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Cycling - Tour of Alberta - 2017 - Detailed results

Cycling - Tour of Alberta - 2017 - Detailed results

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Results 2017

Tour of Alberta 2017

CanadaCanada - 1 September 2017 - 4 September 2017

General classification - 4 September 2017

1USAEvan Huffman (USA)Rally Cycling12:00:55
2USASepp Kuss (USA)Rally Cycling0:18
3USAAlex Howes (USA)Cannondale - Drapac0:31
4NEDTom Jelte Slagter (NED)Cannondale - Drapac0:31
5USAChristopher Jones (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:33
6CANJack Burke (CAN)Aevolo0:35
7USAColin Joyce (USA)Rally Cycling0:36
8CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling0:41
9CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)0:50
10CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:51
11CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Rally Cycling0:53
12AUSLachlan Norris (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:53
13SPAÓscar Sevilla Rivera (SPA)Medellin - Inder0:56
14ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:58
15AUSJonathan Clarke (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:58
16CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:01
17USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:04
18COLCésar Nicolás Paredes Avellaneda (COL)Medellin - Inder1:10
19MEXLuis Ricardo Villalobos Hernandez (MEX)Aevolo1:12
20CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis2:27
21SLOKristijan Koren (SLO)Cannondale - Drapac3:03
22COLRobinson Leandro Oyola Oyola (COL)Medellin - Inder3:13
23CANChristopher Prendergast (CAN)H&r Block3:16
24USATravis McCabe (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis3:26
25USABrendan Rhim (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear3:31
26USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis3:41
27LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear5:09
28COLWeimar Alfonso Roldan Ortiz (COL)Medellin - Inder5:33
29USATanner Putt (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis5:50
30COLJuan Esteban Arango Carvajal (COL)Medellin - Inder6:10
31COLJanier Alexis Acevedo Calle (COL)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis6:37
32USANathan Brown (USA)Cannondale - Drapac7:28
33USAJohn Murphy (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear7:36
34MEXEder Freyre (MEX)7:48
35CANOliver Evans (CAN)H&r Block8:11
36USATaylor 'Timo' Eisenhart (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear8:15
37AUSCyrus Monk (AUS)Drapac - Pat's Veg9:16
38COLEduardo Estrada Celis (COL)Medellin - Inder9:52
39USAZeke Mostov (USA)Aevolo9:55
40CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor10:09
41CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling10:13
42USATyler Stites (USA)Aevolo10:19
43MEXUlises Alfredo Castillo Soto (MEX)Jelly Belly - Maxxis10:22
44CANAdam Roberge (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling10:51
45CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor11:09
46AUSJoseph Lewis (AUS)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear12:04
47CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor12:18
48USADaniel Eaton (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis12:26
49SPAJokin Etxabe Leturia (SPA)Aevolo12:53
50CANAlexis Cartier (CAN)H&r Block13:14
51USAOscar Clark (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear13:40
52NEDWouter Wippert (NED)Cannondale - Drapac14:55
53CANPier-André Côté (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling15:01
54USAMichael Hernandez (USA)Aevolo15:01
55MEXJose Alfredo Rodriguez Victoria (MEX)Elevate - Khs15:01
56CANElliott Doyle (CAN)Garneau - Québecor15:01
57AUSRyan Macanally (AUS)Nice Cycling Team15:24
58CANNickolas Zukowsky (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling15:33
59CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo16:00
60USAJason Saltzman (USA)Aevolo16:23
61CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor16:48
62SLOJure Rupnik (SLO)H&r Block17:11
63CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling17:16
64CANTravis Samuel (CAN)H&r Block18:24
65CANAdam De Vos (CAN)Rally Cycling18:39
66USAGregory Lawson Craddock (USA)Cannondale - Drapac18:42
67USAMichael Sheehan (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis18:49
68USABrian McCulloch (USA)Elevate - Khs18:57
69USAJoshua Berry (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis19:17
70CANMarc-Antoine Nadon (CAN)H&r Block20:16
71USADanny Pate (USA)Rally Cycling20:42
72USAConnor Brown (USA)Elevate - Khs21:16
73CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling21:48
74USAMiguel Bryon (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear22:00
75USAJesse Anthony (USA)Rally Cycling24:19
76USATyler Magner (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear25:29

Stage 1 - Jasper - 162 km - 1 September 2017Mountain

1USAEvan Huffman (USA)Rally Cycling3:48:46
2USASepp Kuss (USA)Rally Cycling0:15
3NEDTom Jelte Slagter (NED)Cannondale - Drapac0:28
4USAChristopher Jones (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:30
5CANJack Burke (CAN)Aevolo0:32
6USAAlex Howes (USA)Cannondale - Drapac0:38
7USAColin Joyce (USA)Rally Cycling0:41
8CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling0:42
9USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:44
10CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)0:47
11CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Rally Cycling0:50
12COLCésar Nicolás Paredes Avellaneda (COL)Medellin - Inder0:55
13CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:55
14SPAÓscar Sevilla Rivera (SPA)Medellin - Inder0:55
15ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:55
16AUSJonathan Clarke (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:55
17AUSLachlan Norris (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:55
18CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:58
19USATaylor 'Timo' Eisenhart (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear1:04
20MEXLuis Ricardo Villalobos Hernandez (MEX)Aevolo1:09
21CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis1:17
22LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear2:02
23AUSJoseph Lewis (AUS)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear2:06
24USABrendan Rhim (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear2:10
25COLRobinson Leandro Oyola Oyola (COL)Medellin - Inder2:40
26SLOKristijan Koren (SLO)Cannondale - Drapac2:40
27USAZeke Mostov (USA)Aevolo2:46
28CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling3:08
29USATravis McCabe (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis3:08
30CANChristopher Prendergast (CAN)H&r Block3:13
31USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis3:38
32COLJanier Alexis Acevedo Calle (COL)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis3:39
33CANAlexis Cartier (CAN)H&r Block3:55
34COLWeimar Alfonso Roldan Ortiz (COL)Medellin - Inder4:12
35SPAJokin Etxabe Leturia (SPA)Aevolo4:39
36CANAdam Roberge (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling4:42
37USATanner Putt (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis5:01
38CANOliver Evans (CAN)H&r Block5:09
39COLJuan Esteban Arango Carvajal (COL)Medellin - Inder5:12
40USANathan Brown (USA)Cannondale - Drapac6:26
41COLEduardo Estrada Celis (COL)Medellin - Inder6:46
42USAJohn Murphy (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear7:45
43CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)Garneau - Québecor7:45
44CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor7:45
45AUSCyrus Monk (AUS)Drapac - Pat's Veg7:45
46MEXEder Freyre (MEX)7:45
47CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo8:13
48CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor10:16
49CANJean-Simon d'Anjou (CAN)Garneau - Québecor10:16
50CANAdam De Vos (CAN)Rally Cycling10:16
51USAJason Saltzman (USA)Aevolo10:16
52USAJoshua Berry (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis10:16
53USATyler Stites (USA)Aevolo10:16
54CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor10:16
55MEXUlises Alfredo Castillo Soto (MEX)Jelly Belly - Maxxis10:19
56USADanny Pate (USA)Rally Cycling10:22
57USAOscar Clark (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear10:50
58USADaniel Eaton (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis10:53
59CANNickolas Zukowsky (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling11:11
60USANicholas Torraca (USA)Elevate - Khs14:58
61USABrian McCulloch (USA)Elevate - Khs14:58
62CANMatthew Staples (CAN)H&r Block14:58
63MEXJose Alfredo Rodriguez Victoria (MEX)Elevate - Khs14:58
64USAConnor Brown (USA)Elevate - Khs14:58
65CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor14:58
66CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling14:58
67CANPier-André Côté (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling14:58
68CANElliott Doyle (CAN)Garneau - Québecor14:58
69USAMichael Sheehan (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis14:58
70USAMichael Hernandez (USA)Aevolo14:58
71USAGregory Lawson Craddock (USA)Cannondale - Drapac14:58
72USAMiguel Bryon (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear15:03
73USATyler Magner (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear15:03
74SLOJure Rupnik (SLO)H&r Block15:03
75CANMarc-Antoine Nadon (CAN)H&r Block15:03
76CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling15:03
77USAJesse Anthony (USA)Rally Cycling15:03
78CANTravis Samuel (CAN)H&r Block15:07
79AUSRyan Macanally (AUS)Nice Cycling Team15:10
80NEDWouter Wippert (NED)Cannondale - Drapac15:18
81AUSAngus Morton (AUS)Jelly Belly - Maxxis
82CANJean-François Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor

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Stage 2 - Spruce Grove - 139 km - 2 September 2017Sprint

1NEDWouter Wippert (NED)Cannondale - Drapac2:55:14
2USAJohn Murphy (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:00
3AUSRyan Macanally (AUS)Nice Cycling Team0:00
4USAMichael Hernandez (USA)Aevolo0:00
5MEXJose Alfredo Rodriguez Victoria (MEX)Elevate - Khs0:00
6CANElliott Doyle (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:00
7COLWeimar Alfonso Roldan Ortiz (COL)Medellin - Inder0:00
8COLRobinson Leandro Oyola Oyola (COL)Medellin - Inder0:00
9ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
10CANPier-André Côté (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:00
11USAJoshua Berry (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
12USAChristopher Jones (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:00
13USAJesse Anthony (USA)Rally Cycling0:00
14USATyler Stites (USA)Aevolo0:00
15USASepp Kuss (USA)Rally Cycling0:00
16CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)0:00
17MEXEder Freyre (MEX)0:00
18CANJack Burke (CAN)Aevolo0:00
19COLJuan Esteban Arango Carvajal (COL)Medellin - Inder0:00
20CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:00
21USAZeke Mostov (USA)Aevolo0:00
22USAEvan Huffman (USA)Rally Cycling0:00
23SPAÓscar Sevilla Rivera (SPA)Medellin - Inder0:00
24MEXLuis Ricardo Villalobos Hernandez (MEX)Aevolo0:00
25CANJean-Simon d'Anjou (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:00
26USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
27CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Rally Cycling0:00
28USAConnor Brown (USA)Elevate - Khs0:00
29AUSLachlan Norris (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:00
30CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling0:00
31NEDTom Jelte Slagter (NED)Cannondale - Drapac0:00
32CANChristopher Prendergast (CAN)H&r Block0:00
33CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:00
34CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
35AUSJonathan Clarke (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:00
36USAAlex Howes (USA)Cannondale - Drapac0:00
37USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
38USANicholas Torraca (USA)Elevate - Khs0:00
39MEXUlises Alfredo Castillo Soto (MEX)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
40SLOKristijan Koren (SLO)Cannondale - Drapac0:00
41CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:00
42USAColin Joyce (USA)Rally Cycling0:00
43CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:09
44COLCésar Nicolás Paredes Avellaneda (COL)Medellin - Inder0:12
45CANOliver Evans (CAN)H&r Block0:12
46USAMiguel Bryon (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:12
47USAJason Saltzman (USA)Aevolo0:12
48CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:12
49USAMichael Sheehan (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:12
50COLEduardo Estrada Celis (COL)Medellin - Inder0:12
51USAGregory Lawson Craddock (USA)Cannondale - Drapac0:19
52SLOJure Rupnik (SLO)H&r Block0:21
53CANAlexis Cartier (CAN)H&r Block0:23
54CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo0:23
55USANathan Brown (USA)Cannondale - Drapac0:29
56CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:31
57CANAdam Roberge (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:31
58SPAJokin Etxabe Leturia (SPA)Aevolo0:31
59USABrian McCulloch (USA)Elevate - Khs0:31
60CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:31
61USABrendan Rhim (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:31
62USADaniel Eaton (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:33
63AUSJoseph Lewis (AUS)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:33
64USATravis McCabe (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:00
65USATaylor 'Timo' Eisenhart (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:40
66AUSCyrus Monk (AUS)Drapac - Pat's Veg0:42
67USATyler Magner (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:44
68CANAdam De Vos (CAN)Rally Cycling0:46
69USATanner Putt (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:46
70LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:46
71COLJanier Alexis Acevedo Calle (COL)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:49
72CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:59
73CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:59
74CANNickolas Zukowsky (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:05
75USAOscar Clark (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear1:07
76CANMarc-Antoine Nadon (CAN)H&r Block1:15
77CANTravis Samuel (CAN)H&r Block1:15
78CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)Garneau - Québecor1:22
79USADanny Pate (USA)Rally Cycling1:27
80CANMatthew Staples (CAN)H&r Block

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Stage 3 - Edmonton - 116 km - 3 September 2017Sprint

1USAAlex Howes (USA)Cannondale - Drapac2:30:31
2NEDWouter Wippert (NED)Cannondale - Drapac0:00
3USAColin Joyce (USA)Rally Cycling0:00
4USAJohn Murphy (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:00
5ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
6USATanner Putt (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:00
7CANPier-André Côté (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:00
8USASepp Kuss (USA)Rally Cycling0:00
9USAMichael Hernandez (USA)Aevolo0:00
10USATyler Stites (USA)Aevolo0:00
11USAChristopher Jones (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:00
12CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Rally Cycling0:00
13CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)0:00
14NEDTom Jelte Slagter (NED)Cannondale - Drapac0:00
15MEXJose Alfredo Rodriguez Victoria (MEX)Elevate - Khs0:00
16CANJack Burke (CAN)Aevolo0:00
17USAEvan Huffman (USA)Rally Cycling0:00
18CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling0:00
19SLOKristijan Koren (SLO)Cannondale - Drapac0:00
20SPAÓscar Sevilla Rivera (SPA)Medellin - Inder0:00
21USAConnor Brown (USA)Elevate - Khs0:00
22CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:00
23CANElliott Doyle (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:00
24MEXUlises Alfredo Castillo Soto (MEX)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
25USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
26MEXLuis Ricardo Villalobos Hernandez (MEX)Aevolo0:00
27COLCésar Nicolás Paredes Avellaneda (COL)Medellin - Inder0:00
28AUSJonathan Clarke (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:00
29CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:00
30COLRobinson Leandro Oyola Oyola (COL)Medellin - Inder0:00
31CANJean-Simon d'Anjou (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:00
32CANChristopher Prendergast (CAN)H&r Block0:00
33CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
34USAZeke Mostov (USA)Aevolo0:00
35USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
36AUSLachlan Norris (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:00
37MEXEder Freyre (MEX)0:00
38USANicholas Torraca (USA)Elevate - Khs0:15
39USATravis McCabe (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:15
40CANAdam Roberge (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:15
41AUSRyan Macanally (AUS)Nice Cycling Team0:15
42CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:15
43CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo0:15
44USANathan Brown (USA)Cannondale - Drapac0:20
45AUSCyrus Monk (AUS)Drapac - Pat's Veg0:20
46CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:27
47CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:29
48COLWeimar Alfonso Roldan Ortiz (COL)Medellin - Inder0:31
49USAJason Saltzman (USA)Aevolo0:32
50SPAJokin Etxabe Leturia (SPA)Aevolo0:34
51CANOliver Evans (CAN)H&r Block0:41
52CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:41
53CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:41
54USABrendan Rhim (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:47
55SLOJure Rupnik (SLO)H&r Block0:53
56COLJuan Esteban Arango Carvajal (COL)Medellin - Inder0:55
57CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:57
58USADaniel Eaton (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:57
59CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:02
60CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor1:03
61CANNickolas Zukowsky (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling1:03
62COLEduardo Estrada Celis (COL)Medellin - Inder1:03
63USAMichael Sheehan (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis1:03
64COLJanier Alexis Acevedo Calle (COL)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis1:10
65USAGregory Lawson Craddock (USA)Cannondale - Drapac1:14
66USABrian McCulloch (USA)Elevate - Khs1:19
67CANTravis Samuel (CAN)H&r Block1:19
68CANAdam De Vos (CAN)Rally Cycling1:19
69AUSJoseph Lewis (AUS)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear1:24
70USATaylor 'Timo' Eisenhart (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear1:24
71USAOscar Clark (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear1:24
72USAMiguel Bryon (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear1:38
73USATyler Magner (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear1:38
74CANMarc-Antoine Nadon (CAN)H&r Block1:44
75LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear2:02
76USADanny Pate (USA)Rally Cycling2:35
77USAJesse Anthony (USA)Rally Cycling2:58
78USAJoshua Berry (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis3:21
79CANAlexis Cartier (CAN)H&r Block3:33

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Stage 4 - Edmonton - 124,1 km - 4 September 2017Sprint

1NEDWouter Wippert (NED)Cannondale - Drapac2:46:27
2USAJohn Murphy (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:00
3USAColin Joyce (USA)Rally Cycling0:00
4USAAlex Howes (USA)Cannondale - Drapac0:00
5CANPier-André Côté (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:00
6USAMichael Hernandez (USA)Aevolo0:00
7USATanner Putt (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:00
8USADaniel Eaton (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:00
9NEDTom Jelte Slagter (NED)Cannondale - Drapac0:00
10MEXEder Freyre (MEX)0:00
11USAChristopher Jones (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:00
12USASepp Kuss (USA)Rally Cycling0:00
13SPAÓscar Sevilla Rivera (SPA)Medellin - Inder0:00
14AUSJonathan Clarke (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:00
15CANJack Burke (CAN)Aevolo0:00
16USATyler Stites (USA)Aevolo0:00
17CANChristopher Prendergast (CAN)H&r Block0:00
18USAEvan Huffman (USA)Rally Cycling0:00
19USATravis McCabe (USA)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:00
20MEXLuis Ricardo Villalobos Hernandez (MEX)Aevolo0:00
21ROMSerghei Tvetcov (ROM)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
22COLJuan Esteban Arango Carvajal (COL)Medellin - Inder0:00
23CANMatteo Dal-Cin (CAN)Rally Cycling0:00
24MEXJose Alfredo Rodriguez Victoria (MEX)Elevate - Khs0:00
25MEXUlises Alfredo Castillo Soto (MEX)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
26COLCésar Nicolás Paredes Avellaneda (COL)Medellin - Inder0:00
27CANBruno Langlois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:00
28CANNigel Ellsay (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:00
29CANJordan Cheyne (CAN)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
30AUSRyan Macanally (AUS)Nice Cycling Team0:00
31AUSLachlan Norris (AUS)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:00
32CANRobert Britton (CAN)Rally Cycling0:00
33SLOKristijan Koren (SLO)Cannondale - Drapac0:00
34CANAlexander Cataford (CAN)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:00
35CANElliott Doyle (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:00
36CANJames Gene Piccoli (CAN)0:00
37USATaylor Sheldon (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
38USAKeegan Swirbul (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis0:00
39USABrendan Rhim (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:00
40CANSimon-Pierre Gauthier (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:00
41USANathan Brown (USA)Cannondale - Drapac0:10
42CANÉmile Jean (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling0:14
43LATAndzs Flaksis (LAT)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:16
44USAOscar Clark (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear0:16
45AUSCyrus Monk (AUS)Drapac - Pat's Veg0:26
46COLRobinson Leandro Oyola Oyola (COL)Medellin - Inder0:30
47CANTravis Samuel (CAN)H&r Block0:40
48CANMarc-Antoine Soucy (CAN)Garneau - Québecor0:47
49COLWeimar Alfonso Roldan Ortiz (COL)Medellin - Inder0:47
50SLOJure Rupnik (SLO)H&r Block0:51
51COLJanier Alexis Acevedo Calle (COL)United Health Care Presented by Maxxis0:56
52COLEduardo Estrada Celis (COL)Medellin - Inder1:50
53CANOliver Evans (CAN)H&r Block2:06
54USABrian McCulloch (USA)Elevate - Khs2:06
55CANOlivier Brisebois (CAN)Garneau - Québecor2:06
56USAGregory Lawson Craddock (USA)Cannondale - Drapac2:08
57CANMarc-Antoine Nadon (CAN)H&r Block2:11
58CANNickolas Zukowsky (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling2:11
59USAMichael Sheehan (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis2:33
60USAMiguel Bryon (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear5:04
61USATaylor 'Timo' Eisenhart (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear5:04
62USAJason Saltzman (USA)Aevolo5:20
63CANAlexis Cartier (CAN)H&r Block5:20
64CANAdam Roberge (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling5:20
65USAJoshua Berry (USA)Jelly Belly - Maxxis5:39
66CANAlexander Cowan (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling5:50
67USAJesse Anthony (USA)Rally Cycling6:15
68USADanny Pate (USA)Rally Cycling6:15
69CANAdam De Vos (CAN)Rally Cycling6:15
70CANRyan Roth (CAN)Silber Pro Cycling6:15
71USAConnor Brown (USA)Elevate - Khs6:15
72CANLaurent Gervais (CAN)Aevolo7:06
73USAZeke Mostov (USA)Aevolo7:06
74SPAJokin Etxabe Leturia (SPA)Aevolo7:06
75AUSJoseph Lewis (AUS)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear8:01
76USATyler Magner (USA)Holowesko - Citadel - Hincapie Sportswear8:01
77USANicholas Torraca (USA)Elevate - Khs
78CANFelix Coté Bouvette (CAN)Garneau - Québecor
79CANJean-Simon d'Anjou (CAN)Garneau - Québecor

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