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Ice Hockey - Men's European clubs ranking

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This classification is inspired by UEFA coefficients and allows to rank the European championships by basing itself on the results of the last 5 seasons of the ice hockey European Cups : the Champions Hockey League et the Continental Cup in this order.

Latest update: 2018-07-03

1Frölunda HC Göteborg (SWE)Frölunda HC Göteborg (SWE)104
2Kärpät Oulu (FIN)Kärpät Oulu (FIN)71
3Växjö Lakers Hockey (SWE)Växjö Lakers Hockey (SWE)69
4ZSC Lions Zürich (SWI)ZSC Lions Zürich (SWI)61
5JYP Jyväskylä (FIN)JYP Jyväskylä (FIN)60
6Skellefteå AIK (SWE)Skellefteå AIK (SWE)57
7Sparta Praha (CZE)Sparta Praha (CZE)54
8TPS Turku (FIN)TPS Turku (FIN)53
9Linköpings HC (SWE)Linköpings HC (SWE)53
10Luleå HF (SWE)Luleå HF (SWE)52
11SC Bern (SWI)SC Bern (SWI)51
12Bílí Tygri Liberec (CZE)Bílí Tygri Liberec (CZE)51
13Lukko Rauma (FIN)Lukko Rauma (FIN)48
14HV71 Jönköping (SWE)HV71 Jönköping (SWE)46
15Tappara Tampere (FIN)Tappara Tampere (FIN)46
16HC Ocelári Trinec (CZE)HC Ocelári Trinec (CZE)45
17Fribourg-Gottéron (SWI)Fribourg-Gottéron (SWI)45
18HIFK Helsinki (FIN)HIFK Helsinki (FIN)43
19Davos (SWI)Davos (SWI)42
20Nottingham Panthers (GBR)Nottingham Panthers (GBR)42
21Red Bulls Salzburg (AUT)Red Bulls Salzburg (AUT)39
22SaiPa Lappeenranta (FIN)SaiPa Lappeenranta (FIN)38
23EHC München (GER)EHC München (GER)37
24Stavanger Oilers (NOR)Stavanger Oilers (NOR)37
25Adler Mannheim (GER)Adler Mannheim (GER)36
26EV Zug (SWI)EV Zug (SWI)34
27Färjestad BK (SWE)Färjestad BK (SWE)34
28Vienna Capitals (AUT)Vienna Capitals (AUT)33
29KalPa Kuopio (FIN)KalPa Kuopio (FIN)33
30Djurgårdens IF (SWE)Djurgårdens IF (SWE)31
31Vítkovice Ridera Ostrava (CZE)Vítkovice Ridera Ostrava (CZE)30
32EHC Eisbären Berlin (GER)EHC Eisbären Berlin (GER)25
33Kometa Brno (CZE)Kometa Brno (CZE)25
34Neman Grodno (BLR)Neman Grodno (BLR)24
35Brynäs IF (SWE)Brynäs IF (SWE)24
36Junost Minsk (BLR)Junost Minsk (BLR)24
37HC Kosice (SVK)HC Kosice (SVK)23
38Geneve Servette (SWI)Geneve Servette (SWI)22
39ERC Ingolstadt (GER)ERC Ingolstadt (GER)22
40GKS Tychy (POL)GKS Tychy (POL)20
41Espoo Blues (FIN)Espoo Blues (FIN)19
42HC Litvínov (CZE)HC Litvínov (CZE)19
43DVTK Jegesmedvék Miskolc (HUN)DVTK Jegesmedvék Miskolc (HUN)18
44Lugano (SWI)Lugano (SWI)17
45Storhamar Dragons (NOR)Storhamar Dragons (NOR)16
46Zeytinburnu Istanbul (TUR)Zeytinburnu Istanbul (TUR)16
47Rouen HE (FRA)Rouen HE (FRA)16
48Asiago Hockey (ITA)Asiago Hockey (ITA)14
49HK Nitra (SVK)HK Nitra (SVK)14
50SV Ritten-Renon (ITA)SV Ritten-Renon (ITA)14
51CSKA Sofia (BUL)CSKA Sofia (BUL)14
52Grizzlys Wolfsburg (GER)Grizzlys Wolfsburg (GER)14
53Fishtown Pinguins Bremerhaven (GER)Fishtown Pinguins Bremerhaven (GER)14
54Malmö IF Redhawks (SWE)Malmö IF Redhawks (SWE)14
55Loko Yaroslavl Junior (RUS)Loko Yaroslavl Junior (RUS)12
56Sheffield Steelers (GBR)Sheffield Steelers (GBR)12
57Juniors Riga (LAT)Juniors Riga (LAT)12
58Snezhnye Barsy (KAZ)Snezhnye Barsy (KAZ)12
59Krasnaya Armiya (RUS)Krasnaya Armiya (RUS)12
60Avto Yekaterinburg (RUS)Avto Yekaterinburg (RUS)12
61HC Plzen (CZE)HC Plzen (CZE)11
62Dunaújvárosi Acél Bikák (HUN)Dunaújvárosi Acél Bikák (HUN)10
63Ertis Pavlodar (KAZ)Ertis Pavlodar (KAZ)10
64HC Dynamo Pardubice (CZE)HC Dynamo Pardubice (CZE)10
65Malmö IF Redhawks U20 (SWE)Malmö IF Redhawks U20 (SWE)10
66Krefeld Pinguine (GER)Krefeld Pinguine (GER)10
67Düsseldorfer EG (GER)Düsseldorfer EG (GER)10
68ASG Angers (FRA)ASG Angers (FRA)8
69Sioux City Musketeers (USA)Sioux City Musketeers (USA)8
70Nomad Astana (KAZ)Nomad Astana (KAZ)8
71Gap HC (FRA)Gap HC (FRA)8
72Belfast Giants (GBR)Belfast Giants (GBR)8
73Partizan Beograd (SCG)Partizan Beograd (SCG)8
74PSG Zlín (CZE)PSG Zlín (CZE)8
75Chicago Steel (USA)Chicago Steel (USA)8
76EC KAC Klagenfurt (AUT)EC KAC Klagenfurt (AUT)8
77Reaktor Nizhnekamsk (RUS)Reaktor Nizhnekamsk (RUS)8
78Tolpar Ufa (RUS)Tolpar Ufa (RUS)8
79Djurgårdens IF U20 (SWE)Djurgårdens IF U20 (SWE)8
80HC Bolzano-Bozen Foxes (ITA)HC Bolzano-Bozen Foxes (ITA)8
81Kurbads Riga (LAT)Kurbads Riga (LAT)8
82MHK Spartak (RUS)MHK Spartak (RUS)8
83Herning Blue Fox (DEN)Herning Blue Fox (DEN)8
84ASC Corona Brasov (ROM)ASC Corona Brasov (ROM)8
85Cracovia Kraków (POL)Cracovia Kraków (POL)8
86Dinamo-Shinnik Bobruisk U20 (BLR)Dinamo-Shinnik Bobruisk U20 (BLR)8
87EHC Linz (AUT)EHC Linz (AUT)8
88Jokerit Helsinki U20 (FIN)Jokerit Helsinki U20 (FIN)8
89HC Donbass Donetsk (UKR)HC Donbass Donetsk (UKR)8
90SønderjyskE (DEN)SønderjyskE (DEN)8
91HC 05 Banská Bystrica (SVK)HC 05 Banská Bystrica (SVK)6
92Chayka Nizhny Novgorod (RUS)Chayka Nizhny Novgorod (RUS)6
93BK Mladá Boleslav (CZE)BK Mladá Boleslav (CZE)6
94Red Star Beograd (SCG)Red Star Beograd (SCG)6
95Odense Bulldogs (DEN)Odense Bulldogs (DEN)6
96Esbjerg Energy (DEN)Esbjerg Energy (DEN)6
97HDD Acroni Jesenice (SLO)HDD Acroni Jesenice (SLO)6
98HC Viiking Sport Tallinn (EST)HC Viiking Sport Tallinn (EST)6
99Cardiff Devils (GBR)Cardiff Devils (GBR)6
100HK Beibarys Atyrau (KAZ)HK Beibarys Atyrau (KAZ)6
101Mogo Riga (LAT)Mogo Riga (LAT)6
102KLH Chomutov U21 (CZE)KLH Chomutov U21 (CZE)6
103HC Ocelári Trinec U20 (CZE)HC Ocelári Trinec U20 (CZE)6
104EC VSV Villach (AUT)EC VSV Villach (AUT)6
105Mountfield HK (CZE)Mountfield HK (CZE)6
106Kölner Haie (GER)Kölner Haie (GER)6
107Irbis-Skate SK Sofia (BUL)Irbis-Skate SK Sofia (BUL)4
108KH Sanok (POL)KH Sanok (POL)4
109Coventry Blaze (GBR)Coventry Blaze (GBR)4
110Hamburg Freezers (GER)Hamburg Freezers (GER)4
111Dinamo-Juniors Riga (LAT)Dinamo-Juniors Riga (LAT)4
112Red Bulls Salzburg U20 (AUT)Red Bulls Salzburg U20 (AUT)4
113Cape Breton Screaming Eagles (CAN)Cape Breton Screaming Eagles (CAN)4
114MODO Hockey U20 (SWE)MODO Hockey U20 (SWE)4
115TPS Turku U20 (FIN)TPS Turku U20 (FIN)4
116Grenoble MH38 (FRA)Grenoble MH38 (FRA)4
117HK Riga (LAT)HK Riga (LAT)4
118Liepajas Metalurgs (LAT)Liepajas Metalurgs (LAT)4
119CG Puigcerdà (SPA)CG Puigcerdà (SPA)4
120Sparta Prague U20 (CZE)Sparta Prague U20 (CZE)4
121Glasgow Clan (GBR)Glasgow Clan (GBR)4
122Shakhtar Soligorsk (BLR)Shakhtar Soligorsk (BLR)4
123Davos U20 (SWI)Davos U20 (SWI)2
124Lørenskog IK (NOR)Lørenskog IK (NOR)2
125HK Beostar (SCG)HK Beostar (SCG)2
126Vålerenga IF Oslo (NOR)Vålerenga IF Oslo (NOR)2
127Bipolo Vitoria-Gasteiz (SPA)Bipolo Vitoria-Gasteiz (SPA)2
128Tilburg Trappers (NED)Tilburg Trappers (NED)2
129Orli Znojmo (CZE)Orli Znojmo (CZE)2
130CHH Txuri Urdin (SPA)CHH Txuri Urdin (SPA)2
131Csíkszereda  HC (ROM)Csíkszereda HC (ROM)2
132Briançon HC (FRA)Briançon HC (FRA)2
133HS Riga-Prizma (LAT)HS Riga-Prizma (LAT)2
134CSM Dunarea Galati (ROM)CSM Dunarea Galati (ROM)2
135Kloten Flyers (SWI)Kloten Flyers (SWI)2
136Toros Neftekamsk (RUS)Toros Neftekamsk (RUS)2
137HYS The Hague (NED)HYS The Hague (NED)2
138CH Jaca (SPA)CH Jaca (SPA)0
139Blues Espoo U20 (FIN)Blues Espoo U20 (FIN)0
140Rishon Devils (ISR)Rishon Devils (ISR)0
141HK Slavija Ljubljana (SLO)HK Slavija Ljubljana (SLO)0
142Narva PSK (EST)Narva PSK (EST)0
143HC Kremenchuk (UKR)HC Kremenchuk (UKR)0
144HC Slovan Bratislava U20 (SVK)HC Slovan Bratislava U20 (SVK)0
145Rungsted IK - Nordsjælland Cobras (DEN)Rungsted IK - Nordsjælland Cobras (DEN)0
146Bat Yam HC (ISR)Bat Yam HC (ISR)0
147Izmir BJBSK (TUR)Izmir BJBSK (TUR)0
148Esja UMFK Reykjavík (ISL)Esja UMFK Reykjavík (ISL)0
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