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Darts - International Darts Open - 2019 - Detailed results

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International Darts Open 2019

GermanyGermany - Riesa - 13 September 2019 - 15 September 2019


15th Sep - 22h45Gerwyn Pricedef.Rob Cross8-6


15th Sep - 21h15Gerwyn Pricedef.Glen Durrant7-3
15th Sep - 21h50Rob Crossdef.Peter Wright7-6


15th Sep - 19h20Glen Durrantdef.Daryl Gurney6-4
15th Sep - 19h55Gerwyn Pricedef.Nathan Aspinall6-4
15th Sep - 20h20Peter Wrightdef.Adrian Lewis6-0
15th Sep - 20h50Rob Crossdef.Richard North6-1

Round of 16

15th Sep - 13h00Daryl Gurneydef.Steve Beaton6-5
15th Sep - 13h30Glen Durrantdef.Michael Rosenauer6-3
15th Sep - 14h00Nathan Aspinalldef.Ricky Evans6-5
15th Sep - 14h30Gerwyn Pricedef.Joe Murnan6-4
15th Sep - 15h05Peter Wrightdef.Mensur Suljovic6-3
15th Sep - 15h40Adrian Lewisdef.Jonny Clayton6-2
15th Sep - 16h10Rob Crossdef.Joe Cullen6-0
15th Sep - 16h30Richard Northdef.Steve West6-5

Round of 32

14th Sep - 15h40Daryl Gurneydef.Danny Noppert6-5
14th Sep - 16h15Steve Beatondef.Luke Woodhouse6-4
14th Sep - 13h35Michael Rosenauerdef.Krzysztof Ratajski6-3
14th Sep - 14h00Glen Durrantdef.James Richardson6-3
14th Sep - 13h00Nathan Aspinalldef.Justin Pipe6-3
14th Sep - 19h15Ricky Evansdef.Dimitri Van Den Bergh6-4
14th Sep - 16h45Gerwyn Pricedef.Kyle Anderson6-4
14th Sep - 20h45Joe Murnandef.Jeffrey de Zwaan6-3
14th Sep - 22h45Peter Wrightdef.Ritchie Edhouse6-4
14th Sep - 22h25Mensur Suljovicdef.Harry Ward6-0
14th Sep - 15h05Adrian Lewisdef.William O'Connor6-4
14th Sep - 20h15Jonny Claytondef.Steffen Siepmann6-4
14th Sep - 21h15Joe Cullendef.Davy Van Baelen6-5
14th Sep - 14h35Rob Crossdef.John Henderson6-1
14th Sep - 21h45Richard Northdef.Ian White6-5
14th Sep - 19h45Steve Westdef.Jamie Hughes6-3

Round of 64

Daryl Gurney Bye
13th Sep - 16h20Danny Noppertdef.Michael Mansell6-5
Steve Beaton Bye
13th Sep - 20h40Luke Woodhousedef.Manfred Bilderl6-1
Krzysztof Ratajski Bye
13th Sep - 17h00Michael Rosenauerdef.Mike De Decker6-4
Glen Durrant Bye
13th Sep - 15h50James Richardsondef.Mike Poge6-3
Nathan Aspinall Bye
13th Sep - 14h05Justin Pipedef.Christian Jentschke6-3
Ricky Evans Bye
13th Sep - 21h10Dimitri Van Den Berghdef.Adam Hunt6-3
Gerwyn Price Bye
13th Sep - 14h45Kyle Andersondef.Arron Monk6-5
Jeffrey de Zwaan Bye
13th Sep - 22h10Joe Murnandef.Jelle Klaasen6-5
Peter Wright Bye
13th Sep - 20h15Ritchie Edhousedef.Davyd Venken6-2
Mensur Suljovic Bye
13th Sep - 13h05Harry Warddef.Reece Robinson6-4
Adrian Lewis Bye
13th Sep - 13h35William O'Connordef.Benito Van De Pas6-4
Jonny Clayton Bye
13th Sep - 21h35Steffen Siepmanndef.Andy Boulton6-5
Joe Cullen Bye
13th Sep - 22h40Davy Van Baelendef.Ole Luckow6-0
Rob Cross Bye
13th Sep - 15h15John Hendersondef.Brett Claydon6-4
Ian White Bye
13th Sep - 19h15Richard Northdef.Boris Koltsov6-5
Jamie Hughes Bye
13th Sep - 19h45Steve Westdef.Daniel Larsson6-3

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