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Rugby - European Shield - 2002/2003 - Home

Rugby - European Shield - 2002/2003 - Home

Choice of a season :

  • Caerphilly RFC
  • Castres
  • Club Alcobendas Rugby
  • Dinamo Bucarest
  • Ebbw Vale RFC
  • Gran Parma
  • Grenoble
  • L'Aquila
  • Mont-de-Marsan
  • Overmach Rugby Parma
  • Pau
  • Petrarca Rugby
  • Rovigo Delta
  • Rugby Roma Olimpic
  • Silea Rugby
  • UCM Madrid


European Shield - Home

8th December 2002 - 20th May 2003



Round of 16 (15/12/2002)
8th December 2002
Castres (FRA)Castres14 - 13GrenobleGrenoble (FRA)
Mont-de-Marsan (FRA)Mont-de-Marsan17 - 7Silea RugbySilea Rugby (ITA)
Rugby Roma Olimpic (ITA)Rugby Roma Olimpic18 - 38Petrarca RugbyPetrarca Rugby (ITA)
Gran Parma (ITA)Gran Parma21 - 16PauPau (FRA)
L'Aquila (ITA)L'Aquila24 - 27Dinamo BucarestDinamo Bucarest (ROM)
Rovigo Delta (ITA)Rovigo Delta26 - 22Caerphilly RFCCaerphilly RFC (GAL)
Club Alcobendas Rugby (SPA)Club Alcobendas Rugby26 - 19Overmach Rugby ParmaOvermach Rugby Parma (ITA)
Ebbw Vale RFC (GAL)Ebbw Vale RFC37 - 16UCM MadridUCM Madrid (SPA)
15th December 2002
Petrarca Rugby (ITA)Petrarca Rugby14 - 14Rugby Roma OlimpicRugby Roma Olimpic (ITA)
UCM Madrid (SPA)UCM Madrid16 - 38Ebbw Vale RFCEbbw Vale RFC (GAL)
Silea Rugby (ITA)Silea Rugby17 - 32Mont-de-MarsanMont-de-Marsan (FRA)
Overmach Rugby Parma (ITA)Overmach Rugby Parma26 - 13Club Alcobendas RugbyClub Alcobendas Rugby (SPA)
Dinamo Bucarest (ROM)Dinamo Bucarest26 - 24L'AquilaL'Aquila (ITA)
Grenoble (FRA)Grenoble30 - 31CastresCastres (FRA)
Pau (FRA)Pau30 - 20Gran ParmaGran Parma (ITA)
Caerphilly RFC (GAL)Caerphilly RFC56 - 17Rovigo DeltaRovigo Delta (ITA)

Quarter-Finals (19/01/2003)
12th January 2003
Dinamo Bucarest (ROM)Dinamo Bucarest0 - 123CastresCastres (FRA)
Overmach Rugby Parma (ITA)Overmach Rugby Parma15 - 10Caerphilly RFCCaerphilly RFC (GAL)
Ebbw Vale RFC (GAL)Ebbw Vale RFC29 - 3PauPau (FRA)
Mont-de-Marsan (FRA)Mont-de-Marsan30 - 16Petrarca RugbyPetrarca Rugby (ITA)
19th January 2003
Petrarca Rugby (ITA)Petrarca Rugby15 - 16Mont-de-MarsanMont-de-Marsan (FRA)
Caerphilly RFC (GAL)Caerphilly RFC41 - 28Overmach Rugby ParmaOvermach Rugby Parma (ITA)
Pau (FRA)Pau63 - 17Ebbw Vale RFCEbbw Vale RFC (GAL)
Castres (FRA)Castres88 - 0Dinamo BucarestDinamo Bucarest (ROM)

Semi-Finals (03/02/2003)
26th January 2003
Mont-de-Marsan (FRA)Mont-de-Marsan10 - 28Caerphilly RFCCaerphilly RFC (GAL)
Castres (FRA)Castres54 - 25PauPau (FRA)
3rd February 2003
Caerphilly RFC (GAL)Caerphilly RFC26 - 33Mont-de-MarsanMont-de-Marsan (FRA)
Pau (FRA)Pau26 - 24CastresCastres (FRA)

Final (20/05/2003)
20th May 2003
Castres (FRA)Castres40 - 12Caerphilly RFCCaerphilly RFC (GAL)

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