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Football - Soccer - Canadian Premier League - Statistics

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Canadian Premier League - Statistics

  • Summary by team since 2019
    TeamVictoriesFirst VictoryLast Victory
    Forge FCForge FC220192020
  • Winners and finalists since 2019
    Forge FCForge FC20
    HFX Wanderers FCHFX Wanderers FC1
    Cavalry FCCavalry FC1
  • Winners and finalists by city since 2019
  • Various statistics since 2019

    Number of appearances
    1Cavalry FC2
    2FC Edmonton2
    3Forge FC2
    4HFX Wanderers FC2
    5Pacific FC2
    6Valour FC2
    7York 9 FC2
    8Atlético Ottawa1
    Number of matches
    1Forge FC41
    2Cavalry FC40
    3HFX Wanderers FC39
    4Pacific FC38
    5Valour FC35
    6York 9 FC35
    7FC Edmonton35
    8Atlético Ottawa7
    Games per appearance
    1Forge FC20.5
    2Cavalry FC20
    3HFX Wanderers FC19.5
    4Pacific FC19
    5FC Edmonton17.5
    6Valour FC17.5
    7York 9 FC17.5
    8Atlético Ottawa7

    1Forge FC25
    2Cavalry FC24
    3Pacific FC12
    4York 9 FC11
    5HFX Wanderers FC10
    6Valour FC10
    7FC Edmonton8
    8Atlético Ottawa2
    Number of wins in games played
    1Forge FC61 %
    2Cavalry FC60 %
    3Pacific FC32 %
    4York 9 FC31 %
    5Atlético Ottawa29 %
    6Valour FC29 %
    7HFX Wanderers FC26 %
    8FC Edmonton23 %
    Drawn matches
    1HFX Wanderers FC14
    2York 9 FC11
    3FC Edmonton9
    4Forge FC9
    5Pacific FC9
    6Cavalry FC6
    7Valour FC6
    8Atlético Ottawa2

    1Valour FC19
    2FC Edmonton18
    3Pacific FC17
    4HFX Wanderers FC15
    5York 9 FC13
    6Cavalry FC10
    7Forge FC7
    8Atlético Ottawa3
    Number of losses in games played
    1Valour FC54 %
    2FC Edmonton51 %
    3Pacific FC45 %
    4Atlético Ottawa43 %
    5HFX Wanderers FC38 %
    6York 9 FC37 %
    7Cavalry FC25 %
    8Forge FC17 %
    Number of ties in games played
    1HFX Wanderers FC36 %
    2York 9 FC31 %
    3Atlético Ottawa29 %
    4FC Edmonton26 %
    5Pacific FC24 %
    6Forge FC22 %
    7Valour FC17 %
    8Cavalry FC15 %
  • All time table since 2019

    (Based on W=3 pts, D=1 pts and L=0 pts)

    1Forge FCForge FC220191st844125976636+30
    2Cavalry FCCavalry FC220192nd7840246106532+33
    3Pacific FCPacific FC22019-4538129175159-8
    4York 9 FCYork 9 FC22019-44351111134744+3
    5HFX Wanderers FCHFX Wanderers FC220192nd44391014153651-15
    6Valour FCValour FC22019-3635106193861-23
    7FC EdmontonFC Edmonton22019-333589183247-15
    8Atlético OttawaAtlético Ottawa12020-87223712-5


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