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Basketball - Women's NBA - 2017 - Home

Basketball - Women's NBA - 2017 - Home

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United States
  • Atlanta Dream
  • Chicago Sky
  • Connecticut Sun
  • Dallas Wings
  • Indiana Fever
  • Los Angeles Sparks
  • Minnesota Lynx
  • New York Liberty
  • Phoenix Mercury
  • San Antonio Stars
  • Seattle Storm
  • Washington Mystics


Women's NBA 2017 - Home

United StatesUnited States

WinnerMinnesota Lynx : Minnesota Lynx


Preseason (United States - 29/04/2017 - 09/05/2017)

Eastern Conference

1Connecticut Sun6330239191+48
2New York Liberty4312213230-17
3Washington Mystics3211146141+5
4Chicago Sky3211158156+2
5Indiana Fever2202142167-25
6Atlanta Dream110167113-46

Western Conference

1Minnesota Lynx4220187126+61
2Los Angeles Sparks4312200219-19
3Seattle Storm3211141136+5
4Dallas Wings3211161162-1
5Phoenix Mercury3211136141-5
6San Antonio Stars3211146154-8
29th April 2017
20h00San Antonio StarsSan Antonio Stars87 - 81Dallas WingsDallas Wings
2nd May 2017
18h00Indiana FeverIndiana Fever67 - 87Washington MysticsWashington Mystics
23h00Los Angeles SparksLos Angeles Sparks65 - 81New York LibertyNew York Liberty
3rd May 2017
01h00Connecticut SunConnecticut Sun81 - 72Chicago SkyChicago Sky
20h30Seattle StormSeattle Storm86 - 64Phoenix MercuryPhoenix Mercury
23h00New York LibertyNew York Liberty75 - 86Chicago SkyChicago Sky
4th May 2017
01h00Connecticut SunConnecticut Sun79 - 62Los Angeles SparksLos Angeles Sparks
6th May 2017
02h00Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx113 - 67Atlanta DreamAtlanta Dream
7th May 2017
01h00Los Angeles SparksLos Angeles Sparks73 - 59San Antonio StarsSan Antonio Stars
02h00Dallas WingsDallas Wings80 - 75Indiana FeverIndiana Fever
21h00New York LibertyNew York Liberty57 - 79Connecticut SunConnecticut Sun
8th May 2017
00h00Phoenix MercuryPhoenix Mercury72 - 55Seattle StormSeattle Storm
9th May 2017
01h00Washington MysticsWashington Mystics59 - 74Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx

Detail of the results

Regular Season (United States - 13/05/2017 - 03/09/2017)

Eastern Conference

1New York Liberty0.64734221227102604+106
2Connecticut Sun0.61834211329242774+150
3Washington Mystics0.52934181627792754+25
4Atlanta Dream0.35334122226832811-128
5Chicago Sky0.35334122227922966-174
6Indiana Fever0.2653492525522865-313

Western Conference

1Minnesota Lynx0.7943427729022524+378
2Los Angeles Sparks0.7653426828402557+283
3Phoenix Mercury0.529341816278427840
4Dallas Wings0.47134161829293019-90
5Seattle Storm0.441341519280828080
6San Antonio Stars0.2353482625292766-237
3rd September 2017
01h00Indiana FeverIndiana Fever71 - 75San Antonio StarsSan Antonio Stars
22h00Chicago SkyChicago Sky80 - 85Seattle StormSeattle Storm
22h00Dallas WingsDallas Wings81 - 82New York LibertyNew York Liberty
22h00Los Angeles SparksLos Angeles Sparks81 - 70Connecticut SunConnecticut Sun
22h00Phoenix MercuryPhoenix Mercury84 - 70Atlanta DreamAtlanta Dream
22h00Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx86 - 72Washington MysticsWashington Mystics

Detail of the results

Playoffs (United States - 07/09/2017 - 05/10/2017)

First Round (07/09/2017)
7th September 2017
02h00Washington MysticsWashington Mystics86 - 76Dallas WingsDallas Wings
04h00Phoenix MercuryPhoenix Mercury79 - 69Seattle StormSeattle Storm

Second Round (11/09/2017)
10th September 2017
21h00Connecticut SunConnecticut Sun83 - 88Phoenix MercuryPhoenix Mercury
23h00New York LibertyNew York Liberty68 - 82Washington MysticsWashington Mystics

Semi-Finals (18/09/2017)
13th September 2017
02h00Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx101 - 81Washington MysticsWashington Mystics
04h00Los Angeles SparksLos Angeles Sparks79 - 66Phoenix MercuryPhoenix Mercury
15th September 2017
02h00Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx93 - 83Washington MysticsWashington Mystics
04h00Los Angeles SparksLos Angeles Sparks86 - 72Phoenix MercuryPhoenix Mercury
17th September 2017
21h00Washington MysticsWashington Mystics70 - 81Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx
23h00Phoenix MercuryPhoenix Mercury87 - 89Los Angeles SparksLos Angeles Sparks

WNBA Finals (05/10/2017)
24th September 2017
21h30Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx84 - 85Los Angeles SparksLos Angeles Sparks
27th September 2017
02h00Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx70 - 68Los Angeles SparksLos Angeles Sparks
30th September 2017
03h00Los Angeles SparksLos Angeles Sparks75 - 64Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx
2nd October 2017
02h30Los Angeles SparksLos Angeles Sparks69 - 80Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx
5th October 2017
02h00Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx85 - 76Los Angeles SparksLos Angeles Sparks

Detail of the results

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