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Handball - Men's National leagues ranking

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This classification is inspired by UEFA coefficients and allows to rank the European championships by basing itself on the results of the last 5 seasons of the handball European Cups : the EHF Champions League, the Cup Winners' Cup, the EHF Cup and the Challenge Cup in this order.

Latest update: 2016-07-10

1Germany (Germany - Men's Bundesliga)705
2France (French Men Division 1)394
3Hungary (Hungary Men's Division 1 - NBI)348
4Spain (Spain - Liga Asobal)340
5Denmark (Denmark - Men Handball League)275
6Poland (Poland Men's Division 1 - Ekstraklasa)265
7Portugal (Portugal Men's Division 1 - Liga LPA)218
8Macedonia (Macedonia Men's Division 1 - Super League)199
9Romania (Romania Men's Division 1)186
10Belarus (Belarus Men's Division 1)147
11Slovenia (Slovenian First League Men - 1. A DRL)143
12Sweden (Sweden - Men's Elitserien)137
13Croatia (Croatia Men's Division 1 - Premijer Liga)125
14Norway (Norway Postenligaen Men)114
15Ukraine (Ukraine Men's Division 1 - Super League)109
16Russia (Russia First League Men - Super League)102
17Switzerland (Switzerland Men's Division 1 - Nationalliga A)98
18Serbia (Serbia Men's Division 1 - Super League)71
19Slovakia (Slovakia Men's Division 1)69
20Turkey (Turkey Men's Division 1)66
21Luxemburg (Luxemburg Men's Division 1 - Division Nationale)53
22Belgium (Belgium - Men's Division 1)50
23Greece (Greece Men's Division 1)45
24Netherlands (Holland Men's Division 1 - Eredivisie)43
25Israel (Israel Men's Division 1)41
26Iceland (Iceland Men's Division 1)40
27Czech Republic (Czech Republic Men's Division 1)32
28Austria (Austria Men's Division 1 - HLA)28
29Estonia (Estonia Men's Division 1)22
30Finland (Finland - SM-Liiga)21
31Kosovo (Kosovo - Men's Superliga)20
32Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina Men's Division 1)19
36Italy (Italy - Men's Serie A)7
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