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Darts - Grand Slam of Darts - 2018 - Detailed results

Darts - Grand Slam of Darts - 2018 - Detailed results

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Grand Slam of Darts 2018

EnglandEngland - Wolverhampton - 10th November 2018 - 18th November 2018


18th Nov - 20h50Gerwyn Pricedef.Gary Anderson16-13


18th Nov - 16h05Gary Andersondef.Michael Van Gerwen16-12
18th Nov - 14h20Gerwyn Pricedef.Mensur Suljovic16-12


17th Nov - 21h30Michael Van Gerwendef.Jonny Clayton16-12
17th Nov - 20h15Gary Andersondef.Michael Unterbuchner16-6
16th Nov - 21h50Gerwyn Pricedef.Simon Whitlock16-15
16th Nov - 20h15Mensur Suljovicdef.Dimitri Van Den Bergh16-9

Round of 16

15th Nov - 20h15Jonny Claytondef.Krzysztof Ratajski10-3
15th Nov - 22h40Michael Van Gerwendef.Michael Smith10-8
15th Nov - 21h05Michael Unterbuchnerdef.James Wade10-6
15th Nov - 21h55Gary Andersondef.Wesley Harms10-2
14th Nov - 23h20Simon Whitlockdef.Peter Wright10-6
14th Nov - 21h20Gerwyn Pricedef.Josh Payne10-5
14th Nov - 20h20Dimitri Van Den Berghdef.Stephen Bunting10-6
14th Nov - 22h20Mensur Suljovicdef.Rob Cross10-7

Group H

10th Nov - 17h15Rob Crossdef.Mark McGeeney5-2
10th Nov - 15h15Dimitri Van Den Berghdef.Ryan Searle5-3
11th Nov - 14h15Mark McGeeneydef.Ryan Searle5-3
11th Nov - 16h30Rob Crossdef.Dimitri Van Den Bergh5-4
12th Nov - 23h40Dimitri Van Den Berghdef.Mark McGeeney5-1
12th Nov - 20h10Rob Crossdef.Ryan Searle5-2
1ENGRob Cross03300
2BELDimitri Van Den Bergh03201
3ENGMark McGeeney03102
4ENGRyan Searle03003

Group G

10th Nov - 16h45Mensur Suljovicdef.Scott Mitchell5-2
10th Nov - 15h40Stephen Buntingdef.Martin Schindler5-3
11th Nov - 15h00Scott Mitchelldef.Martin Schindler5-1
11th Nov - 16h00Stephen Buntingdef.Mensur Suljovic5-3
12th Nov - 22h05Stephen Buntingdef.Scott Mitchell5-1
12th Nov - 21h35Martin Schindlerdef.Mensur Suljovic5-4
1ENGStephen Bunting03300
2GERMartin Schindler03102
3AUTMensur Suljovic03102
4ENGScott Mitchell03102

Group F

10th Nov - 16h10Glen Durrantdef.Simon Whitlock5-1
10th Nov - 14h45Gerwyn Pricedef.Andrew Gilding5-2
11th Nov - 15h25Simon Whitlockdef.Andrew Gilding5-2
11th Nov - 17h00Gerwyn Pricedef.Glen Durrant5-4
12th Nov - 20h40Andrew Gildingdef.Glen Durrant5-4
12th Nov - 21h10Simon Whitlockdef.Gerwyn Price5-4
1AUSSimon Whitlock03201
2GALGerwyn Price03201
3ENGAndrew Gilding03102
4ENGGlen Durrant03102

Group E

10th Nov - 17h45Peter Wrightdef.Jim Williams5-4
10th Nov - 14h15Max Hoppdef.Josh Payne5-3
11th Nov - 14h40Josh Paynedef.Jim Williams5-2
11th Nov - 17h40Peter Wrightdef.Max Hopp5-2
12th Nov - 20h00Jim Williamsdef.Max Hopp5-4
12th Nov - 23h10Peter Wrightdef.Josh Payne5-4
1SCOPeter Wright03300
2GERMax Hopp03102
3GALJim Williams03102
4ENGJosh Payne03102

Group D

10th Nov - 23h00Gary Andersondef.Michael Unterbuchner5-2
10th Nov - 21h10Ian Whitedef.Steve Hine5-1
11th Nov - 20h05Michael Unterbuchnerdef.Steve Hine5-2
11th Nov - 23h30Gary Andersondef.Ian White5-1
13th Nov - 21h00Michael Unterbuchnerdef.Ian White5-3
13th Nov - 20h35Gary Andersondef.Steve Hine5-1
1SCOGary Anderson03300
2GERMichael Unterbuchner03201
3ENGIan White03102
4ENGSteve Hine03003

Group C

10th Nov - 22h00James Wadedef.Wesley Harms5-0
10th Nov - 20h20Keegan Browndef.Mark Webster5-4
11th Nov - 21h00Wesley Harmsdef.Mark Webster5-3
11th Nov - 22h00James Wadedef.Keegan Brown5-3
13th Nov - 21h25Wesley Harmsdef.Keegan Brown5-4
13th Nov - 20h10James Wadedef.Mark Webster5-1
1ENGJames Wade03300
2NEDWesley Harms03201
3ENGKeegan Brown03102
4GALMark Webster03003

Group B

10th Nov - 21h30Michael Smithdef.Adam Smith-Neale5-3
10th Nov - 22h25Krzysztof Ratajskidef.Raymond Van Barneveld5-3
11th Nov - 21h30Raymond Van Barnevelddef.Adam Smith-Neale5-4
11th Nov - 22h30Michael Smithdef.Krzysztof Ratajski5-4
13th Nov - 22h50Krzysztof Ratajskidef.Adam Smith-Neale5-1
13th Nov - 23h10Michael Smithdef.Raymond Van Barneveld5-0
1ENGMichael Smith03300
2POLKrzysztof Ratajski03201
3NEDRaymond Van Barneveld03102
4ENGAdam Smith-Neale03003

Group A

10th Nov - 23h25Michael Van Gerwendef.Gary Robson5-1
10th Nov - 20h45Jonny Claytondef.Joe Murnan5-2
11th Nov - 20h30Gary Robsondef.Joe Murnan5-4
11th Nov - 23h00Jonny Claytondef.Michael Van Gerwen5-4
13th Nov - 22h20Jonny Claytondef.Gary Robson5-3
13th Nov - 21h55Michael Van Gerwendef.Joe Murnan5-1
1GALJonny Clayton03300
2NEDMichael Van Gerwen03201
3ENGGary Robson03102
4ENGJoe Murnan03003

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