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Darts - Icons of Darts Live League - 2020 - Detailed results

Darts - Icons of Darts Live League - 2020 - Detailed results

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Icons of Darts Live League 2020

6 April 2020 - 28 April 2020

30th May - 11h30Andy Jenkinsdef.Mark Webster4-2
30th May - 11h50Jarred Coledef.Ritchie Edhouse4-1
30th May - 12h10Jarred Coledef.Mark Webster4-2
30th May - 12h30Ritchie Edhousedef.Andy Jenkins4-1
30th May - 12h50Mark Websterdef.Ritchie Edhouse4-2
30th May - 13h10Andy Jenkinsdef.Jarred Cole4-2
30th May - 13h30Mark Websterdef.Scott Mitchell4-2
30th May - 14h00Arron Monkdef.Andy Jenkins4-0
30th May - 14h10David Evansdef.Ritchie Edhouse4-3
30th May - 14h40Scott Mitchelldef.Jarred Cole4-3
30th May - 15h10Mark Websterdef.Arron Monk4-0
30th May - 15h30Andy Jenkinsdef.David Evans4-1
30th May - 15h50Ritchie Edhousedef.Scott Mitchell4-1
30th May - 16h10Arron Monkdef.Jarred Cole4-2
30th May - 16h30David Evansdef.Mark Webster4-3
30th May - 17h00Andy Jenkinsdef.Scott Mitchell4-2
30th May - 17h20Arron Monkdef.Ritchie Edhouse4-3
30th May - 17h40David Evansdef.Jarred Cole4-1
30th May - 17h55Scott Mitchelldef.Arron Monk4-1
30th May - 18h15Scott Mitchelldef.David Evans4-2
30th May - 18h35David Evansdef.Arron Monk4-2
1ENGDavid Evans86402
2ENGAndy Jenkins86402
3ENGScott Mitchell66303
4GALMark Webster66303
5ENGArron Monk66303
6ENGRitchie Edhouse66204
7ENGJarred Cole66204



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