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Cycling - Tour de Beauce - 2018 - Detailed results

Cycling - Tour de Beauce - 2018 - Detailed results

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Results 2018

Tour de Beauce 2018

CanadaCanada - 13 June 2018 - 17 June 2018

General classification - 17 June 2018

1CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)Elevate - Khs15:11:52
2NZLDaniel Whitehouse (NZL)Interpro - Stradelli0:11
3ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:27
4CANJack Burke (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:49
5CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling1:03
6USAAlexey Vermeulen (USA)Interpro - Stradelli1:23
7USAThomas Revard (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon1:32
8USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis2:17
9CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Elevate - Khs2:23
10CANSvein Tuft (CAN)Mitchelton - Scott2:28
11CANAdam Roberge (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling2:44
12USAIan Garrison (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon4:14
13CRCRomán Daniel Villalobos Solís (CRC)Canel's - Specialized4:22
14SPAFrancisco Mancebo Perez (SPA)Inteja - Mmr4:28
15USAJonathan Brown (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon4:42
16CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Rally Cycling4:43
17USAGavin Mannion (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis5:42
18SPABernat Font Mas (SPA)6:27
19USAKaler Marshall (USA)7:27
20CANCharles-Étienne Chrétien (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling8:19
21CANPier-André Côté (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling8:39
22USAAria Kiani (USA)8:42
23AUSLachlan Norris (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis9:28
24USAMaxx Chance (USA)303 Project11:48
25CHIPablo Andrés Alarcón Cares (CHI)Canel's - Specialized12:21
26CANDanick Vandale (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling12:32
27GBRAlistair Slater (GBR)Jlt - Condor13:04
28USAGriffin Easter (USA)303 Project13:10
29CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo13:11
30CANBruno Langlois (CAN)13:19
31CANJean-Denis Thibault (CAN)H&r Block13:24
32CANConnor Toppings (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci15:46
33USAKyle Murphy (USA)Rally Cycling16:55
34CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Israel Cycling Academy17:59
35USABrendan Rhim (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team19:07
36FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)19:09
37CANDerek Gee (CAN)Raceclean19:39
38CANRyan Anderson (CAN)Rally Cycling20:36
39USAJacob Sitler (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri20:38
40MEXEduardo Corte Cordero (MEX)Canel's - Specialized21:37
41CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci22:13
42USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis22:20
43CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)23:56
44PORRui Filipe Alves Oliveira (POR)Hagens Berman - Axeon24:00
45USAJacob Rathe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis25:54
46MEXJonathan Sandoval Ulloa (MEX)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri26:23
47AUSJonathan Clarke (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis28:11
48USACullen Easter (USA)303 Project28:21
49USATimothy Rugg (USA)31:48
50USASteve Fisher (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis32:54
51USAPatrick Collins (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri39:16
52USAEmerson Oronte (USA)Rally Cycling40:53
53CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)44:57
54DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr1:16:46
55CANMitch Ketler (CAN)1:17:39

Stage 1 - Saint-Georges - Saint-Odilon - Saint-Georges - 177 km - 13 June 2018Sprint

1CANPier-André Côté (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling4:17:45
2PORRui Filipe Alves Oliveira (POR)Hagens Berman - Axeons.t.
3USAJohn Murphy (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Teams.t.
4USATanner Putt (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxiss.t.
5USAColin Joyce (USA)Rally Cyclings.t.
6DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmrs.t.
7AUSRobert-Jon McCarthy (AUS)Jlt - Condors.t.
8USAJacob Rathe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxiss.t.
9CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Israel Cycling Academys.t.
10SPABernat Font Mas (SPA)s.t.
11USAGriffin Easter (USA)303 Projects.t.
12USANoah Granigan (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleris.t.
13CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolos.t.
14USAJacob Sitler (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleris.t.
15USAJonathan Brown (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeons.t.
16USAGavin Mannion (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxiss.t.
17CANSvein Tuft (CAN)Mitchelton - Scotts.t.
18USAThomas Revard (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeons.t.
19CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)United Health Care Presented by Maxxiss.t.
20USAPatrick Collins (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleris.t.
21USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxiss.t.
22USAMaxx Chance (USA)303 Projects.t.
23GBRAlistair Slater (GBR)Jlt - Condors.t.
24GBRThomas Stewart (GBR)Jlt - Condors.t.
25USAKaler Marshall (USA)s.t.
26USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxiss.t.
27SPAFrancisco Mancebo Perez (SPA)Inteja - Mmrs.t.
28CANNickolas Zukowsky (CAN)Silber Pro Cyclings.t.
29AUSChris Winn (AUS)s.t.
30CANJack Burke (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxiss.t.
31USAEdward Anderson (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeons.t.
32CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)Elevate - Khss.t.
33CANDanick Vandale (CAN)Silber Pro Cyclings.t.
34CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Elevate - Khss.t.
35USAAlexey Vermeulen (USA)Interpro - Stradellis.t.
36GBREdmund Bradbury (GBR)Jlt - Condors.t.
37ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)United Health Care Presented by Maxxiss.t.
38SPAMikel Elorza Pagaldai (SPA)s.t.
39CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)s.t.
40CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cyclings.t.
41CRCRomán Daniel Villalobos Solís (CRC)Canel's - Specializeds.t.
42FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)s.t.
43CANRyan Roth (CAN)s.t.
44AUSJoseph Lewis (AUS)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Teams.t.
45AUSJonathan Clarke (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxiss.t.
46CANAdam Roberge (CAN)Silber Pro Cyclings.t.
47IRLCormac McGeough (IRL)s.t.
48CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Probaclac - Devincis.t.
49GBRMatthew Gibson (GBR)Jlt - Condors.t.
50USATimothy Rugg (USA)s.t.
51USAAria Kiani (USA)s.t.
52CANJean-Denis Thibault (CAN)H&r Blocks.t.
53LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Teams.t.
54CANCharles-Étienne Chrétien (CAN)Silber Pro Cyclings.t.
55GBREdward Laverack (GBR)Jlt - Condors.t.
56USASteve Fisher (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxiss.t.
57CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Rally Cyclings.t.
58COLOscar Eduardo Sanchez Guarin (COL)s.t.
59NZLDaniel Whitehouse (NZL)Interpro - Stradellis.t.
60MEXLeonel Palma Dajui (MEX)Canel's - Specializeds.t.
61MEXEduardo Corte Cordero (MEX)Canel's - Specializeds.t.
62USAZeke Mostov (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeons.t.
63CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Probaclac - Devincis.t.
64CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)s.t.
65CANNicholas Diniz (CAN)s.t.
66FRAFlorian Hudry (FRA)Interpro - Stradellis.t.
67CANRyan Anderson (CAN)Rally Cyclings.t.
68USAIsaiah Newkirk (USA)303 Projects.t.
69CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Rally Cyclings.t.
70CHIPablo Andrés Alarcón Cares (CHI)Canel's - Specializeds.t.
71CANMichael Foley (CAN)Racecleans.t.
72AUSLachlan Norris (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxiss.t.
73USAKyle Murphy (USA)Rally Cyclings.t.
74USABrendan Rhim (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Teams.t.
75MEXEnrique Javier Serrato Lozano (MEX)s.t.
76FRAAlexandre Latil (FRA)s.t.
77USACullen Easter (USA)303 Projects.t.
78USATaylor 'Timo' Eisenhart (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Teams.t.
79USAAndrew Dahlheim (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Teams.t.
80CANBruno Langlois (CAN)s.t.
81MEXJonathan Sandoval Ulloa (MEX)Ccb Foundation - Sicleris.t.
82USAIan Garrison (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeons.t.
83CANMartin Rupes (CAN)s.t.
84CUBRuben Companioni Blanco (CUB)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Teams.t.
85MEXFernando Arroyo Rosario (MEX)s.t.
86CANFrancis Bernier-Izquierdo (CAN)s.t.
87CANFélix Boutin (CAN)s.t.
88CANThierry Kirouac-Marcassa (CAN)Racecleans.t.
89CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cyclings.t.
90CANConnor Toppings (CAN)Probaclac - Devincis.t.
91USADaniel Eaton (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxiss.t.
92MEXGerardo Medina Robles (MEX)0:23
93CANTimothy Austen (CAN)0:28
94CANJay Lamoureux (CAN)0:35
95CANOlivier Péloquin (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci0:48
96USAConor Schunk (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri1:00
97CANRyan Primeau (CAN)2:08
98CANJordann Jones (CAN)2:41
99CANBenjamin Hewins (CAN)2:43
100CANDerek Gee (CAN)Raceclean2:51
101USAAustin Stephens (USA)303 Project2:55
102GBROliver Wood (GBR)Jlt - Condor2:59
103CANGuillaume Davidson (CAN)6:16
104USACurtis White (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis6:20
105CANJake Cullen (CAN)6:24
106USAEmerson Oronte (USA)Rally Cycling8:30
107CANGeoffrey Chambers-Bedard (CAN)10:07
108CANMichael Dalterio (CAN)10:07
109JPNKyohei Mizuno (JPN)Interpro - Stradelli10:16
110CANLukas Conly (CAN)10:18
111CANTrevor O'Donnell (CAN)10:18
112CANHendrik Pineda (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci10:18
113CANWilliam Goodfellow (CAN)17:30
114MEXEfrén Santos Moreno (MEX)Canel's - Specialized17:30
115UKRRoman Seliversov (UKR)Lviv17:30
116CANChristian Gomes (CAN)17:30
117CANJustin Purificati (CAN)17:30
118DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr23:04
119DOMWellington Dariel Canela Capellán (DOM)Aero Cicling Team26:34
120USAMichael Owens (USA)33:06
121CANMitch Ketler (CAN)35:31
122CANDuncan Bryson (CAN)35:38
123CANGabriel Drapeau-Zgoralski (CAN)Raceclean
124CANGuillaume Walsh (CAN)
125NORJonas Hjorth (NOR)Interpro - Stradelli

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Stage 2 - Lac-Mégantic - Mont-Mégantic - 169 km - 14 June 2018Mountain

1CANJack Burke (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis4:16:01
2USAThomas Revard (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon0:30
3ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:47
4CANAdam Roberge (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:48
5USAColin Joyce (USA)Rally Cycling0:49
6CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling0:50
7USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:51
8USAAlexey Vermeulen (USA)Interpro - Stradelli0:56
9NZLDaniel Whitehouse (NZL)Interpro - Stradelli1:03
10GBREdward Laverack (GBR)Jlt - Condor1:21
11USAKyle Murphy (USA)Rally Cycling1:45
12CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)Elevate - Khs1:47
13USAIan Garrison (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon1:53
14CRCRomán Daniel Villalobos Solís (CRC)Canel's - Specialized2:01
15USAGriffin Easter (USA)303 Project2:03
16CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Rally Cycling2:09
17CANCharles-Étienne Chrétien (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling2:11
18USAGavin Mannion (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis2:15
19AUSLachlan Norris (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis2:16
20CANNickolas Zukowsky (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling2:17
21SPAFrancisco Mancebo Perez (SPA)Inteja - Mmr2:26
22CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Elevate - Khs2:27
23CANSvein Tuft (CAN)Mitchelton - Scott2:27
24SPABernat Font Mas (SPA)2:40
25CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis2:49
26MEXJonathan Sandoval Ulloa (MEX)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri2:57
27USAKaler Marshall (USA)3:05
28GBRThomas Stewart (GBR)Jlt - Condor3:12
29CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci3:15
30MEXEduardo Corte Cordero (MEX)Canel's - Specialized3:20
31USAEdward Anderson (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon3:23
32DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr3:25
33FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)3:50
34LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team4:07
35USAJonathan Brown (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon4:13
36SPAMikel Elorza Pagaldai (SPA)4:36
37USAJacob Sitler (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri4:38
38CANRyan Anderson (CAN)Rally Cycling4:53
39FRAFlorian Hudry (FRA)Interpro - Stradelli4:54
40CANJean-Denis Thibault (CAN)H&r Block5:04
41USAAria Kiani (USA)5:10
42CANConnor Toppings (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci5:47
43CANDanick Vandale (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling6:03
44CANFrancis Bernier-Izquierdo (CAN)6:04
45CANDerek Gee (CAN)Raceclean6:13
46USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis6:24
47CANMichael Foley (CAN)Raceclean6:33
48USAMaxx Chance (USA)303 Project6:47
49CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)7:04
50USAConor Schunk (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri7:25
51GBREdmund Bradbury (GBR)Jlt - Condor8:22
52GBRAlistair Slater (GBR)Jlt - Condor8:23
53CHIPablo Andrés Alarcón Cares (CHI)Canel's - Specialized8:23
54MEXEnrique Javier Serrato Lozano (MEX)8:24
55CANMartin Rupes (CAN)8:31
56CANTrevor O'Donnell (CAN)8:56
57CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci9:07
58CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling9:07
59CANPier-André Côté (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling9:07
60USACullen Easter (USA)303 Project9:10
61CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo9:29
62CANOlivier Péloquin (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci9:29
63CANRyan Primeau (CAN)10:22
64USATimothy Rugg (USA)10:48
65IRLCormac McGeough (IRL)11:01
66GBROliver Wood (GBR)Jlt - Condor11:02
67AUSRobert-Jon McCarthy (AUS)Jlt - Condor11:02
68CANRyan Roth (CAN)11:24
69USAIsaiah Newkirk (USA)303 Project11:40
70USAAustin Stephens (USA)303 Project11:40
71USAZeke Mostov (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon12:20
72USATaylor 'Timo' Eisenhart (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team12:20
73CANBruno Langlois (CAN)12:36
74CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Rally Cycling12:37
75CANJay Lamoureux (CAN)12:39
76USAJacob Rathe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis13:06
77USASteve Fisher (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis13:06
78AUSJoseph Lewis (AUS)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team13:08
79CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Israel Cycling Academy13:08
80USAEmerson Oronte (USA)Rally Cycling13:54
81CANWilliam Goodfellow (CAN)14:09
82MEXLeonel Palma Dajui (MEX)Canel's - Specialized15:28
83USACurtis White (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis15:38
84CANJordann Jones (CAN)15:45
85CANNicholas Diniz (CAN)15:45
86USAPatrick Collins (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri16:23
87USATanner Putt (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis16:32
88USAJohn Murphy (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team16:33
89AUSChris Winn (AUS)16:33
90USADaniel Eaton (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis16:34
91USABrendan Rhim (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team16:35
92AUSJonathan Clarke (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis16:36
93GBRMatthew Gibson (GBR)Jlt - Condor16:56
94CANHendrik Pineda (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci17:20
95CANGeoffrey Chambers-Bedard (CAN)17:39
96MEXFernando Arroyo Rosario (MEX)17:41
97CUBRuben Companioni Blanco (CUB)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team18:27
98CANThierry Kirouac-Marcassa (CAN)Raceclean18:38
99JPNKyohei Mizuno (JPN)Interpro - Stradelli19:10
100CANTimothy Austen (CAN)19:23
101COLOscar Eduardo Sanchez Guarin (COL)20:30
102PORRui Filipe Alves Oliveira (POR)Hagens Berman - Axeon20:48
103CANGuillaume Davidson (CAN)21:20
104CANLukas Conly (CAN)22:05
105CANMitch Ketler (CAN)22:06
106USAMichael Owens (USA)22:50
107USANoah Granigan (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri24:27
108UKRRoman Seliversov (UKR)Lviv24:27
109CANJustin Purificati (CAN)25:40
110CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)26:52
111DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr29:57
112CANMichael Dalterio (CAN)32:44
113MEXEfrén Santos Moreno (MEX)Canel's - Specialized55:17
114DOMWellington Dariel Canela Capellán (DOM)Aero Cicling Team58:52
115CANBenjamin Hewins (CAN)
116CANChristian Gomes (CAN)
117MEXGerardo Medina Robles (MEX)
118CANDuncan Bryson (CAN)
119CANJake Cullen (CAN)
120CANFélix Boutin (CAN)
121USAAndrew Dahlheim (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team
122FRAAlexandre Latil (FRA)

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Stage 3a - Saint-Prosper - Saint-Prosper - 19,4 km - 15 June 2018Time Trial

1ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis23:50
2CANSvein Tuft (CAN)Mitchelton - Scott0:15
3CANAdam Roberge (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:16
4CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling0:27
5USAGavin Mannion (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:31
6USAIan Garrison (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon0:39
7USAAlexey Vermeulen (USA)Interpro - Stradelli0:41
8USAColin Joyce (USA)Rally Cycling0:43
9CANRyan Roth (CAN)1:02
10NZLDaniel Whitehouse (NZL)Interpro - Stradelli1:12
11USABrendan Rhim (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team1:14
12CANJack Burke (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:15
13CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Rally Cycling1:16
14CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)Elevate - Khs1:18
15USATaylor 'Timo' Eisenhart (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team1:20
16USAKyle Murphy (USA)Rally Cycling1:21
17USAThomas Revard (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon1:22
18CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Elevate - Khs1:23
19LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team1:25
20GBREdward Laverack (GBR)Jlt - Condor1:25
21CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:32
22GBREdmund Bradbury (GBR)Jlt - Condor1:35
23CANDanick Vandale (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:39
24USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:40
25CANPier-André Côté (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:45
26USAEdward Anderson (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon1:46
27CUBRuben Companioni Blanco (CUB)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team1:48
28CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis1:49
29CANRyan Anderson (CAN)Rally Cycling1:54
30AUSLachlan Norris (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis1:55
31USAGriffin Easter (USA)303 Project1:56
32USAJonathan Brown (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon1:58
33CANCharles-Étienne Chrétien (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:59
34CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo2:08
35USAJacob Sitler (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri2:11
36CANNickolas Zukowsky (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling2:13
37USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis2:16
38SPAFrancisco Mancebo Perez (SPA)Inteja - Mmr2:16
39USAIsaiah Newkirk (USA)303 Project2:24
40USAJohn Murphy (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team2:27
41SPABernat Font Mas (SPA)2:29
42GBRThomas Stewart (GBR)Jlt - Condor2:32
43CRCRomán Daniel Villalobos Solís (CRC)Canel's - Specialized2:35
44CANBruno Langlois (CAN)2:44
45USATimothy Rugg (USA)2:44
46CANJean-Denis Thibault (CAN)H&r Block2:47
47USAConor Schunk (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri2:49
48USAZeke Mostov (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon2:53
49CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)3:03
50USAKaler Marshall (USA)3:04
51CANConnor Toppings (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci3:09
52CANJay Lamoureux (CAN)3:14
53CANJordann Jones (CAN)3:16
54COLOscar Eduardo Sanchez Guarin (COL)3:28
55CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Rally Cycling3:30
56MEXEnrique Javier Serrato Lozano (MEX)3:31
57CANMichael Foley (CAN)Raceclean3:36
58CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci3:43
59CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci3:43
60GBRAlistair Slater (GBR)Jlt - Condor3:43
61PORRui Filipe Alves Oliveira (POR)Hagens Berman - Axeon3:43
62USAAustin Stephens (USA)303 Project3:44
63CANDerek Gee (CAN)Raceclean3:45
64AUSChris Winn (AUS)3:45
65DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr3:45
66USAAria Kiani (USA)3:46
67USADaniel Eaton (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis3:52
68CANRyan Primeau (CAN)3:54
69GBRMatthew Gibson (GBR)Jlt - Condor3:56
70CANFrancis Bernier-Izquierdo (CAN)4:00
71AUSJoseph Lewis (AUS)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team4:01
72CANJustin Purificati (CAN)4:02
73CANMartin Rupes (CAN)4:06
74USATanner Putt (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis4:07
75CHIPablo Andrés Alarcón Cares (CHI)Canel's - Specialized4:12
76AUSJonathan Clarke (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis4:12
77CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)4:16
78FRAFlorian Hudry (FRA)Interpro - Stradelli4:18
79MEXEduardo Corte Cordero (MEX)Canel's - Specialized4:28
80FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)4:32
81CANTrevor O'Donnell (CAN)4:37
82USAEmerson Oronte (USA)Rally Cycling4:40
83CANOlivier Péloquin (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci4:42
84CANTimothy Austen (CAN)4:44
85CANGeoffrey Chambers-Bedard (CAN)4:45
86USAMichael Owens (USA)4:46
87USACurtis White (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis4:48
88USAJacob Rathe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis4:55
89USANoah Granigan (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri5:08
90USAMaxx Chance (USA)303 Project5:15
91CANGuillaume Davidson (CAN)5:17
92USACullen Easter (USA)303 Project5:22
93CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Israel Cycling Academy5:29
94UKRRoman Seliversov (UKR)Lviv5:30
95CANHendrik Pineda (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci5:33
96MEXLeonel Palma Dajui (MEX)Canel's - Specialized5:34
97CANWilliam Goodfellow (CAN)5:39
98DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr5:42
99AUSRobert-Jon McCarthy (AUS)Jlt - Condor5:45
100CANThierry Kirouac-Marcassa (CAN)Raceclean5:48
101USAPatrick Collins (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri5:48
102USASteve Fisher (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis5:50
103CANNicholas Diniz (CAN)5:54
104GBROliver Wood (GBR)Jlt - Condor5:54
105DOMWellington Dariel Canela Capellán (DOM)Aero Cicling Team5:57
106CANLukas Conly (CAN)6:01
107MEXFernando Arroyo Rosario (MEX)6:06
108CANMitch Ketler (CAN)6:13
109JPNKyohei Mizuno (JPN)Interpro - Stradelli6:16
110IRLCormac McGeough (IRL)6:32
111SPAMikel Elorza Pagaldai (SPA)6:52
112CANMichael Dalterio (CAN)7:10
113MEXEfrén Santos Moreno (MEX)Canel's - Specialized7:54
114MEXJonathan Sandoval Ulloa (MEX)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri9:37

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Stage 3b - Saint-Georges - Notre-Dame-des-Pins - 77 km - 15 June 2018Escape

1USAGriffin Easter (USA)303 Project1:33:15
2USAJonathan Brown (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeons.t.
3PORRui Filipe Alves Oliveira (POR)Hagens Berman - Axeon0:06
4USAGavin Mannion (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:06
5ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:06
6USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:06
7CANAdam Roberge (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:06
8GBRThomas Stewart (GBR)Jlt - Condor0:06
9CANCharles-Étienne Chrétien (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:06
10CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Israel Cycling Academy0:06
11USAThomas Revard (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon0:06
12SPAFrancisco Mancebo Perez (SPA)Inteja - Mmr0:06
13CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)Elevate - Khs0:06
14USAAlexey Vermeulen (USA)Interpro - Stradelli0:06
15NZLDaniel Whitehouse (NZL)Interpro - Stradelli0:06
16CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Elevate - Khs0:06
17COLOscar Eduardo Sanchez Guarin (COL)0:06
18CRCRomán Daniel Villalobos Solís (CRC)Canel's - Specialized0:06
19CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling0:06
20USAColin Joyce (USA)Rally Cycling0:06
21CHIPablo Andrés Alarcón Cares (CHI)Canel's - Specialized0:06
22USAMaxx Chance (USA)303 Project0:06
23USAJohn Murphy (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:06
24CANConnor Toppings (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci0:06
25MEXEduardo Corte Cordero (MEX)Canel's - Specialized0:06
26MEXEnrique Javier Serrato Lozano (MEX)0:06
27FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)0:06
28USAKaler Marshall (USA)0:06
29CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Rally Cycling0:06
30SPABernat Font Mas (SPA)0:06
31USAKyle Murphy (USA)Rally Cycling0:06
32CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci0:06
33USAAria Kiani (USA)0:06
34USAConor Schunk (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri0:06
35CANJean-Denis Thibault (CAN)H&r Block0:06
36CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:06
37FRAFlorian Hudry (FRA)Interpro - Stradelli0:06
38CANSvein Tuft (CAN)Mitchelton - Scott0:06
39CANMartin Rupes (CAN)0:06
40MEXLeonel Palma Dajui (MEX)Canel's - Specialized0:06
41CANRyan Anderson (CAN)Rally Cycling0:06
42GBROliver Wood (GBR)Jlt - Condor0:06
43CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo0:06
44CANFrancis Bernier-Izquierdo (CAN)0:06
45CANJordann Jones (CAN)0:06
46CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci0:06
47CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:06
48CANDerek Gee (CAN)Raceclean0:06
49GBREdmund Bradbury (GBR)Jlt - Condor0:06
50USAPatrick Collins (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri0:06
51CANNickolas Zukowsky (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:06
52CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)0:06
53LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:06
54USAMichael Owens (USA)0:06
55CANJay Lamoureux (CAN)0:06
56MEXEfrén Santos Moreno (MEX)Canel's - Specialized0:06
57MEXJonathan Sandoval Ulloa (MEX)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri0:06
58CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)0:06
59MEXFernando Arroyo Rosario (MEX)0:06
60JPNKyohei Mizuno (JPN)Interpro - Stradelli0:06
61CANGeoffrey Chambers-Bedard (CAN)0:06
62CANMitch Ketler (CAN)0:06
63CANLukas Conly (CAN)0:06
64AUSChris Winn (AUS)0:06
65USAAustin Stephens (USA)303 Project0:06
66AUSJoseph Lewis (AUS)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:06
67CANGuillaume Davidson (CAN)0:06
68GBRMatthew Gibson (GBR)Jlt - Condor0:06
69USATimothy Rugg (USA)0:06
70CANJustin Purificati (CAN)0:06
71CANTimothy Austen (CAN)0:06
72CANTrevor O'Donnell (CAN)0:06
73CANMichael Foley (CAN)Raceclean0:06
74USAIsaiah Newkirk (USA)303 Project0:06
75USADaniel Eaton (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:06
76CANOlivier Péloquin (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci0:06
77CANHendrik Pineda (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci0:06
78USATaylor 'Timo' Eisenhart (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:06
79CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Rally Cycling0:06
80CUBRuben Companioni Blanco (CUB)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:06
81USASteve Fisher (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:06
82USABrendan Rhim (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team0:06
83USANoah Granigan (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri0:06
84USATanner Putt (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:06
85USACullen Easter (USA)303 Project0:06
86AUSLachlan Norris (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:06
87CANDanick Vandale (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:06
88CANPier-André Côté (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:06
89USACurtis White (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:06
90CANJack Burke (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:06
91USAIan Garrison (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon0:06
92CANRyan Roth (CAN)0:06
93CANBruno Langlois (CAN)0:06
94USAJacob Rathe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:06
95CANThierry Kirouac-Marcassa (CAN)Raceclean0:06
96DOMWellington Dariel Canela Capellán (DOM)Aero Cicling Team0:06
97IRLCormac McGeough (IRL)0:06
98USAEmerson Oronte (USA)Rally Cycling0:06
99GBRAlistair Slater (GBR)Jlt - Condor0:06
100AUSRobert-Jon McCarthy (AUS)Jlt - Condor0:06
101UKRRoman Seliversov (UKR)Lviv0:06
102DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr0:06
103USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:06
104AUSJonathan Clarke (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:06
105USAZeke Mostov (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon0:06
106GBREdward Laverack (GBR)Jlt - Condor0:06
107USAJacob Sitler (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri0:06
108USAEdward Anderson (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon0:06
109CANNicholas Diniz (CAN)0:06
110DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr0:06
111CANRyan Primeau (CAN)

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Stage 4 - Critérium - Ville de Québec 7 km - 16 June 2018Escape

1CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)Elevate - Khs1:35:14
2CANDanick Vandale (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:46
3GBRThomas Stewart (GBR)Jlt - Condor0:46
4CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Israel Cycling Academy0:46
5USAJonathan Brown (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon0:46
6USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:46
7CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)1:04
8USAColin Joyce (USA)Rally Cycling1:04
9PORRui Filipe Alves Oliveira (POR)Hagens Berman - Axeon1:04
10CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Rally Cycling1:04
11CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Elevate - Khs1:04
12ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis1:04
13GBRMatthew Gibson (GBR)Jlt - Condor1:04
14USAGavin Mannion (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis1:04
15CHIPablo Andrés Alarcón Cares (CHI)Canel's - Specialized1:04
16USAIan Garrison (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon1:04
17SPAFrancisco Mancebo Perez (SPA)Inteja - Mmr1:04
18CANTrevor O'Donnell (CAN)1:04
19CANJack Burke (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:04
20CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:04
21USAThomas Revard (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon1:04
22CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling1:04
23AUSChris Winn (AUS)1:04
24CANPier-André Côté (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:04
25CANDerek Gee (CAN)Raceclean1:04
26USAKaler Marshall (USA)1:04
27USAMaxx Chance (USA)303 Project1:04
28USASteve Fisher (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:04
29USAAlexey Vermeulen (USA)Interpro - Stradelli1:04
30SPABernat Font Mas (SPA)1:04
31CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo1:04
32CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci1:04
33NZLDaniel Whitehouse (NZL)Interpro - Stradelli1:04
34USAKyle Murphy (USA)Rally Cycling1:04
35GBRAlistair Slater (GBR)Jlt - Condor1:04
36AUSLachlan Norris (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis1:04
37GBREdmund Bradbury (GBR)Jlt - Condor1:04
38CANSvein Tuft (CAN)Mitchelton - Scott1:04
39CANAdam Roberge (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:04
40USACurtis White (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:04
41USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:04
42CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis1:04
43USAGriffin Easter (USA)303 Project1:04
44FRAFlorian Hudry (FRA)Interpro - Stradelli1:04
45CANRyan Anderson (CAN)Rally Cycling1:04
46CRCRomán Daniel Villalobos Solís (CRC)Canel's - Specialized1:04
47LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team1:04
48CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Rally Cycling1:04
49CANCharles-Étienne Chrétien (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:04
50USABrendan Rhim (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team1:04
51CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci1:04
52USAEmerson Oronte (USA)Rally Cycling1:04
53CANConnor Toppings (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci1:04
54USAJacob Sitler (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri1:04
55MEXJonathan Sandoval Ulloa (MEX)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri1:04
56CANMitch Ketler (CAN)1:04
57USAJacob Rathe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:04
58CANJean-Denis Thibault (CAN)H&r Block1:04
59CANBruno Langlois (CAN)1:04
60CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)1:04
61MEXEnrique Javier Serrato Lozano (MEX)1:04
62CANFrancis Bernier-Izquierdo (CAN)1:04
63CANMartin Rupes (CAN)1:04
64USAAustin Stephens (USA)303 Project1:04
65USAIsaiah Newkirk (USA)303 Project1:04
66CANJordann Jones (CAN)1:04
67CANMichael Foley (CAN)Raceclean1:04
68USANoah Granigan (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri1:04
69MEXLeonel Palma Dajui (MEX)Canel's - Specialized1:04
70MEXEduardo Corte Cordero (MEX)Canel's - Specialized1:04
71JPNKyohei Mizuno (JPN)Interpro - Stradelli1:04
72USAAria Kiani (USA)1:04
73MEXEfrén Santos Moreno (MEX)Canel's - Specialized1:04
74AUSRobert-Jon McCarthy (AUS)Jlt - Condor1:04
75USACullen Easter (USA)303 Project1:04
76USADaniel Eaton (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis2:03
77USAJohn Murphy (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team2:03
78CANRyan Roth (CAN)2:08
79CANNickolas Zukowsky (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling2:32
80CUBRuben Companioni Blanco (CUB)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team2:32
81GBROliver Wood (GBR)Jlt - Condor2:32
82IRLCormac McGeough (IRL)2:32
83CANHendrik Pineda (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci2:32
84USATanner Putt (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis3:10
85USAZeke Mostov (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon3:10
86AUSJonathan Clarke (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis3:10
87AUSJoseph Lewis (AUS)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team3:29
88USATimothy Rugg (USA)3:29
89CANJay Lamoureux (CAN)3:59
90CANTimothy Austen (CAN)4:20
91USAPatrick Collins (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri4:20
92MEXFernando Arroyo Rosario (MEX)4:20
93USAMichael Owens (USA)4:20
94CANJustin Purificati (CAN)4:46
95USAConor Schunk (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri4:46
96CANNicholas Diniz (CAN)4:46
97CANGeoffrey Chambers-Bedard (CAN)4:46
98CANGuillaume Davidson (CAN)5:01
99CANLukas Conly (CAN)5:18
100DOMWellington Dariel Canela Capellán (DOM)Aero Cicling Team5:18
101DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr5:18
102UKRRoman Seliversov (UKR)Lviv
103CANThierry Kirouac-Marcassa (CAN)Raceclean
104COLOscar Eduardo Sanchez Guarin (COL)
105FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)
106CANOlivier Péloquin (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci
107USATaylor 'Timo' Eisenhart (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team
108USAEdward Anderson (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon
109DOMDiego Milán Jiménez (DOM)Inteja - Mmr
110GBREdward Laverack (GBR)Jlt - Condor

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Stage 5 - Circuit Urbain - Ville de Saint-Georges - 122,4 km - 17 June 2018Medium mountain

1CANPier-André Côté (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling3:02:47
2NZLDaniel Whitehouse (NZL)Interpro - Stradellis.t.
3CANBruno Langlois (CAN)s.t.
4CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)Elevate - Khss.t.
5CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Elevate - Khs0:26
6USAJonathan Brown (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon0:52
7PORRui Filipe Alves Oliveira (POR)Hagens Berman - Axeon1:36
8CANBenjamin Perry (CAN)Israel Cycling Academy1:36
9ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis1:36
10USAMaxx Chance (USA)303 Project1:36
11CHIPablo Andrés Alarcón Cares (CHI)Canel's - Specialized1:36
12CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling1:36
13SPAFrancisco Mancebo Perez (SPA)Inteja - Mmr1:36
14CANSvein Tuft (CAN)Mitchelton - Scott1:36
15CANJack Burke (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:36
16USAThomas Revard (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon1:36
17USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:36
18USAAlexey Vermeulen (USA)Interpro - Stradelli1:36
19CRCRomán Daniel Villalobos Solís (CRC)Canel's - Specialized1:36
20USAAria Kiani (USA)1:36
21GBRAlistair Slater (GBR)Jlt - Condor2:48
22USABrendan Rhim (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team3:08
23CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Rally Cycling3:08
24SPABernat Font Mas (SPA)3:08
25USAKaler Marshall (USA)3:08
26CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo3:24
27CANAdam Roberge (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling3:33
28USAIan Garrison (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon3:33
29USAGavin Mannion (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis4:46
30CANCharles-Étienne Chrétien (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling6:02
31AUSLachlan Norris (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis7:07
32CANDanick Vandale (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling7:07
33AUSJonathan Clarke (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis7:07
34CANJean-Denis Thibault (CAN)H&r Block7:23
35FRAMatthieu Jeannes (FRA)8:40
36CANConnor Toppings (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci8:40
37CANDerek Gee (CAN)Raceclean8:40
38USAJacob Rathe (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis9:43
39USAGriffin Easter (USA)303 Project11:13
40CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci11:13
41CANRyan Anderson (CAN)Rally Cycling15:39
42USAEmerson Oronte (USA)Rally Cycling15:39
43USAPatrick Collins (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri15:39
44CANMitch Ketler (CAN)15:39
45CANJoshua Kropf (CAN)15:39
46CANAlexander Amiri (CAN)15:39
47MEXEduardo Corte Cordero (MEX)Canel's - Specialized15:39
48USAJacob Sitler (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri15:39
49MEXJonathan Sandoval Ulloa (MEX)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri15:39
50USACullen Easter (USA)303 Project15:39
51USAKyle Murphy (USA)Rally Cycling15:39
52DOMWilliam de Jésus Guzman Rosario (DOM)Inteja - Mmr15:39
53USASteve Fisher (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis15:48
54USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis15:48
55USATimothy Rugg (USA)17:41
56CANGuillaume Davidson (CAN)
57CANThierry Kirouac-Marcassa (CAN)Raceclean
58AUSChris Winn (AUS)
59USAAustin Stephens (USA)303 Project
60USAIsaiah Newkirk (USA)303 Project
61JPNKyohei Mizuno (JPN)Interpro - Stradelli
62FRAFlorian Hudry (FRA)Interpro - Stradelli
63MEXFernando Arroyo Rosario (MEX)
64MEXLeonel Palma Dajui (MEX)Canel's - Specialized
65MEXEfrén Santos Moreno (MEX)Canel's - Specialized
66USAConor Schunk (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri
67USANoah Granigan (USA)Ccb Foundation - Sicleri
68USAMichael Owens (USA)
69CANTrevor O'Donnell (CAN)
70CANGeoffrey Chambers-Bedard (CAN)
71CANJordann Jones (CAN)
72CANMartin Rupes (CAN)
73CANNicholas Diniz (CAN)
74CANJustin Purificati (CAN)
75CANTimothy Austen (CAN)
76MEXEnrique Javier Serrato Lozano (MEX)
77CANLukas Conly (CAN)
78CANFrancis Bernier-Izquierdo (CAN)
79CANOlivier Péloquin (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci
80USATanner Putt (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis
81USADaniel Eaton (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis
82CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis
83USAColin Joyce (USA)Rally Cycling
84CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Rally Cycling
85USAZeke Mostov (USA)Hagens Berman - Axeon
86AUSJoseph Lewis (AUS)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team
87CUBRuben Companioni Blanco (CUB)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team
88USAJohn Murphy (USA)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team
89LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel Racing Team
90DOMWellington Dariel Canela Capellán (DOM)Aero Cicling Team
91IRLCormac McGeough (IRL)
92CANJulien Gagné (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci
93CANHendrik Pineda (CAN)Probaclac - Devinci
94GBREdmund Bradbury (GBR)Jlt - Condor
95AUSRobert-Jon McCarthy (AUS)Jlt - Condor
96GBRMatthew Gibson (GBR)Jlt - Condor
97GBRThomas Stewart (GBR)Jlt - Condor
98CANRyan Roth (CAN)
99CANNickolas Zukowsky (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling
100CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling
101USACurtis White (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis
102CANMichael Foley (CAN)Raceclean
103CANJay Lamoureux (CAN)
104GBROliver Wood (GBR)Jlt - Condor

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