
88USAMike Olheiser (USA)Lupus33:29
89FRANicolas Lefrançois (FRA)Novo Nordisk33:35
90DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr34:27
91CANCameron McPhaden (CAN)35:45
92USATimothy Rugg (USA)36:22
93CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)36:43
94DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr41:44
95CANJustin Purificati (CAN)43:26
96CANJean-Michel Lachance (CAN)43:30
97USANigel Kinney (USA)44:32
98CANJulien Brazeau-Séguin (CAN)44:39
99DOMJuan José Cueto Montero (DOM)Inteja - Mmr45:04
100NEDGerd De Keijzer (NED)Novo Nordisk47:12
101CANIsaac Leblanc (CAN)49:02
102CANWilliam Blackburn (CAN)49:57
103CANFrancois Chabot (CAN)58:25
104CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)H&r Block58:25
105CANMitchell Macdonald (CAN)
106CANBenoît Boulay (CAN)
107CANBenjamin Andrew (CAN)
108CANConor O'Brien (CAN)Foothill Cyclery
109SPAFernando Grijalba Perez (SPA)Inteja - Mmr
109CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)s.t.

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Stage 3a - Saint-Prosper - Saint-Prosper - 19 km - 17 June 2016Time Trial

1USANeilson Powless (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman24:39
2USARobin Carpenter (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:01
3CANHugo Houle (CAN)AG2R - La Mondiale0:05
4USAGeoffrey Curran (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:05
5LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:05
6USAWilliam Barta (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:10
7CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:16
8USAGregory Daniel (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:17
9CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling0:20
10CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:32
11CANJack Burke (CAN)H&r Block0:34
12AUSLachlan David Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:38
13CZEDaniel Turek (CZE)Cycling Academy0:40
14CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:44
15BLRAndrei Krasilnikau (BLR)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:48
16CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:51
17CANAdam Roberge (CAN)0:55
18AUSAngus Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:56
19CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:02
20CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor1:05
21USAJustin Mauch (USA)1:11
22USATyler Williams (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman1:30
23USASepp Kuss (USA)1:40
24USAMike Olheiser (USA)Lupus1:45
25RSAEdward Greene (RSA)1:47
26CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)1:49
27CANBailey McKnight (CAN)H&r Block1:51
28BELKevin De Mesmaeker (BEL)Novo Nordisk1:52
29CANConnor Toppings (CAN)1:53
30USAChris Butler (USA)Cycling Academy1:53
31CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)2:01
32CANRobert Gutgesell (CAN)2:03
33MEXLuis Enrique Lemus Davila (MEX)Cycling Academy2:09
34USAMiguel Bryon (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team2:11
35CANRyan Anderson (CAN)Direct Energie2:13
36FINJoonas Henttala (FIN)Novo Nordisk2:16
37USARobbie Squire (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team2:18
38CANDavid Boily (CAN)Garneau - Québecor2:19
39USATimothy Rugg (USA)2:21
40IRLStephen Clancy (IRL)Novo Nordisk2:22
41USABrett Wachtendorf (USA)2:22
42CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor2:23
43AUSMichael Rice (AUS)Garneau - Québecor2:25
44USAEmerson Oronte (USA)Rally Cycling2:29
45CANDanick Vandale (CAN)H&r Block2:29
46CANDylan Davies (CAN)2:30
47USAShane Kline (USA)Rally Cycling2:30
48CANJean-Simon d'Anjou (CAN)2:31
49CANDavid Drouin (CAN)Norco Premiertech2:31
50DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr2:32
51NEDMartijn Verschoor (NED)Novo Nordisk2:32
52USALogan Owen (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman2:37
53CANDerrick St. John (CAN)2:41
54USABryan Lewis (USA)Lupus2:43
55CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor2:43
56USAJonathan Hornbeck (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team2:46
57USAJoshua Berry (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis2:46
58USAChris Horner (USA)Lupus2:58
59CANKyle Buckosky (CAN)3:02
60MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)Inteja - Mmr3:05
61CANAlexis Cartier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor3:09
62CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor3:11
63USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis3:12
64FRANicolas Lefrançois (FRA)Novo Nordisk3:12
65CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)3:12
66MDAAlexandr Braico (MDA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis3:15
67CANTravis Samuel (CAN)H&r Block3:16
68ESTMihkel Räim (EST)Cycling Academy3:18
69USAChad Beyer (USA)Lupus3:26
70USABarry Miller (USA)Lupus3:33
71CANPierrick Naud (CAN)Rally Cycling3:34
72CANIsaac Leblanc (CAN)3:35
73CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)H&r Block3:36
74CANJean-Michel Lachance (CAN)3:37
75CANWill Routley (CAN)Rally Cycling3:43
76CANStephen Keeping (CAN)3:46
77SPAIsrael Nuño Argüelles (SPA)Inteja - Mmr3:50
78NAMDan Craven (NAM)Cycling Academy3:53
79ISRGay Sagiv (ISR)Cycling Academy3:55
80CANCameron McPhaden (CAN)3:57
81CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling4:08
82ISRRoy Goldstein (ISR)4:08
83FRAJocelyn Lemperriere (FRA)4:13
84CANWilliam Blackburn (CAN)4:14
85CANKyle Boorsma (CAN)4:15
86DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr4:17
87CANChristopher Prendergast (CAN)H&r Block4:23
88USAColin Joyce (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman4:28
89CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling4:32
90CANJustin Purificati (CAN)4:32
91CANNicolas Masbourian-Parent (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling4:39
92FRAThomas Vaubourzeix (FRA)Lupus4:40
93NEDGerd De Keijzer (NED)Novo Nordisk4:40
94CANWilliam Elliott (CAN)4:41
95USAJacob Rathe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis4:42
96USAOscar Clark (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team4:47
97USASamuel Bassetti (USA)4:55
98SPARafael Márquez Raigon (SPA)Inteja - Mmr5:04
99CANJulien Brazeau-Séguin (CAN)5:16
100USANigel Kinney (USA)5:19
101DOMJuan José Cueto Montero (DOM)Inteja - Mmr5:19
102CANFrancois Chabot (CAN)5:26
103FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)Lupus5:33
104USAEric Young (USA)Rally Cycling5:37

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Stage 3b - St-Georges - Beauce Art - 78 km - 17 June 2016Medium mountain

1AUSMichael Rice (AUS)Garneau - Québecor1:43:58
2USAGregory Daniel (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:02
3CANIsaac Leblanc (CAN)0:02
4USAJacob Rathe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:02
5DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr0:02
6ESTMihkel Räim (EST)Cycling Academy0:02
7USARobin Carpenter (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:02
8CANDavid Boily (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:08
9CANHugo Houle (CAN)AG2R - La Mondiale0:08
10USAJoshua Berry (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:08
11CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:08
12USARobbie Squire (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:08
13CZEDaniel Turek (CZE)Cycling Academy0:08
14USASepp Kuss (USA)0:08
15CANDavid Drouin (CAN)Norco Premiertech0:13
16NEDMartijn Verschoor (NED)Novo Nordisk0:15
17FINJoonas Henttala (FIN)Novo Nordisk0:15
18USANeilson Powless (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:15
19CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:15
20AUSLachlan David Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:15
21CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling0:15
22CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:15
23CANBailey McKnight (CAN)H&r Block0:15
24AUSAngus Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:15
25CANJean-Simon d'Anjou (CAN)0:15
26USAChad Beyer (USA)Lupus0:15
27CANChristopher Prendergast (CAN)H&r Block0:15
28SPAIsrael Nuño Argüelles (SPA)Inteja - Mmr0:15
29USAJustin Mauch (USA)0:15
30BLRAndrei Krasilnikau (BLR)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:15
31USAChris Butler (USA)Cycling Academy0:25
32CANRyan Anderson (CAN)Direct Energie0:25
33BELKevin De Mesmaeker (BEL)Novo Nordisk0:25
34MEXLuis Enrique Lemus Davila (MEX)Cycling Academy0:27
35CANStephen Keeping (CAN)0:27
36CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:27
37USABryan Lewis (USA)Lupus0:31
38USALogan Owen (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:31
39CANAdam Roberge (CAN)0:31
40CANDanick Vandale (CAN)H&r Block0:31
41CANJack Burke (CAN)H&r Block0:31
42USABrett Wachtendorf (USA)0:31
43MDAAlexandr Braico (MDA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:31
44USAEmerson Oronte (USA)Rally Cycling0:35
45CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:37
46IRLStephen Clancy (IRL)Novo Nordisk0:37
47CANCameron McPhaden (CAN)0:37
48MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)Inteja - Mmr0:37
49SPARafael Márquez Raigon (SPA)Inteja - Mmr0:39
50CANTravis Samuel (CAN)H&r Block0:39
51CANConnor Toppings (CAN)0:39
52NAMDan Craven (NAM)Cycling Academy0:39
53DOMJuan José Cueto Montero (DOM)Inteja - Mmr0:42
54FRAJocelyn Lemperriere (FRA)0:42
55USATyler Williams (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:48
56CANAlexis Cartier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:48
57ISRRoy Goldstein (ISR)0:51
58ISRGay Sagiv (ISR)Cycling Academy0:51
59CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:52
60USABarry Miller (USA)Lupus0:52
61USASamuel Bassetti (USA)0:55
62CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:57
63DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr1:00
64CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor1:00
65RSAEdward Greene (RSA)1:00
66USAMike Olheiser (USA)Lupus1:03
67USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:03
68CANJean-Michel Lachance (CAN)1:03
69CANNicolas Masbourian-Parent (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:03
70CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)1:03
71CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)1:03
72FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)Lupus1:07
73CANDerrick St. John (CAN)1:07
74USANigel Kinney (USA)1:07
75USAMiguel Bryon (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team1:07
76USAChris Horner (USA)Lupus1:07
77CANDylan Davies (CAN)1:10
78USAWilliam Barta (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman1:10
79CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)1:10
80CANJulien Brazeau-Séguin (CAN)1:10
81CANRobert Gutgesell (CAN)1:10
82FRAThomas Vaubourzeix (FRA)Lupus1:10
83USAJonathan Hornbeck (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team1:17
84CANWill Routley (CAN)Rally Cycling1:17
85CANPierrick Naud (CAN)Rally Cycling1:17
86CANKyle Buckosky (CAN)1:19
87CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:19
88CANWilliam Blackburn (CAN)1:19
89CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:22
90CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:22
91USAShane Kline (USA)Rally Cycling1:22
92CANJustin Purificati (CAN)1:22
93USAOscar Clark (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team1:22
94LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team1:26
95USAGeoffrey Curran (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman1:32
96CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)H&r Block1:38
97NEDGerd De Keijzer (NED)Novo Nordisk1:38
98CANKyle Boorsma (CAN)1:38
99CANWilliam Elliott (CAN)1:48
100USAColin Joyce (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman1:57
101USAEric Young (USA)Rally Cycling2:11
102FRANicolas Lefrançois (FRA)Novo Nordisk
103USATimothy Rugg (USA)
103CANFrancois Chabot (CAN)s.t.

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Stage 4 - Criterium Ville de Québec - 7 km - 18 June 2016Escape

1ESTMihkel Räim (EST)Cycling Academy1:36:38
2CANPierrick Naud (CAN)Rally Cycling0:00
3CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:00
4AUSAngus Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:03
5CANDavid Boily (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:09
6CANHugo Houle (CAN)AG2R - La Mondiale0:18
7USALogan Owen (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:18
8USAGregory Daniel (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:18
9USARobbie Squire (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:18
10CANDavid Drouin (CAN)Norco Premiertech0:18
11USAMiguel Bryon (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:18
12CANDanick Vandale (CAN)H&r Block0:18
13AUSLachlan David Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:18
14USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:18
15CANRyan Anderson (CAN)Direct Energie0:18
16CZEDaniel Turek (CZE)Cycling Academy0:18
17USAEmerson Oronte (USA)Rally Cycling0:18
18CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling0:18
19USASepp Kuss (USA)0:18
20AUSMichael Rice (AUS)Garneau - Québecor0:18
21CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:18
22USASamuel Bassetti (USA)0:23
23FINJoonas Henttala (FIN)Novo Nordisk0:23
24CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:23
25CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)0:23
26CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:23
27BLRAndrei Krasilnikau (BLR)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:23
28NAMDan Craven (NAM)Cycling Academy0:23
29USAJoshua Berry (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:23
30CANJean-Simon d'Anjou (CAN)0:23
31USAEric Young (USA)Rally Cycling0:23
32CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:23
33USAChad Beyer (USA)Lupus0:23
34USAChris Butler (USA)Cycling Academy0:27
35SPAIsrael Nuño Argüelles (SPA)Inteja - Mmr0:27
36CANBailey McKnight (CAN)H&r Block0:27
37IRLStephen Clancy (IRL)Novo Nordisk0:27
38CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:27
39USAJustin Mauch (USA)0:27
40CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:27
41MDAAlexandr Braico (MDA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:27
42USARobin Carpenter (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:27
43USAJacob Rathe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:27
44CANJack Burke (CAN)H&r Block0:33
45CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:38
46USAChris Horner (USA)Lupus0:54
47MEXLuis Enrique Lemus Davila (MEX)Cycling Academy0:54
48CANChristopher Prendergast (CAN)H&r Block0:54
49USABarry Miller (USA)Lupus0:54
50USANeilson Powless (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:57
51CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor1:30
52ISRRoy Goldstein (ISR)1:33
53CANDerrick St. John (CAN)1:34
54DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr1:38
55USAShane Kline (USA)Rally Cycling1:43
56ISRGay Sagiv (ISR)Cycling Academy1:43
57FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)Lupus1:43
58USAWilliam Barta (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman1:43
59USAGeoffrey Curran (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman1:43
60USATyler Williams (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman1:53
61NEDMartijn Verschoor (NED)Novo Nordisk2:25
62BELKevin De Mesmaeker (BEL)Novo Nordisk2:25
63CANConnor Toppings (CAN)2:46
64CANAdam Roberge (CAN)2:48
65CANNicolas Masbourian-Parent (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling2:52
66MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)Inteja - Mmr2:52
67CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)2:52
68LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team2:55
69CANTravis Samuel (CAN)H&r Block2:56
70CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)H&r Block2:56
71USAColin Joyce (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman2:58
72CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling3:00
73CANWill Routley (CAN)Rally Cycling3:00
74USABryan Lewis (USA)Lupus3:09
75USAMike Olheiser (USA)Lupus3:09
76USAJonathan Hornbeck (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team3:09
77USAOscar Clark (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team3:09
78CANAlexis Cartier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor3:09
79CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling3:21
80FRAJocelyn Lemperriere (FRA)3:21
81CANIsaac Leblanc (CAN)3:21
82NEDGerd De Keijzer (NED)Novo Nordisk3:29
83CANKyle Buckosky (CAN)4:08
84CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)4:08
85CANCameron McPhaden (CAN)4:08
86CANStephen Keeping (CAN)4:08
87CANRobert Gutgesell (CAN)4:08
88DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr4:48
89CANDylan Davies (CAN)4:48
90CANWilliam Blackburn (CAN)4:48
91USABrett Wachtendorf (USA)4:55
92CANKyle Boorsma (CAN)4:55
93CANJean-Michel Lachance (CAN)5:11
94SPARafael Márquez Raigon (SPA)Inteja - Mmr5:11
95DOMJuan José Cueto Montero (DOM)Inteja - Mmr5:23
96RSAEdward Greene (RSA)5:23
97CANWilliam Elliott (CAN)5:32
98USANigel Kinney (USA)6:21
99FRAThomas Vaubourzeix (FRA)Lupus
100CANJustin Purificati (CAN)
101CANJulien Brazeau-Séguin (CAN)

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Stage 5 - St-Georges - St-Georges - 122,4 km - 19 June 2016Medium mountain

1USAGregory Daniel (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman3:06:56
2CANHugo Houle (CAN)AG2R - La Mondiale0:00
3DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr0:00
4USARobin Carpenter (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:00
5CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:00
6USARobbie Squire (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:00
7AUSLachlan David Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
8AUSAngus Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:03
9CZEDaniel Turek (CZE)Cycling Academy0:03
10USAChris Horner (USA)Lupus0:03
11USASepp Kuss (USA)0:06
12USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:12
13USAEmerson Oronte (USA)Rally Cycling0:21
14CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling0:21
15CANDavid Drouin (CAN)Norco Premiertech0:21
16CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:25
17USAChad Beyer (USA)Lupus2:44
18USAGeoffrey Curran (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman3:08
19USALogan Owen (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman3:08
20CANJack Burke (CAN)H&r Block3:53
21CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis3:53
22SPAIsrael Nuño Argüelles (SPA)Inteja - Mmr4:22
23FINJoonas Henttala (FIN)Novo Nordisk4:22
24CANChristopher Prendergast (CAN)H&r Block4:22
25BLRAndrei Krasilnikau (BLR)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team4:22
26CANRyan Anderson (CAN)Direct Energie4:22
27USAChris Butler (USA)Cycling Academy4:22
28CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor4:22
29CANDerrick St. John (CAN)4:22
30USANeilson Powless (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman4:22
31CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling4:22
32NAMDan Craven (NAM)Cycling Academy4:22
33MDAAlexandr Braico (MDA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis4:26
34CANAlexis Cartier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor4:30
35USAJacob Rathe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis7:31
36USAJoshua Berry (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis8:55
37USAJustin Mauch (USA)8:55
38USAWilliam Barta (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman11:08
39SPARafael Márquez Raigon (SPA)Inteja - Mmr11:08
40DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr11:08
41MEXLuis Enrique Lemus Davila (MEX)Cycling Academy11:08
42CANBailey McKnight (CAN)H&r Block11:08
43ESTMihkel Räim (EST)Cycling Academy11:08
44CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling11:08
45CANDanick Vandale (CAN)H&r Block11:08
46USAOscar Clark (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team11:21
47CANJean-Simon d'Anjou (CAN)14:20
48USAEric Young (USA)Rally Cycling14:43
49CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor14:43
50CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor14:43
51CANNicolas Masbourian-Parent (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling14:43
52BELKevin De Mesmaeker (BEL)Novo Nordisk14:43
53USAMike Olheiser (USA)Lupus14:43
54RSAEdward Greene (RSA)14:43
55FRAJocelyn Lemperriere (FRA)14:43
56USAShane Kline (USA)Rally Cycling14:43
57USAColin Joyce (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman14:43
58ISRRoy Goldstein (ISR)15:25
59CANConnor Toppings (CAN)15:43
60CANAdam Roberge (CAN)15:54
61CANDavid Boily (CAN)Garneau - Québecor
62AUSMichael Rice (AUS)Garneau - Québecor
63CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling
64CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling
65CANTravis Samuel (CAN)H&r Block
66CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)H&r Block
67USASamuel Bassetti (USA)
68CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)
69CANDylan Davies (CAN)
70CANWilliam Blackburn (CAN)
71USANigel Kinney (USA)
72CANKyle Boorsma (CAN)
73CANRobert Gutgesell (CAN)
74CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)
75CANStephen Keeping (CAN)
76CANIsaac Leblanc (CAN)
77CANCameron McPhaden (CAN)
78USABrett Wachtendorf (USA)
79CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor
80USAMiguel Bryon (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team
81LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team
82CANWilliam Elliott (CAN)
83CANJean-Michel Lachance (CAN)
84CANKyle Buckosky (CAN)
85ISRGay Sagiv (ISR)Cycling Academy
86MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)Inteja - Mmr
87DOMJuan José Cueto Montero (DOM)Inteja - Mmr
88IRLStephen Clancy (IRL)Novo Nordisk
89NEDGerd De Keijzer (NED)Novo Nordisk
90NEDMartijn Verschoor (NED)Novo Nordisk
91USATyler Williams (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman
92FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)Lupus
93USABryan Lewis (USA)Lupus
94USABarry Miller (USA)Lupus
95CANWill Routley (CAN)Rally Cycling
96CANPierrick Naud (CAN)Rally Cycling
97USAJonathan Hornbeck (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team
98CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)

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