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Cycling - Chrono Gatineau - 2012 - Detailed results

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Results 2012

Chrono Gatineau 2012

CanadaCanada - 19 May 2012

Women's Time Trial - 19 May 2012Time Trial

1CANClara Hughes (CAN)Specialized - Lululemon00:23:56
2USAEvelyn Stevens (USA)Specialized - Lululemon00:07
3USAAmber Neben (USA)Specialized - Lululemon00:19
4CANTara Whitten (CAN)Tibco - To The Top00:30
5GERIna-Yoko Teutenberg (GER)Specialized - Lululemon00:41
6CANRhae-Christie Shaw (CAN)Exergy - Twenty1200:54
7USACarmen Small McNellis (USA)Optum Health - Kelly Benefit Strategies01:02
8AUSShara Marche Gillow (AUS)Orica - Greenedge - AIS01:03
9AUSAlexis Rhodes (AUS)Orica - Greenedge - AIS01:27
10CANJulie Beveridge (CAN)Vienne Futuroscopes.t.
11USAMegan Guarnier (USA)Tibco - To The Top01:45
12USAMarti Shea (USA)01:48
13IRLOlivia Dillon (IRL)Now Cycling/now And Novartis For MS01:54
14CANDenise Ramsden (CAN)Optum Health - Kelly Benefit Strategies01:57
15GBRNicole Cooke (GBR)Faren - Honda02:02
16UKROlena Pavlukhina (UKR)s.t.
17CANJasmin Duehring-Glaesser (CAN)02:13
18FINSari Saarelainen (FIN)Forno d'Asolo - Colavita02:20
19AUSBridie O'Donnell (AUS)s.t.
20IRLCaroline Ryan (IRL)02:30
21GERClaudia Lichtenberg-Häusler (GER)Orica - Greenedge - AIS02:33
22CANAnnie Ewart (CAN)Optum Health - Kelly Benefit Strategies02:47
23UKROlena Sharga (UKR)02:53
24CANMoriah Jo Mcgregor (CAN)03:01
25USAAlly Stacher (USA)Specialized - Lululemon03:06
26USAKristine Wander (USA)03:25
27CANÉvelyne Blouin (CAN)03:32
28CANAlizee Brien (CAN)03:36
29CANCatherine Dessureault (CAN)03:37
30USAWhitney Gaggioli-Dehli (USA)Forno d'Asolo - Colavita03:45
31CANStephanie Skoreyko (CAN)s.t.
32CANAllison Beveridge (CAN)03:58
33CANVeronik Bourgon (CAN)04:11
34CANAdriane Provost (CAN)04:19
35CANSuzie Brown (CAN)04:36
36CANSara Byers (CAN)04:38
37BRAFlávia Oliveira (BRA)Forno d'Asolo - Colavita04:39
38SWIJessica Uebelhart (SWI)Forno d'Asolo - Colavita04:44
39CANHeather Shearer (CAN)04:50
40TPEHsiao Chia Tseng (TPE)Axman Taiwan05:10
41TPEHo Hsun Huang (TPE)05:34
42TPEMei Yu Hsiao (TPE)Axman Taiwan05:53
43CANEvelyne Gagnon (CAN)s.t.
44TPEYu Hsuan Lee (TPE)Axman Taiwan06:57
45TPEChia Hui Lin (TPE)07:45
46CANGabrielle Pilote-Fortin (CAN)11:05



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