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Field hockey - Men's European clubs ranking

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This classification is inspired by UEFA coefficients and allows to rank the European championships by basing itself on the results of the last 5 seasons of the field hockey European Cups : Men's Euro Hockey League.

Latest update: 2018-07-02

1Kampong Utrecht (NED)Kampong Utrecht (NED)55
2Rot-Weiss Köln (GER)Rot-Weiss Köln (GER)44
3Harvestehuder Hamburg (GER)Harvestehuder Hamburg (GER)43
4Oranje Zwart Eindhoven (NED)Oranje Zwart Eindhoven (NED)43
5Bloemendaal (NED)Bloemendaal (NED)40
6Dragons KHC Brasschaat (BEL)Dragons KHC Brasschaat (BEL)38
7RC Bruxelles (BEL)RC Bruxelles (BEL)34
8RCP Barcelona (SPA)RCP Barcelona (SPA)32
9Rotterdam HC (NED)Rotterdam HC (NED)30
10Atletic Terrassa (SPA)Atletic Terrassa (SPA)30
11Uhlenhorster HC Hamburg (GER)Uhlenhorster HC Hamburg (GER)29
12Saint-Germain HC (FRA)Saint-Germain HC (FRA)28
13Amsterdam HBC (NED)Amsterdam HBC (NED)28
14Daring Molenbeek (BEL)Daring Molenbeek (BEL)23
15HC Oranje Rood (NED)HC Oranje Rood (NED)22
16Wimbledon HC (ENG)Wimbledon HC (ENG)22
17Uhlenhorst Mülheim (GER)Uhlenhorst Mülheim (GER)21
18Arminen SV (AUT)Arminen SV (AUT)19
19Waterloo Ducks (BEL)Waterloo Ducks (BEL)18
20Dinamo Elektrostal Moscow (RUS)Dinamo Elektrostal Moscow (RUS)18
21Club Egara Terrassa (SPA)Club Egara Terrassa (SPA)18
22Herakles Lier (BEL)Herakles Lier (BEL)18
23Club de Campo Madrid (SPA)Club de Campo Madrid (SPA)17
24Racing Club de France (FRA)Racing Club de France (FRA)15
25WKS Grunwald Poznan (POL)WKS Grunwald Poznan (POL)14
26Mannheimer HC (GER)Mannheimer HC (GER)14
27Royal Léopold Club Brussels (BEL)Royal Léopold Club Brussels (BEL)13
28Leuven KHC (BEL)Leuven KHC (BEL)12
29Banbridge HC (IRL)Banbridge HC (IRL)10
30Dinamo Kazan HC (RUS)Dinamo Kazan HC (RUS)10
31Beeston HC Nottingham (ENG)Beeston HC Nottingham (ENG)9
32Surbiton HC London (ENG)Surbiton HC London (ENG)8
33Reading HC (ENG)Reading HC (ENG)8
34Holcombe HC (ENG)Holcombe HC (ENG)8
35Rot-Weiss Wettingen (SWI)Rot-Weiss Wettingen (SWI)7
36East Grinstead HC (ENG)East Grinstead HC (ENG)7
37Kelburne Paisley (SCO)Kelburne Paisley (SCO)6
38Cardiff & Met (GAL)Cardiff & Met (GAL)6
39KS Pomorzanin Torun (POL)KS Pomorzanin Torun (POL)6
40Monkstown HC (IRL)Monkstown HC (IRL)6
41Lisnagarvey HC (IRL)Lisnagarvey HC (IRL)4
42SG Amsicora ASD (ITA)SG Amsicora ASD (ITA)4
43Grove Menzieshill HC (SCO)Grove Menzieshill HC (SCO)4
44HC Minsk (BLR)HC Minsk (BLR)4
45Three Rock Rovers (IRL)Three Rock Rovers (IRL)4
46Grange Edimburg (SCO)Grange Edimburg (SCO)3
47Wien HC (AUT)Wien HC (AUT)3
48Wien AHTC (AUT)Wien AHTC (AUT)2
49SH Paolo Bonomi (ITA)SH Paolo Bonomi (ITA)2
50Bra HC (ITA)Bra HC (ITA)2
51SC Stroitel Brest (BLR)SC Stroitel Brest (BLR)2
52Dinamo-Stroitel Ekaterinburg (RUS)Dinamo-Stroitel Ekaterinburg (RUS)2
53KS Pocztowiec Poznan (POL)KS Pocztowiec Poznan (POL)2
54AZS Politechnika Poznanska (POL)AZS Politechnika Poznanska (POL)2
55Lille MHC (FRA)Lille MHC (FRA)2
56SK Slavia Prague (CZE)SK Slavia Prague (CZE)1
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