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Handball - Women's European clubs ranking

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This classification is inspired by UEFA coefficients and allows to rank the European championships by basing itself on the results of the last 5 seasons of the handball European Cups : the EHF Champions League, the Cup Winners' Cup, the EHF Cup and the Challenge Cup in this order.

Latest update: 2022-02-22

1Györ Audi ETO KC (HUN)Györ Audi ETO KC (HUN)182
2Rostov-Don (RUS)Rostov-Don (RUS)151
3Metz Handball (FRA)Metz Handball (FRA)133
4CSM Bucuresti (ROM)CSM Bucuresti (ROM)128
5Buducnost Podgorica (MNE)Buducnost Podgorica (MNE)109
6Brest Bretagne HB (FRA)Brest Bretagne HB (FRA)109
7FTC R-C-H Budapest (HUN)FTC R-C-H Budapest (HUN)105
8Vipers Kristiansand (NOR)Vipers Kristiansand (NOR)104
9Ikast Handbold (DEN)Ikast Handbold (DEN)99
10Team Esbjerg (DEN)Team Esbjerg (DEN)84
11Vardar Skopje (MKD)Vardar Skopje (MKD)77
12Siofok KC (HUN)Siofok KC (HUN)74
13Lokomotiva Zagreb (CRO)Lokomotiva Zagreb (CRO)70
14Kuban Krasnodar (RUS)Kuban Krasnodar (RUS)69
15SG BBM Bietigheim (GER)SG BBM Bietigheim (GER)69
16Odense Håndbold (DEN)Odense Håndbold (DEN)65
17Viborg HK A/S (DEN)Viborg HK A/S (DEN)62
18Rocasa Gran Canaria (SPA)Rocasa Gran Canaria (SPA)60
19Nykøbing Falster (DEN)Nykøbing Falster (DEN)58
20RK Krim Ljubljana (SLO)RK Krim Ljubljana (SLO)57
21Thüringer HC Erfürt (GER)Thüringer HC Erfürt (GER)57
22Lada Togliatti (RUS)Lada Togliatti (RUS)54
23PV Koprivnica (CRO)PV Koprivnica (CRO)53
24Les Neptunes de Nantes (FRA)Les Neptunes de Nantes (FRA)53
25Larvik HK (NOR)Larvik HK (NOR)48
26Kastamonu Belediyesi GSK (TÜR)Kastamonu Belediyesi GSK (TÜR)46
27TuS Metzingen (GER)TuS Metzingen (GER)44
28H65 Höörs HK (SWE)H65 Höörs HK (SWE)42
29FC Copenhagen Handball (DEN)FC Copenhagen Handball (DEN)39
30SCM Craiova (ROM)SCM Craiova (ROM)39
31CSKA Moscou (RUS)CSKA Moscou (RUS)38
32Astrakhanochka Astrakhan (RUS)Astrakhanochka Astrakhan (RUS)38
33Mecalia Atlético Guardés (SPA)Mecalia Atlético Guardés (SPA)37
34Malaga Costa del Sol (SPA)Malaga Costa del Sol (SPA)37
35SCM Râmnicu Vâlcea (ROM)SCM Râmnicu Vâlcea (ROM)36
36HV Quintus Poeldijk (NED)HV Quintus Poeldijk (NED)36
37Storhamar Handball Elite (NOR)Storhamar Handball Elite (NOR)35
38MKS Lublin (POL)MKS Lublin (POL)35
39Paris 92 (FRA)Paris 92 (FRA)35
40Byåsen Trondheim (NOR)Byåsen Trondheim (NOR)34
41Naisa Nis (SCG)Naisa Nis (SCG)32
42Zvezda Zvenigorod (RUS)Zvezda Zvenigorod (RUS)29
43Dunarea Braila (ROM)Dunarea Braila (ROM)27
44Erd HC (HUN)Erd HC (HUN)24
45Randers HK (DEN)Randers HK (DEN)24
46Váci NKSE (HUN)Váci NKSE (HUN)23
47Pogon Baltica Szczecin (POL)Pogon Baltica Szczecin (POL)22
48Alba Fehérvár KC (HUN)Alba Fehérvár KC (HUN)22
49HC Zalau (ROM)HC Zalau (ROM)21
50Kristianstad HK (SWE)Kristianstad HK (SWE)20
51Bera Bera San-Sebastian (SPA)Bera Bera San-Sebastian (SPA)20
52ES Besançon Féminin (FRA)ES Besançon Féminin (FRA)19
53Debreceni VSC (HUN)Debreceni VSC (HUN)19
54Sävehof Partille (SWE)Sävehof Partille (SWE)19
55CS Minaur Baia-Mare (ROM)CS Minaur Baia-Mare (ROM)19
56SC Galytchanka Lviv (UKR)SC Galytchanka Lviv (UKR)19
57BV Borussia 09 Dortmund (GER)BV Borussia 09 Dortmund (GER)18
58Ardesen GSK Rize (TÜR)Ardesen GSK Rize (TÜR)17
59PAOK Thessaloniki (GRE)PAOK Thessaloniki (GRE)17
60DHK Baník Most (CZE)DHK Baník Most (CZE)17
61HC Gomel (BLR)HC Gomel (BLR)17
62BM Granollers (SPA)BM Granollers (SPA)16
63Zaglebie Lubin (POL)Zaglebie Lubin (POL)16
64DHC Slavia Praha (CZE)DHC Slavia Praha (CZE)15
65Spono Nottwil Lucerne (SWI)Spono Nottwil Lucerne (SWI)14
66Sokol Poruba Ostrava (CZE)Sokol Poruba Ostrava (CZE)14
67Yalikavak SK (TÜR)Yalikavak SK (TÜR)13
68BNTU BelAZ Minsk Region (BLR)BNTU BelAZ Minsk Region (BLR)13
69VfL Oldenburg (GER)VfL Oldenburg (GER)12
70Iuventa Michalovce (SVK)Iuventa Michalovce (SVK)12
71Tertnes Bergen (NOR)Tertnes Bergen (NOR)12
72ZRK Bjelovar (CRO)ZRK Bjelovar (CRO)12
73Boden HIF (SWE)Boden HIF (SWE)12
74Ankara Yenimahalle BSK (TÜR)Ankara Yenimahalle BSK (TÜR)11
75CS Madeira Funchal (POR)CS Madeira Funchal (POR)11
76Muratpasa BSK Antalya (TÜR)Muratpasa BSK Antalya (TÜR)11
77CS Gloria 2018 Bistrita-Nasaud (ROM)CS Gloria 2018 Bistrita-Nasaud (ROM)11
78Zalgiris Kaunas (LTU)Zalgiris Kaunas (LTU)11
79KHF Istogu (KOS)KHF Istogu (KOS)10
80Start Elblag (POL)Start Elblag (POL)10
81CS Magura Cisnadie (ROM)CS Magura Cisnadie (ROM)10
82Azeryol HC Baku (AZE)Azeryol HC Baku (AZE)10
83Zagnosspor (TÜR)Zagnosspor (TÜR)10
84ZORK Jagodina (SCG)ZORK Jagodina (SCG)9
85LK Zug (SWI)LK Zug (SWI)8
86Dunaújvárosi KKA (HUN)Dunaújvárosi KKA (HUN)8
87Glassverket Drammen (NOR)Glassverket Drammen (NOR)8
88Hypo NÖ Maria Enzersdorf (AUT)Hypo NÖ Maria Enzersdorf (AUT)8
89CSM Corona Brasov (ROM)CSM Corona Brasov (ROM)8
90Maccabi Srugo Rishon Lezion (ISR)Maccabi Srugo Rishon Lezion (ISR)7
91LC Brühl Saint-Gall (SWI)LC Brühl Saint-Gall (SWI)7
92Alavarium Aveiro (POR)Alavarium Aveiro (POR)7
93ADA Colégio João Barros (POR)ADA Colégio João Barros (POR)6
94UHC Stockerau (AUT)UHC Stockerau (AUT)6
95Helvetia Alcobendas (SPA)Helvetia Alcobendas (SPA)6
96Fredrikstad BK (NOR)Fredrikstad BK (NOR)6
97HC Leipzig (GER)HC Leipzig (GER)6
98Fleury Loiret HB (FRA)Fleury Loiret HB (FRA)6
99Blomberg-Lippe (GER)Blomberg-Lippe (GER)6
100Haukar Hafnarfjördur (ISL)Haukar Hafnarfjördur (ISL)6
101Silkeborg - Voel KFUM (DEN)Silkeborg - Voel KFUM (DEN)6
102ZRK Bekament Bukovicka Banja Arandelovac (SCG)ZRK Bekament Bukovicka Banja Arandelovac (SCG)6
103JuRo Unirek/VZV (NED)JuRo Unirek/VZV (NED)6
104CSM Roman (ROM)CSM Roman (ROM)6
105DHB Rotweiss Thun (SWI)DHB Rotweiss Thun (SWI)6
107Aula CVH Valladolid (SPA)Aula CVH Valladolid (SPA)5
108Dinamo Volgograd (RUS)Dinamo Volgograd (RUS)4
109Koka Varazdin (CRO)Koka Varazdin (CRO)4
110JDA Dijon HB (FRA)JDA Dijon HB (FRA)4
111Molde HK (NOR)Molde HK (NOR)4
112Laco V - L Geleen (NED)Laco V - L Geleen (NED)4
113CSM Ploiesti (ROM)CSM Ploiesti (ROM)4
114HC Karpaty Uzhgorod (UKR)HC Karpaty Uzhgorod (UKR)4
115HC Vardar Junior (MKD)HC Vardar Junior (MKD)4
116OGC Nice Côte d'Azur HB (FRA)OGC Nice Côte d'Azur HB (FRA)4
117Fémina Visé (BEL)Fémina Visé (BEL)4
118Pelister 2012 Bitola (MKD)Pelister 2012 Bitola (MKD)4
119Mlinotest Ajdovscina (SLO)Mlinotest Ajdovscina (SLO)4
120Skuru Nacka (SWE)Skuru Nacka (SWE)4
121Dalfsen Handbal (NED)Dalfsen Handbal (NED)4
122Jomi Salerno (ITA)Jomi Salerno (ITA)4
123TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen (GER)TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen (GER)4
124SSV Brixen Südtirol (ITA)SSV Brixen Südtirol (ITA)4
125Medicinar Sabac (SCG)Medicinar Sabac (SCG)4
126CB Elche (SPA)CB Elche (SPA)4
127RK Zajecar 1949 (SCG)RK Zajecar 1949 (SCG)4
128HZRK Grude Autoherc (BIH)HZRK Grude Autoherc (BIH)3
129NUR HC Mingachevir (AZE)NUR HC Mingachevir (AZE)3
130Helsinki IFK Comets (FIN)Helsinki IFK Comets (FIN)3
131KH Shqipona Gjakovë (KOS)KH Shqipona Gjakovë (KOS)2
132Vistal Laczpol Gdynia (POL)Vistal Laczpol Gdynia (POL)2
133Filippos Veria (GRE)Filippos Veria (GRE)2
134Ali-Best Espresso Mestrino (ITA)Ali-Best Espresso Mestrino (ITA)2
135OF Nea Ionia (GRE)OF Nea Ionia (GRE)2
136Polatli BSB SK (TÜR)Polatli BSB SK (TÜR)2
137Jedinstvo Tuzla (BIH)Jedinstvo Tuzla (BIH)2
138Buxtehuder SV (GER)Buxtehuder SV (GER)2
139Valur Reykjavík (ISL)Valur Reykjavík (ISL)2
140Victoria Berestie Brest (BLR)Victoria Berestie Brest (BLR)2
141Krivaja Zavidovici (BIH)Krivaja Zavidovici (BIH)2
142Colégio de Gaia (POR)Colégio de Gaia (POR)2
143Maccabi Arazim Ramat-Gan (ISR)Maccabi Arazim Ramat-Gan (ISR)2
144ZRK Kumanovo (MKD)ZRK Kumanovo (MKD)2
145Zuazo Barakaldo (SPA)Zuazo Barakaldo (SPA)2
146SCM Gloria Buzau (ROM)SCM Gloria Buzau (ROM)2
147HIB Handball Graz (AUT)HIB Handball Graz (AUT)2
148ORK Rudar Podgorica (MNE)ORK Rudar Podgorica (MNE)1
149WHC Hadzici DG (BIH)WHC Hadzici DG (BIH)1
150Amatori Conversano (ITA)Amatori Conversano (ITA)1
151Celje Celjske Mesnine (SLO)Celje Celjske Mesnine (SLO)1
152LUGI Lund (SWE)LUGI Lund (SWE)1
153HB Dudelange (LUX)HB Dudelange (LUX)0
154SSV Dornbirn Schoren (AUT)SSV Dornbirn Schoren (AUT)0
155Izmir BSB SK (TÜR)Izmir BSB SK (TÜR)0
156Latsia Nicosia (CYP)Latsia Nicosia (CYP)0
157KHF Kastrioti Ferizaj (KOS)KHF Kastrioti Ferizaj (KOS)0
158Dnepryanka Kherson (UKR)Dnepryanka Kherson (UKR)0
159Ka/Thór Akureyri (ISL)Ka/Thór Akureyri (ISL)0
160HC Svilengrad-PU (BUL)HC Svilengrad-PU (BUL)0
161Zagorje RK (SLO)Zagorje RK (SLO)0
162ZRK Mira Prijedor (BIH)ZRK Mira Prijedor (BIH)0
163HB Käerjeng (LUX)HB Käerjeng (LUX)0
164Holon HC (ISR)Holon HC (ISR)0
165TTH Holstebro (DEN)TTH Holstebro (DEN)0
166Metalurg Skopje (MKD)Metalurg Skopje (MKD)0
167Great Dane London (ENG)Great Dane London (ENG)0
168ZV Wiener Neustadt (AUT)ZV Wiener Neustadt (AUT)0
169KHF Vushtrria (KOS)KHF Vushtrria (KOS)0
170Enosi Neoleas Athienou (CYP)Enosi Neoleas Athienou (CYP)0
171Kavallieri HC (MLT)Kavallieri HC (MLT)0
172Ariosto Ferrara (ITA)Ariosto Ferrara (ITA)0
173HC Azersu (AZE)HC Azersu (AZE)0
174Prishtina (KOS)Prishtina (KOS)0
175HC Neistin (FAR)HC Neistin (FAR)0
176WAT Atzgersdorf (AUT)WAT Atzgersdorf (AUT)0
177Westfriesland SEW Nibbixwoud (NED)Westfriesland SEW Nibbixwoud (NED)0
178Olympia HC London (ENG)Olympia HC London (ENG)0
179HC Real Nikolaev (UKR)HC Real Nikolaev (UKR)0
180Ilidza (BIH)Ilidza (BIH)0
181ATV Handball Trofaiach (AUT)ATV Handball Trofaiach (AUT)0
182WHC Cair Skopje (MKD)WHC Cair Skopje (MKD)0
183La Salle HC (MLT)La Salle HC (MLT)0
184HC Olimpus-85 SSSH-2 (MDA)HC Olimpus-85 SSSH-2 (MDA)0
185Mamuli Tbilisi (GEO)Mamuli Tbilisi (GEO)0
186SS/VOC Amsterdam (NED)SS/VOC Amsterdam (NED)0
187HB Sint-Truiden (BEL)HB Sint-Truiden (BEL)0
188Madeira Andebol SAD (POR)Madeira Andebol SAD (POR)0
189Cassano Magnago (ITA)Cassano Magnago (ITA)0
190Bnei Herzliya (ISR)Bnei Herzliya (ISR)0
191ZRK Danilovgrad (MNE)ZRK Danilovgrad (MNE)0
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