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Darts - Players Championship 13 - 2019 - Detailed results

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Players Championship 13 2019

EnglandEngland - Barnsley - 30 April 2019


30th Apr - 18h15William O'Connordef.Nathan Aspinall8-4


30th Apr - 17h30Nathan Aspinalldef.Adrian Lewis7-4
30th Apr - 17h30William O'Connordef.Daryl Gurney7-5


30th Apr - 17h00Nathan Aspinalldef.Christian Kist6-3
30th Apr - 17h00Adrian Lewisdef.Peter Wright6-5
30th Apr - 17h00Daryl Gurneydef.Justin Pipe6-3
30th Apr - 17h00William O'Connordef.Jeffrey de Zwaan6-5

Round of 16

30th Apr - 16h15Daryl Gurneydef.Danny Noppert6-5
30th Apr - 16h15Nathan Aspinalldef.Robert Owen6-0
30th Apr - 16h15Justin Pipedef.James Wilson6-5
30th Apr - 16h15Christian Kistdef.Mark McGeeney6-4
30th Apr - 16h15Jeffrey de Zwaandef.Ricky Evans6-5
30th Apr - 16h15Peter Wrightdef.Raymond Van Barneveld6-5
30th Apr - 16h15William O'Connordef.Steve Beaton6-4
30th Apr - 16h15Adrian Lewisdef.Cristo Reyes6-4

Round of 32

30th Apr - 15h30Daryl Gurneydef.Vincent Van Der Voort6-1
30th Apr - 15h30Ricky Evansdef.Jelle Klaasen6-4
30th Apr - 15h30Peter Wrightdef.Christopher Dobey6-5
30th Apr - 15h30Danny Noppertdef.Max Hopp6-2
30th Apr - 15h30Nathan Aspinalldef.Boris Koltsov6-4
30th Apr - 15h30Steve Beatondef.Arron Monk6-3
30th Apr - 15h30Raymond Van Barnevelddef.Nathan Rafferty6-2
30th Apr - 15h30James Wilsondef.Ryan Meikle6-1
30th Apr - 15h30Robert Owendef.George Killington6-4
30th Apr - 15h30William O'Connordef.Luke Woodhouse6-2
30th Apr - 15h30Cristo Reyesdef.Michael Smith6-3
30th Apr - 15h30Justin Pipedef.Robert Thornton6-1
30th Apr - 15h30Mark McGeeneydef.Ross Smith6-5
30th Apr - 15h30Adrian Lewisdef.Glen Durrant6-4
30th Apr - 15h30Jeffrey de Zwaandef.Ryan Searle6-3
30th Apr - 15h30Christian Kistdef.Stephen Bunting6-5

Second Round

30th Apr - 14h45Vincent Van Der Voortdef.Harry Ward6-3
30th Apr - 14h45Peter Wrightdef.Alan Tabern6-3
30th Apr - 14h45William O'Connordef.Liz Humphries6-2
30th Apr - 14h45Robert Thorntondef.Mark Wilson6-1
30th Apr - 14h45Michael Smithdef.Jamie Bain6-3
30th Apr - 14h45Mark McGeeneydef.Madars Razma6-5
30th Apr - 14h45Ricky Evansdef.Nathan Derry6-3
30th Apr - 14h45Max Hoppdef.Devon Petersen6-2
30th Apr - 14h45Christopher Dobeydef.Adam Hunt6-3
30th Apr - 14h45Nathan Aspinalldef.Keegan Brown6-4
30th Apr - 14h45Justin Pipedef.Josh Payne6-2
30th Apr - 14h45Glen Durrantdef.Ted Evetts6-3
30th Apr - 14h45Ross Smithdef.Gary Eastwood6-5
30th Apr - 14h45Steve Beatondef.Simon Stevenson6-5
30th Apr - 14h45Danny Noppertdef.Christian Bunse6-4
30th Apr - 14h45Nathan Raffertydef.Geert Nentjes6-5
30th Apr - 14h45Boris Koltsovdef.Ritchie Edhouse6-2
30th Apr - 14h45Jeffrey de Zwaandef.Darren Webster6-3
30th Apr - 14h45Adrian Lewisdef.Yordi Meeuwisse6-4
30th Apr - 14h45Stephen Buntingdef.Gavin Carlin6-2
30th Apr - 14h45Arron Monkdef.Krzysztof Ratajski6-5
30th Apr - 14h45James Wilsondef.Andy Boulton6-2
30th Apr - 14h45Raymond Van Barnevelddef.Peter Hudson6-2
30th Apr - 14h45George Killingtondef.Simon Whitlock6-2
30th Apr - 14h45Ryan Searledef.Brendan Dolan6-5
30th Apr - 14h45Daryl Gurneydef.Matt Clark6-4
30th Apr - 14h45Christian Kistdef.Jan Dekker6-2
30th Apr - 14h45Luke Woodhousedef.Gerwyn Price6-3
30th Apr - 14h45Ryan Meikledef.Rod Harrington6-4
30th Apr - 14h45Cristo Reyesdef.Chris Whitehead6-0
30th Apr - 14h45Robert Owendef.Shane Lennon6-5
30th Apr - 14h45Jelle Klaasendef.Tytus Kanik6-4

First Round

30th Apr - 13h00Darren Websterdef.Adrian Gray6-1
30th Apr - 13h00Mark McGeeneydef.Ian White6-2
30th Apr - 13h00Adrian Lewisdef.Dimitri Van Den Bergh6-3
30th Apr - 13h00Mark Wilsondef.Dave Chisnall6-4
30th Apr - 13h00Michael Smithdef.Dawson Murschell6-4
30th Apr - 13h00Daryl Gurneydef.Kirk Shepherd6-2
30th Apr - 13h00Ricky Evansdef.Dirk Van Duijvenbode6-5
30th Apr - 13h00Jan Dekkerdef.Mervyn King6-5
30th Apr - 13h00Simon Whitlockdef.Steve Taylor6-0
30th Apr - 13h00Rod Harringtondef.Jermaine Wattimena6-4
30th Apr - 13h00Gerwyn Pricedef.Barrie Bates6-2
30th Apr - 13h00Nathan Raffertydef.Jonny Clayton6-2
30th Apr - 13h00Ritchie Edhousedef.Joe Cullen6-5
30th Apr - 13h00Peter Wrightdef.Mark Dudbridge6-1
30th Apr - 13h00Danny Noppertdef.David Pallett6-2
30th Apr - 13h00Krzysztof Ratajskidef.Tony Newell6-1
30th Apr - 13h25Alan Taberndef.Ron Meulenkamp6-4
30th Apr - 13h25Nathan Derrydef.Jamie Lewis6-3
30th Apr - 13h25George Killingtondef.James Richardson6-3
30th Apr - 13h25Arron Monkdef.Joe Murnan6-1
30th Apr - 13h25Madars Razmadef.Eddie Dootson6-5
30th Apr - 13h25Luke Woodhousedef.Maik Kuivenhoven6-1
30th Apr - 13h25Matt Clarkdef.Martin Schindler6-3
30th Apr - 13h25Christian Kistdef.Marko Kantele6-5
30th Apr - 13h25Christian Bunsedef.Robert Marijanovic6-3
30th Apr - 13h25Ryan Meikledef.Darius Labanauskas6-4
30th Apr - 13h25Jeffrey de Zwaandef.Niels Zonneveld6-1
30th Apr - 13h25Yordi Meeuwissedef.Ronny Huybrechts6-3
30th Apr - 13h25Geert Nentjesdef.Gary Anderson6-1
30th Apr - 13h25Robert Thorntondef.Davy Van Baelen6-5
30th Apr - 13h25Boris Koltsovdef.Michael Mansell6-4
30th Apr - 13h25Jamie Baindef.Stephen Burton6-3
30th Apr - 13h50James Wilsondef.Antonio Alcinas6-3
30th Apr - 13h50Peter Hudsondef.John Henderson6-5
30th Apr - 13h50Max Hoppdef.Scott Baker6-5
30th Apr - 13h50Brendan Dolandef.Kyle Anderson6-1
30th Apr - 13h50Nathan Aspinalldef.Matthew Edgar6-1
30th Apr - 13h50Josh Paynedef.Mike Todd6-3
30th Apr - 13h50Glen Durrantdef.Zoran Lerchbacher6-4
30th Apr - 13h50Christopher Dobeydef.Michael Barnard6-4
30th Apr - 13h50Cristo Reyesdef.Steve West6-5
30th Apr - 13h50Steve Beatondef.Mario Robbe6-3
30th Apr - 13h50Shane Lennondef.Vincent Kamphuis6-1
30th Apr - 13h50Jelle Klaasendef.Gabriel Clemens6-5
30th Apr - 13h50Ross Smithdef.Benito Van De Pas6-0
30th Apr - 13h50Liz Humphriesdef.Kim Huybrechts6-5
30th Apr - 13h50Stephen Buntingdef.Reece Robinson6-0
30th Apr - 13h50Vincent Van Der Voortdef.Shaun Carroll6-5
30th Apr - 14h15William O'Connordef.Rowby-John Rodriguez6-5
30th Apr - 14h15Gavin Carlindef.Vincent van der Meer6-2
30th Apr - 14h15Adam Huntdef.Kevin Burness6-5
30th Apr - 14h15Andy Boultondef.Terry Temple6-1
30th Apr - 14h15Raymond Van Barnevelddef.Corey Cadby6-4
30th Apr - 14h15Devon Petersendef.Carl Wilkinson6-4
30th Apr - 14h15Ryan Searledef.Dave Prins6-5
30th Apr - 14h15Gary Eastwooddef.Richard North6-5
30th Apr - 14h15Keegan Browndef.Wayne Jones6-3
30th Apr - 14h15Justin Pipedef.Ryan Joyce6-3
30th Apr - 14h15Ted Evettsdef.Jamie Hughes6-4
30th Apr - 14h15Harry Warddef.Mark Webster6-3
30th Apr - 14h15Chris Whiteheaddef.Alan Norris6-5
30th Apr - 14h15Simon Stevensondef.Mike van Duivenbode6-2
30th Apr - 14h15Robert Owendef.Jonathan Worsley6-4
30th Apr - 14h15Tytus Kanikdef.Bradley Brooks6-4

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