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Darts - Czech Darts Open - 2022 - Detailed results

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Czech Republic

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Czech Darts Open 2022

Czech RepublicCzech Republic - Praha - 13 May 2022 - 15 May 2022


Luke Humphriesdef.Rob Cross8-5


Luke Humphriesdef.José Oliveira De Sousa7-4
Rob Crossdef.Vincent Van Der Voort7-4


15th May - 19h00José Oliveira De Sousadef.Rowby-John Rodriguez6-2
15th May - 19h30Luke Humphriesdef.Michael Van Gerwen6-4
15th May - 19h55Rob Crossdef.Ross Smith6-4
15th May - 20h30Vincent Van Der Voortdef.Adam Gawlas6-2

Round of 16

15th May - 13h05Rowby-John Rodriguezdef.Dirk Van Duijvenbode6-5
15th May - 13h35José Oliveira De Sousadef.Jose Justicia6-5
15th May - 14h05Luke Humphriesdef.Dimitri Van den Bergh6-4
15th May - 14h35Michael Van Gerwendef.Michael Mansell6-5
15th May - 15h10Rob Crossdef.Ricky Evans6-2
15th May - 15h35Ross Smithdef.Dave Chisnall6-4
15th May - 16h10Adam Gawlasdef.Ryan Searle6-5
15th May - 16h50Vincent Van Der Voortdef.Adrian Lewis6-3

Round of 32

14th May - 13h05Ricky Evansdef.Krzysztof Ratajski6-0
14th May - 13h30Michael Manselldef.Brendan Dolan6-5
14th May - 14h05Luke Humphriesdef.Martin Lukeman6-1
14th May - 14h25Rob Crossdef.Jules Van Dongen6-2
14th May - 15h00Dimitri Van den Berghdef.Nathan Aspinall6-4
14th May - 15h30José Oliveira De Sousadef.Martijn Kleermaker6-2
14th May - 16h00Dave Chisnalldef.Daryl Gurney6-5
14th May - 16h30Rowby-John Rodriguezdef.Michael Smith6-4
14th May - 19h05Adam Gawlasdef.Damon Heta6-4
14th May - 19h40Vincent Van Der Voortdef.Martin Schindler6-5
14th May - 20h15Dirk Van Duijvenbodedef.Karel Sedlácek6-3
14th May - 20h40Jose Justiciadef.Jonny Clayton6-5
14th May - 21h20Michael Van Gerwendef.Vitezslav Sedlak6-2
14th May - 21h50Adrian Lewisdef.Gerwyn Price6-3
14th May - 22h20Ross Smithdef.Joe Cullen6-4
14th May - 22h45Ryan Searledef.Ritchie Edhouse6-0

Round of 64

Michael Smith Bye
13th May - 13h25Rowby-John Rodriguezdef.Scott Waites6-2
Dirk Van Duijvenbode Bye
13th May - 22h05Karel Sedlácekdef.Gabriel Clemens6-3
José Oliveira De Sousa Bye
13th May - 19h35Martijn Kleermakerdef.Sebastian Bialecki6-4
Jonny Clayton Bye
13th May - 13h50Jose Justiciadef.Miroslav Navratil6-2
Dimitri Van den Bergh Bye
13th May - 20h25Nathan Aspinalldef.John Henderson6-1
Luke Humphries Bye
13th May - 13h00Martin Lukemandef.Martijn Dragt6-1
Michael Van Gerwen Bye
13th May - 16h30Vitezslav Sedlakdef.Jonathan Worsley6-4
Brendan Dolan Bye
13th May - 14h25Michael Manselldef.Jeffrey de Zwaan6-4
Rob Cross Bye
13th May - 15h05Jules Van Dongendef.Brett Claydon6-2
Krzysztof Ratajski Bye
13th May - 16h05Ricky Evansdef.Josh Rock6-4
Joe Cullen Bye
13th May - 19h00Ross Smithdef.Florian Hempel6-4
Daryl Gurney Bye
13th May - 20h00Dave Chisnalldef.Filip Sebesta6-0
Damon Heta Bye
13th May - 21h00Adam Gawlasdef.Dennie Olde Kalter6-4
Ryan Searle Bye
13th May - 15h40Ritchie Edhousedef.Ondrej Plsek6-1
Gerwyn Price Bye
13th May - 21h35Adrian Lewisdef.Ted Evetts6-3
Martin Schindler Bye
13th May - 22h35Vincent Van Der Voortdef.Geert Nentjes6-2

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