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Cycling - Tour de Beauce - 2017 - Detailed results

Cycling - Tour de Beauce - 2017 - Detailed results

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Results 2017

Tour de Beauce 2017

CanadaCanada - 14 June 2017 - 18 June 2017

General classification - 18 June 2017

1LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear15:42:13
2FRAClément Russo (FRA)AG2R - La Mondiale1:21
3CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:27
4CANJack Burke (CAN)Aevolo1:36
5CUBRuben Companioni Blanco (CUB)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear2:41
6USAGeoffrey Curran (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman3:19
7USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis4:35
8CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor4:41
9USAErik Slack (USA)Canyon - Shimano5:13
10USAIan Garrison (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman5:44
11CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling14:10
12USAGage Hecht (USA)Aevolo15:15
13USATyler Stites (USA)Aevolo16:43
14SPAJulio Alberto Amores Palacios (SPA)Inteja - Mmr20:00
15CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo20:58
16CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling22:52
17USARobin Carpenter (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear24:06
18SPAFrancisco Mancebo Perez (SPA)Skydive Dubai - Al Ahli28:24
19USAEdward Anderson (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman29:30
20CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling29:53
21USABrett Wachtendorf (USA)30:06
22BLRAndrei Krasilnikau (BLR)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear30:09
23USAChristopher Jones (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis32:44
24USALance Haidet (USA)Aevolo35:16
25DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr36:21
26USAGavin Mannion (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis40:36
27USASteve Fisher (USA)Canyon - Shimano42:27
28SPAJokin Etxabe Leturia (SPA)Aevolo44:24
29CANConnor Toppings (CAN)45:45
30USASean Bennett (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis46:43
31PORRui Oliveira (POR)47:23
32SPARafael Márquez Raigon (SPA)Inteja - Mmr48:06
33CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor49:46
34CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling50:33
35CANNickolas Zukowsky (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling52:53
36USAStephen Bassett (USA)Silber Pro Cycling53:23
37USACortlan Brown (USA)Canyon - Shimano54:16
38SPAAlbert Torres Barceló (SPA)Inteja - Mmr56:13
39CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling57:06
40FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)58:18
41CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)1:01:22
42CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)Garneau - Québecor1:09:07

Stage 1 - Saint-Georges - Saint-Georges - 185 km - 14 June 2017Medium mountain

1CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling4:33:39
2USAIan Garrison (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:00
3USATravis McCabe (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:08
4FRAClément Russo (FRA)AG2R - La Mondiale0:08
5USAEric Young (USA)Rally Cycling0:08
6CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:08
7USATyler Stites (USA)Aevolo0:08
8USAChad Beyer (USA)Canyon - Shimano0:08
9USAErik Slack (USA)Canyon - Shimano0:08
10USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:08
11CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:08
12CUBRuben Companioni Blanco (CUB)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:08
13USAEmerson Oronte (USA)Rally Cycling0:08
14MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)Inteja - Mmr0:08
15CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:08
16SPAJulio Alberto Amores Palacios (SPA)Inteja - Mmr0:08
17CANJack Burke (CAN)Aevolo0:08
18USAGeoffrey Curran (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:08
19USAGage Hecht (USA)Aevolo0:15
20LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:49
21CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo1:07
22CANJean-Michel Lachance (CAN)9:47
23USATanner Putt (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis9:55
24USAMichael Hernandez (USA)Aevolo9:55
25USAMichael Burleigh (USA)Canyon - Shimano9:55
26CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)26:32
27FRACédric Pla (FRA)26:32
28DOMWellington Dariel Canela Capellán (DOM)Aero Cicling Team26:32
29FRACorentin Cherhal (FRA)Novo Nordisk26:32
30CANDan Doddy (CAN)26:32
31FRAAxel Flet (FRA)26:32
32CANAdam De Vos (CAN)Rally Cycling26:32
33DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr26:32
34CANJean-François Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor26:32
35SPAJesús Alberto Rubio Arribas (SPA)26:32
36CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis26:32
37DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr26:32
38SPAAlbert Torres Barceló (SPA)Inteja - Mmr26:32
39AUSFabio Calabria (AUS)Novo Nordisk26:32
40USAEdward Anderson (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman26:32
41RWABonaventure Uwizeyimana (RWA)26:32
42FRALuc Dury (FRA)26:32
43SPAFrancisco Mancebo Perez (SPA)Skydive Dubai - Al Ahli26:32
44CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Rally Cycling26:32
45FRALéo Boileau (FRA)26:32
46CANNickolas Zukowsky (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling26:32
47CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)26:32
48USACortlan Brown (USA)Canyon - Shimano26:32
49USALance Haidet (USA)Aevolo26:32
50SPAJokin Etxabe Leturia (SPA)Aevolo26:32
51AUSChris Winn (AUS)Canyon - Shimano26:32
52CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor26:32
53USAGavin Mannion (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis26:32
54USAJonathan Brown (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman26:32
55USAChristopher Jones (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis26:32
56USASteve Fisher (USA)Canyon - Shimano26:32
57FRALouis Richard (FRA)26:32
58CANJules Cusson-Fradet (CAN)26:32
59CANChristopher MacLeod (CAN)26:32
60USALuke Keough (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis26:32
61CANMarc Dupuis (CAN)26:32
62PORRui Oliveira (POR)26:32
63USASepp Kuss (USA)Rally Cycling26:32
64CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling26:32
65CANMatthew Sherar (CAN)26:32
66CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling26:32
67AUSJoseph Lewis (AUS)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear26:32
68CANJake Cullen (CAN)26:32
69BLRAndrei Krasilnikau (BLR)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear26:32
70CANElliott Doyle (CAN)Garneau - Québecor26:32
71IRLStephen Clancy (IRL)Novo Nordisk26:32
72ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)Jelly Belly - Maxxis26:32
73USAMichael Sheehan (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis26:32
74USARobin Carpenter (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear26:32
75USASean Bennett (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis26:32
76CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor26:32
77CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling26:32
78USABrett Wachtendorf (USA)26:32
79USAAdrian Hegyvari (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis26:32
80CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling26:32
81USABarry Miller (USA)26:32
82CANPierrick Naud (CAN)Rally Cycling26:32
83SPARafael Márquez Raigon (SPA)Inteja - Mmr26:32
84CANConnor Toppings (CAN)26:32
85USAStephen Bassett (USA)Silber Pro Cycling26:32
86CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor26:32
87GBRChristopher Lawless (GBR)Axeon - Hagens Berman26:32
88MEXJonathan Sandoval Ulloa (MEX)26:32
89USABrendan McCormack (USA)26:32
90USAJacob Rathe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis26:32
91CANMitch Ketler (CAN)26:32
92USASean Gardner (USA)26:32
93CANDylan Davies (CAN)26:32
94USAOscar Clark (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear26:32
95USATaylor 'Timo' Eisenhart (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear26:32
96FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)26:32
97CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)Garneau - Québecor26:32
98AUSAngus Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis26:32
99USAAdam Carr (USA)
100FRAQuentin Valognes (FRA)Novo Nordisk
101CANReid McClure (CAN)Novo Nordisk
102ITAUmberto Poli (ITA)Novo Nordisk
103SPAJavier Mejías Leal (SPA)Novo Nordisk
104CANGarrett Belanger (CAN)

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Stage 2 - Lac-Méganti - Lac-Méganti - 17 km - 15 June 2017Mountain

1CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Rally Cycling4:17:30
2USARobin Carpenter (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear1:05
3USASepp Kuss (USA)Rally Cycling1:37
4USATaylor 'Timo' Eisenhart (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear1:45
5USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:54
6CANJack Burke (CAN)Aevolo1:58
7CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis2:04
8USAChristopher Jones (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis2:20
9MEXJonathan Sandoval Ulloa (MEX)2:33
10USABrett Wachtendorf (USA)2:37
11SPAJokin Etxabe Leturia (SPA)Aevolo2:46
12ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)Jelly Belly - Maxxis3:01
13CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling3:03
14FRAClément Russo (FRA)AG2R - La Mondiale3:04
15SPAFrancisco Mancebo Perez (SPA)Skydive Dubai - Al Ahli3:34
16USAChad Beyer (USA)Canyon - Shimano3:35
17CUBRuben Companioni Blanco (CUB)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear3:35
18USAGage Hecht (USA)Aevolo3:42
19USAEdward Anderson (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman3:59
20USABarry Miller (USA)3:59
21BLRAndrei Krasilnikau (BLR)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear4:03
22USAErik Slack (USA)Canyon - Shimano4:05
23CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor4:08
24USAGeoffrey Curran (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman4:12
25USAIan Garrison (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman4:21
26USATyler Stites (USA)Aevolo4:31
27LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear4:37
28MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)Inteja - Mmr4:47
29SPAJulio Alberto Amores Palacios (SPA)Inteja - Mmr5:06
30CANDan Doddy (CAN)5:10
31USALance Haidet (USA)Aevolo5:13
32DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr5:20
33AUSChris Winn (AUS)Canyon - Shimano5:27
34USASean Gardner (USA)5:53
35FRALéo Boileau (FRA)6:05
36CANConnor Toppings (CAN)6:21
37CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling6:31
38CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling6:32
39FRACédric Pla (FRA)7:29
40USAEric Young (USA)Rally Cycling7:45
41CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo8:20
42AUSFabio Calabria (AUS)Novo Nordisk8:32
43CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling9:12
44CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling9:13
45CANNickolas Zukowsky (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling9:14
46SPARafael Márquez Raigon (SPA)Inteja - Mmr9:29
47FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)9:30
48CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor9:30
49FRALuc Dury (FRA)9:43
50USAMichael Burleigh (USA)Canyon - Shimano9:45
51CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis10:12
52RWABonaventure Uwizeyimana (RWA)10:16
53CANJean-François Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor10:26
54USASean Bennett (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis10:29
55USAStephen Bassett (USA)Silber Pro Cycling10:29
56USAMichael Sheehan (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis10:30
57FRACorentin Cherhal (FRA)Novo Nordisk10:41
58IRLStephen Clancy (IRL)Novo Nordisk11:18
59USACortlan Brown (USA)Canyon - Shimano11:28
60USATanner Putt (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis11:28
61USAJonathan Brown (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman11:29
62USAGavin Mannion (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis11:40
63CANMatthew Sherar (CAN)11:40
64CANJean-Michel Lachance (CAN)13:38
65PORRui Oliveira (POR)14:41
66CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling15:03
67CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor15:03
68CANPierrick Naud (CAN)Rally Cycling15:03
69GBRChristopher Lawless (GBR)Axeon - Hagens Berman15:04
70USASteve Fisher (USA)Canyon - Shimano15:04
71USAJacob Rathe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis15:05
72AUSAngus Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis15:05
73USAOscar Clark (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear16:11
74SPAAlbert Torres Barceló (SPA)Inteja - Mmr18:00
75CANJake Cullen (CAN)19:55
76CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)20:42
77DOMWellington Dariel Canela Capellán (DOM)Aero Cicling Team20:55
78CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)Garneau - Québecor21:43
79USAMichael Hernandez (USA)Aevolo21:43
80CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)21:44
81DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr22:04
82AUSJoseph Lewis (AUS)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear22:06
83CANJules Cusson-Fradet (CAN)22:06
84USAAdrian Hegyvari (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis22:07
85CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor22:07
86CANElliott Doyle (CAN)Garneau - Québecor22:08
87USABrendan McCormack (USA)22:11
88CANMitch Ketler (CAN)24:03
89CANDylan Davies (CAN)25:37
90CANChristopher MacLeod (CAN)26:32
91FRAAxel Flet (FRA)30:11
92FRALouis Richard (FRA)33:29
93CANMarc Dupuis (CAN)
94USAEmerson Oronte (USA)Rally Cycling
95CANAdam De Vos (CAN)Rally Cycling
96USALuke Keough (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis
97USATravis McCabe (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis

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Stage 3a - Saint-Georges - Saint-Georges - 19,7 km - 16 June 2017Time Trial

1CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling25:17
2USATaylor 'Timo' Eisenhart (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:08
3CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Rally Cycling0:16
4CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling0:19
5ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:29
6USARobin Carpenter (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:32
7USAIan Garrison (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:35
8LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:38
9CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:39
10USAGeoffrey Curran (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:49
11FRAClément Russo (FRA)AG2R - La Mondiale0:50
12SPAFrancisco Mancebo Perez (SPA)Skydive Dubai - Al Ahli1:00
13CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis1:04
14USAGavin Mannion (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis1:04
15CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:06
16CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:06
17GBRChristopher Lawless (GBR)Axeon - Hagens Berman1:07
18CUBRuben Companioni Blanco (CUB)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear1:10
19CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:11
20USASean Bennett (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:32
21CANJack Burke (CAN)Aevolo1:34
22SPAAlbert Torres Barceló (SPA)Inteja - Mmr1:36
23CANNickolas Zukowsky (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:37
24USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:45
25BLRAndrei Krasilnikau (BLR)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear1:49
26USAGage Hecht (USA)Aevolo1:56
27USASepp Kuss (USA)Rally Cycling1:59
28USAJonathan Brown (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman2:01
29USAChristopher Jones (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis2:03
30USAEdward Anderson (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman2:05
31USATyler Stites (USA)Aevolo2:16
32AUSChris Winn (AUS)Canyon - Shimano2:16
33CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo2:18
34AUSAngus Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis2:19
35CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor2:20
36USAMichael Sheehan (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis2:28
37USABrett Wachtendorf (USA)2:28
38USALance Haidet (USA)Aevolo2:39
39CANDan Doddy (CAN)2:43
40USAErik Slack (USA)Canyon - Shimano3:03
41CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)3:04
42CANConnor Toppings (CAN)3:07
43CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling3:09
44USAStephen Bassett (USA)Silber Pro Cycling3:12
45CANMitch Ketler (CAN)3:12
46USAChad Beyer (USA)Canyon - Shimano3:13
47SPAJulio Alberto Amores Palacios (SPA)Inteja - Mmr3:26
48IRLStephen Clancy (IRL)Novo Nordisk3:27
49CANJean-Michel Lachance (CAN)3:33
50CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor3:33
51SPAJokin Etxabe Leturia (SPA)Aevolo3:36
52AUSFabio Calabria (AUS)Novo Nordisk3:41
53PORRui Oliveira (POR)3:41
54USACortlan Brown (USA)Canyon - Shimano3:45
55USAAdrian Hegyvari (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis3:46
56DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr3:46
57USAMichael Burleigh (USA)Canyon - Shimano3:55
58USATanner Putt (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis3:58
59USAJacob Rathe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis4:04
60FRACorentin Cherhal (FRA)Novo Nordisk4:08
61CANJake Cullen (CAN)4:11
62FRALuc Dury (FRA)4:11
63FRALéo Boileau (FRA)4:11
64USASteve Fisher (USA)Canyon - Shimano4:16
65CANDylan Davies (CAN)4:22
66FRACédric Pla (FRA)4:28
67CANMatthew Sherar (CAN)4:28
68AUSJoseph Lewis (AUS)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear4:36
69CANChristopher MacLeod (CAN)4:39
70USABarry Miller (USA)4:42
71DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr4:45
72MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)Inteja - Mmr4:50
73FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)5:08
74RWABonaventure Uwizeyimana (RWA)5:08
75CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor5:13
76CANJean-François Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor5:20
77CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor5:35
78CANJules Cusson-Fradet (CAN)5:43
79USAOscar Clark (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear5:48
80DOMWellington Dariel Canela Capellán (DOM)Aero Cicling Team5:54
81USAMichael Hernandez (USA)Aevolo5:54
82CANElliott Doyle (CAN)Garneau - Québecor5:57
83CANPierrick Naud (CAN)Rally Cycling6:07
84CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)Garneau - Québecor6:12
85MEXJonathan Sandoval Ulloa (MEX)6:18
86FRALouis Richard (FRA)6:27
87SPARafael Márquez Raigon (SPA)Inteja - Mmr6:29
88CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)6:33
89USABrendan McCormack (USA)6:46
90USAEric Young (USA)Rally Cycling6:52
91USASean Gardner (USA)7:14
92FRAAxel Flet (FRA)7:53

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Stage 3b - Saint-Georges - Beauce Art - 77 km - 16 June 2017Medium mountain

1GBRChristopher Lawless (GBR)Axeon - Hagens Berman1:40:44
2USASteve Fisher (USA)Canyon - Shimano0:00
3USASepp Kuss (USA)Rally Cycling0:03
4USASean Bennett (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:09
5USATaylor 'Timo' Eisenhart (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:09
6SPAAlbert Torres Barceló (SPA)Inteja - Mmr0:11
7CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:11
8CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:11
9USAEdward Anderson (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:15
10LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:23
11USAMichael Sheehan (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:26
12ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:26
13CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling0:48
14BLRAndrei Krasilnikau (BLR)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear1:02
15CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)Garneau - Québecor1:05
16DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr1:06
17FRAClément Russo (FRA)AG2R - La Mondiale1:06
18CANJean-François Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor1:09
19CUBRuben Companioni Blanco (CUB)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear1:09
20CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:09
21USATyler Stites (USA)Aevolo1:09
22CANJack Burke (CAN)Aevolo1:09
23USALance Haidet (USA)Aevolo1:12
24CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo1:12
25USAIan Garrison (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman1:14

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Stage 4 - Québec - Québec - 7 km - 17 June 2017Escape

1USAIan Garrison (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman1:32:55
2USARobin Carpenter (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:00
3CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Rally Cycling0:00
4GBRChristopher Lawless (GBR)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:14
5FRAClément Russo (FRA)AG2R - La Mondiale0:14
6USASteve Fisher (USA)Canyon - Shimano0:14
7SPAAlbert Torres Barceló (SPA)Inteja - Mmr0:14
8USAMichael Sheehan (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:14
9USASepp Kuss (USA)Rally Cycling0:14
10CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:14
11CUBRuben Companioni Blanco (CUB)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:14
12USAMichael Hernandez (USA)Aevolo0:14
13USATyler Stites (USA)Aevolo0:14
14BLRAndrei Krasilnikau (BLR)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:18
15USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:18
16CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo0:18
17CANJack Burke (CAN)Aevolo0:18
18SPAJokin Etxabe Leturia (SPA)Aevolo0:18
19LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:18
20USAGage Hecht (USA)Aevolo0:18
21CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:18
22CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:18
23USAChad Beyer (USA)Canyon - Shimano0:18
24USAErik Slack (USA)Canyon - Shimano0:18
25SPAJulio Alberto Amores Palacios (SPA)Inteja - Mmr0:18
26USASean Bennett (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:18
27USABarry Miller (USA)0:18
28AUSFabio Calabria (AUS)Novo Nordisk0:18
29USAGavin Mannion (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:18
30USAEdward Anderson (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:18
31IRLStephen Clancy (IRL)Novo Nordisk0:18
32MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)Inteja - Mmr0:23
33CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)0:23
34USAGeoffrey Curran (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:23
35CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:23
36CANMatthew Sherar (CAN)0:23
37MEXJonathan Sandoval Ulloa (MEX)0:23
38CANJean-Michel Lachance (CAN)0:23
39USALance Haidet (USA)Aevolo0:23
40FRACédric Pla (FRA)0:23
41ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:23
42CANConnor Toppings (CAN)0:23
43CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:23
44CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:30
45USATaylor 'Timo' Eisenhart (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:31
46USAJonathan Brown (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman0:31
47CANDan Doddy (CAN)0:37
48AUSAngus Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:39
49USAAdrian Hegyvari (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:42
50AUSJoseph Lewis (AUS)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:42
51USABrett Wachtendorf (USA)0:50
52PORRui Oliveira (POR)0:52
53AUSChris Winn (AUS)Canyon - Shimano0:56
54USACortlan Brown (USA)Canyon - Shimano1:11
55RWABonaventure Uwizeyimana (RWA)1:14
56CANJake Cullen (CAN)1:20
57USAStephen Bassett (USA)Silber Pro Cycling1:31
58USAChristopher Jones (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis1:36
59CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling1:36
60SPAFrancisco Mancebo Perez (SPA)Skydive Dubai - Al Ahli2:08
61USAOscar Clark (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear2:08
62CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling2:30
63FRALouis Richard (FRA)3:40
64CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor3:40
65FRACorentin Cherhal (FRA)Novo Nordisk3:51
66CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling3:51
67CANNickolas Zukowsky (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling3:51
68FRALéo Boileau (FRA)3:51
69FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)3:51
70CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)Garneau - Québecor3:58
71USABrendan McCormack (USA)3:58
72CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)3:58
73CANMitch Ketler (CAN)4:11
74FRALuc Dury (FRA)4:11
75CANJean-François Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor4:18
76SPARafael Márquez Raigon (SPA)Inteja - Mmr4:18
77CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling4:26
78DOMWellington Dariel Canela Capellán (DOM)Aero Cicling Team4:26
79CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling4:26
80DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr5:31
81CANJules Cusson-Fradet (CAN)5:46
82DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr6:21
83FRAAxel Flet (FRA)7:05
84USASean Gardner (USA)
85USATanner Putt (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis
86USAJacob Rathe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis
87CANChristopher MacLeod (CAN)
87CANElliott Doyle (CAN)Garneau - Québecors.t.
87CANDylan Davies (CAN)s.t.

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Stage 5 - Saint-Georges - Saint-Georges - 122,4 km - 18 June 2017Medium mountain

1CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling3:03:53
2DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr1:28
3SPAFrancisco Mancebo Perez (SPA)Skydive Dubai - Al Ahli1:28
4LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear1:31
5USARobin Carpenter (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear2:05
6FRAClément Russo (FRA)AG2R - La Mondiale4:20
7USASteve Fisher (USA)Canyon - Shimano4:40
8USAEdward Anderson (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman4:40
9USAGeoffrey Curran (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman4:40
10CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor4:40
11CUBRuben Companioni Blanco (CUB)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear4:40
12BLRAndrei Krasilnikau (BLR)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear4:40
13USABrett Wachtendorf (USA)4:40
14USAErik Slack (USA)Canyon - Shimano4:40
15CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis4:44
16CANJack Burke (CAN)Aevolo4:44
17USAChristopher Jones (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis6:27
18USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis7:32
19USALance Haidet (USA)Aevolo7:32
20SPARafael Márquez Raigon (SPA)Inteja - Mmr7:32
21USAGavin Mannion (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis7:32
22USAIan Garrison (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman8:05
23PORRui Oliveira (POR)8:05
24USAGage Hecht (USA)Aevolo15:58
25CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo15:58
26CANConnor Toppings (CAN)15:58
27USASean Bennett (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis15:58
28USATyler Stites (USA)Aevolo16:40
29CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)16:40
30USAStephen Bassett (USA)Silber Pro Cycling17:53
31CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling17:53
32CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling17:53
33CANNickolas Zukowsky (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling17:53
34CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)Garneau - Québecor17:53
35USACortlan Brown (USA)Canyon - Shimano17:53
36CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor17:53
37SPAAlbert Torres Barceló (SPA)Inteja - Mmr17:55
38SPAJulio Alberto Amores Palacios (SPA)Inteja - Mmr17:55
39SPAJokin Etxabe Leturia (SPA)Aevolo17:55
40FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)17:55
41CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling17:56
42CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling17:58
43FRALuc Dury (FRA)
44CANJake Cullen (CAN)
45CANMitch Ketler (CAN)
46CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)
47MEXJonathan Sandoval Ulloa (MEX)
48CANJean-Michel Lachance (CAN)
49DOMWellington Dariel Canela Capellán (DOM)Aero Cicling Team
50USABarry Miller (USA)
51USABrendan McCormack (USA)
52MEXIgnacio Sarabia Diaz (MEX)Inteja - Mmr
53DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr
54FRALouis Richard (FRA)
55FRACédric Pla (FRA)
56FRAAxel Flet (FRA)
57FRALéo Boileau (FRA)
58RWABonaventure Uwizeyimana (RWA)
59CANMatthew Sherar (CAN)
60CANDan Doddy (CAN)
61CANJules Cusson-Fradet (CAN)
62USAMichael Hernandez (USA)Aevolo
63USAMichael Sheehan (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis
64AUSAngus Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis
65USAJonathan Brown (USA)Axeon - Hagens Berman
66USAAdrian Hegyvari (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis
67CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis
68IRLStephen Clancy (IRL)Novo Nordisk
69FRACorentin Cherhal (FRA)Novo Nordisk
70AUSFabio Calabria (AUS)Novo Nordisk
71AUSJoseph Lewis (AUS)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear
72USATaylor 'Timo' Eisenhart (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear
73GBRChristopher Lawless (GBR)Axeon - Hagens Berman
74CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling
75ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)Jelly Belly - Maxxis
76AUSChris Winn (AUS)Canyon - Shimano
77USAChad Beyer (USA)Canyon - Shimano
78CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor
79CANJean-François Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor
80CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor
81USASepp Kuss (USA)Rally Cycling
82CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Rally Cycling
83USAOscar Clark (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear

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