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Darts - Remote Darts League - 2020 - Detailed results

Darts - Remote Darts League - 2020 - Detailed results

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Remote Darts League 2020

18 April 2020 - 28 April 2020

Second Round - Final

8th Jun - 23h45Richard Veenstradef.Paul Hogan10-5

Second Round - Semi-Finals

8th Jun - 22h10Paul Hogandef.James Richardson8-4
8th Jun - 23h00Richard Veenstradef.John Joe O'Shea8-1

Second Round - Round Robin

The winners of this round are qualified

18th May - 22h05James Richardsondef.Richard Veenstra6-3
18th May - 22h35Larry Butlerdef.Tina Osborne6-1
18th May - 23h10Larry ButleragainstRichard Veenstra5-5
18th May - 23h40James Richardsondef.Tina Osborne6-0
19th May - 00h00Richard Veenstradef.Tina Osborne5-0
19th May - 00h35James Richardsondef.Larry Butler6-2
19th May - 22h05Laura Turnerdef.Darren Herewini6-4
19th May - 23h00Paul Hogandef.Joe Chaney6-3
19th May - 23h30Joe Chaneydef.Darren Herewini6-3
20th May - 00h00Paul Hogandef.Laura Turner6-2
20th May - 00h30Paul Hogandef.Darren Herewini6-4
20th May - 01h00Joe Chaneydef.Laura Turner6-2
20th May - 22h05Justin Thompsondef.Tony O'Shea6-3
20th May - 22h45Thibault Tricoledef.Lorraine Winstanley6-2
20th May - 23h15Tony O'Sheadef.Lorraine Winstanley6-0
20th May - 23h45Justin Thompsondef.Thibault Tricole6-2
21th May - 00h20Thibault Tricoledef.Tony O'Shea6-3
21th May - 00h45Justin Thompsondef.Lorraine Winstanley6-0
21th May - 22h10David Camerondef.Stacey Pace6-0
21th May - 22h35Jim WilliamsagainstJohn Joe O'Shea5-5
21th May - 23h10Jim Williamsdef.Stacey Pace6-1
21th May - 23h45John Joe O'SheaagainstDavid Cameron5-5
22th May - 00h30John Joe O'Sheadef.Stacey Pace6-0
22th May - 00h55David CameronagainstJim Williams5-5
22th May - 22h15Jim Williamsdef.Lorraine Winstanley6-2
22th May - 22h40Larry Butlerdef.Joe Chaney6-1
22th May - 23h10Larry Butlerdef.Lorraine Winstanley6-0
22th May - 23h40Joe Chaneydef.Jim Williams6-2
23th May - 00h10Joe Chaneydef.Lorraine Winstanley6-4
23th May - 00h45Jim WilliamsagainstLarry Butler5-5
23th May - 22h05Thibault Tricoledef.John Joe O'Shea6-2
23th May - 22h35Paul Hogandef.Tina Osborne6-0
23th May - 23h00Thibault Tricoledef.Tina Osborne6-0
23th May - 23h35Paul HoganagainstJohn Joe O'Shea5-5
24th May - 00h00Paul HoganagainstThibault Tricole5-5
24th May - 00h35John Joe O'Sheadef.Tina Osborne6-0
24th May - 22h05Tony O'Sheadef.Stacey Pace6-0
24th May - 22h35Richard VeenstraagainstDarren Herewini5-5
24th May - 23h05Richard VeenstraagainstTony O'Shea5-5
24th May - 23h40Darren Herewinidef.Stacey Pace6-1
25th May - 00h10Darren Herewinidef.Tony O'Shea6-3
25th May - 00h45Richard Veenstradef.Stacey Pace6-0
25th May - 22h00David Camerondef.Justin Thompson6-4
25th May - 22h45James Richardsondef.Laura Turner6-0
25th May - 23h10James RichardsonagainstJustin Thompson5-5
25th May - 23h45David Camerondef.Laura Turner6-4
26th May - 00h20Justin Thompsondef.Laura Turner6-0
26th May - 00h55James Richardsondef.David Cameron6-0
26th May - 22h00Paul Hogandef.Justin Thompson6-3
26th May - 22h45Larry Butlerdef.Stacey Pace6-0
26th May - 23h15Paul Hogandef.Stacey Pace6-0
26th May - 23h40Justin Thompsondef.Larry Butler6-3
27th May - 00h15Paul Hogandef.Larry Butler6-2
27th May - 00h45Justin Thompsondef.Stacey Pace6-0
27th May - 22h05Joe ChaneyagainstTony O'Shea5-5
27th May - 22h35David Camerondef.Tina Osborne6-1
27th May - 23h05David CameronagainstJoe Chaney5-5
27th May - 23h40Tony O'Sheadef.Tina Osborne6-1
28th May - 00h10Joe Chaneydef.Tina Osborne6-4
28th May - 00h40Tony O'Sheadef.David Cameron6-2
29th May - 22h05Thibault Tricoledef.Laura Turner6-0
29th May - 22h35Richard Veenstradef.Jim Williams6-4
29th May - 23h10Jim Williamsdef.Laura Turner6-2
29th May - 23h35Richard Veenstradef.Thibault Tricole6-2
30th May - 00h00Richard Veenstradef.Laura Turner6-2
30th May - 00h35Thibault TricoleagainstJim Williams5-5
30th May - 22h10Darren HerewiniagainstLorraine Winstanley5-5
30th May - 22h45James Richardsondef.John Joe O'Shea6-0
30th May - 23h05John Joe O'Sheadef.Darren Herewini6-2
30th May - 23h35James Richardsondef.Lorraine Winstanley6-0
31th May - 00h00James RichardsonagainstDarren Herewini5-5
31th May - 00h30John Joe O'Sheadef.Lorraine Winstanley6-0
31th May - 22h10Darren Herewinidef.Tina Osborne6-0
31th May - 22h35Jim Williamsdef.Justin Thompson6-1
31th May - 23h10Justin Thompsondef.Tina Osborne6-1
31th May - 23h40Jim Williamsdef.Darren Herewini6-1
1st Jun - 00h05Jim Williamsdef.Tina Osborne6-1
1st Jun - 00h30Darren Herewinidef.Justin Thompson6-3
1st Jun - 22h05Larry Butlerdef.Laura Turner6-1
1st Jun - 22h35John Joe O'Sheadef.Tony O'Shea6-1
1st Jun - 23h05Tony O'SheaagainstLarry Butler5-5
1st Jun - 23h40John Joe O'Sheadef.Laura Turner6-0
2nd Jun - 00h10John Joe O'Sheadef.Larry Butler6-4
2nd Jun - 00h45Tony O'Sheadef.Laura Turner6-0
2nd Jun - 22h00Richard Veenstradef.Paul Hogan6-3
2nd Jun - 22h30David Camerondef.Lorraine Winstanley6-2
2nd Jun - 23h05Richard Veenstradef.Lorraine Winstanley6-1
2nd Jun - 23h30Paul Hogandef.David Cameron6-0
3rd Jun - 00h00David Camerondef.Richard Veenstra6-3
3rd Jun - 00h35Paul Hogandef.Lorraine Winstanley6-2
3rd Jun - 22h05James Richardsondef.Joe Chaney6-3
3rd Jun - 22h40Thibault Tricoledef.Stacey Pace6-1
3rd Jun - 23h10James Richardsondef.Thibault Tricole6-3
3rd Jun - 23h40Joe Chaneydef.Stacey Pace6-2
4th Jun - 00h10James Richardsondef.Stacey Pace6-2
4th Jun - 00h50Joe Chaneydef.Thibault Tricole6-3
4th Jun - 22h05Larry Butlerdef.David Cameron6-3
4th Jun - 22h40Thibault Tricoledef.Darren Herewini6-1
4th Jun - 23h00David Camerondef.Darren Herewini6-1
4th Jun - 23h30Thibault TricoleagainstLarry Butler
5th Jun - 00h00Thibault Tricoledef.David Cameron-
5th Jun - 00h35Larry Butlerdef.Darren Herewini6-4
5th Jun - 22h00Stacey Pacedef.Tina Osborne6-3
5th Jun - 22h55Lorraine Winstanleydef.Laura Turner6-2
5th Jun - 23h25Laura Turnerdef.Stacey Pace6-2
5th Jun - 23h55Lorraine Winstanleydef.Tina Osborne6-4
6th Jun - 00h35Lorraine Winstanleydef.Stacey Pace6-0
6th Jun - 01h10Laura Turnerdef.Tina Osborne6-4
6th Jun - 22h00Richard Veenstradef.John Joe O'Shea6-4
6th Jun - 22h40Joe Chaneydef.Justin Thompson6-4
6th Jun - 23h15Joe ChaneyagainstJohn Joe O'Shea
6th Jun - 23h45Justin ThompsonagainstRichard Veenstra
7th Jun - 00h30John Joe O'Sheadef.Justin Thompson6-3
7th Jun - 01h10Richard Veenstradef.Joe Chaney6-4
7th Jun - 22h05James Richardsondef.Jim Williams6-2
7th Jun - 22h35Tony O'Sheadef.Paul Hogan6-4
7th Jun - 23h00Jim Williamsdef.Paul Hogan6-2
7th Jun - 23h30James Richardsondef.Tony O'Shea6-2
8th Jun - 00h10Tony O'Sheadef.Jim Williams6-1
8th Jun - 22h10James Richardsondef.Paul Hogan6-2
1ENGJames Richardson28151320
2NEDRichard Veenstra2114932
3ENGPaul Hogan2015924
4IRLJohn Joe O'Shea1914833
5USAJoe Chaney1814824
6FRAThibault Tricole1814824
7GALJim Williams1815744
8ENGTony O'Shea1715735
9USALarry Butler1714734
10CANDavid Cameron1715735
11AUSJustin Thompson1514716
12NZLDarren Herewini1115438
13ENGLorraine Winstanley7153111
14ENGLaura Turner6153012
15USAStacey Pace2151014
16NZLTina Osborne0150015

First Round - Final

James Richardsondef.Paul Hogan10-3

First Round - Semi-Finals

Paul Hogandef.Tony O'Shea8-3
James Richardsondef.Jim Williams8-2

First Round - Round Robin

Tony O'Sheadef.Alan Norris7-3
Gary Robsondef.Wesley Newton7-3
Jim Williamsdef.Dean Winstanley-2
Paul Hogandef.John Walton7-3
James Richardsondef.Darryl Fitton7-3
Darryl Fittondef.Paul Hogan7-5
Alan Norrisdef.Dean Winstanley7-2
Gary Robsondef.John Walton7-5
James Richardsondef.Jim Williams7-5
Tony O'Sheadef.Wesley Newton7-5
Paul Hogandef.Gary Robson7-5
Darryl Fittondef.Wesley Newton6-6
Tony O'Sheadef.James Richardson7-5
Jim Williamsdef.Alan Norris7-3
Dean Winstanleydef.John Walton6-6
Jim Williamsdef.John Walton7-1
James Richardsondef.Wesley Newton7-1
Darryl Fittondef.Dean Winstanley7-2
Tony O'Sheadef.Gary Robson6-6
Paul Hogandef.Alan Norris7-0
James Richardsondef.Dean Winstanley7-2
Paul Hogandef.Jim Williams7-4
Tony O'Sheadef.John Walton7-1
Alan Norrisdef.Wesley Newton7-5
Gary Robsondef.Darryl Fitton7-2
Gary Robsondef.Alan Norris7-4
Darryl Fittondef.Jim Williams6-6
Paul Hogandef.Wesley Newton7-0
James Richardsondef.John Walton7-1
Tony O'Sheadef.Dean Winstanley7-2
Jim Williamsdef.Tony O'Shea7-2
James Richardsondef.Gary Robson7-2
Darryl Fittondef.Alan Norris7-3
Paul Hogandef.Dean Winstanley7-5
Wesley Newtondef.John Walton6-6
Wesley Newtondef.Dean Winstanley7-5
Alan Norrisdef.John Walton7-3
Paul Hogandef.James Richardson6-6
Tony O'Sheadef.Darryl Fitton7-5
Jim Williamsdef.Gary Robson7-3
Darryl Fittondef.John Walton7-4
Tony O'Sheadef.Paul Hogan6-6
Jim Williamsdef.Wesley Newton7-4
Gary Robsondef.Dean Winstanley7-2
James Richardsondef.Alan Norris7-4
1ENGTony O'Shea18982-1
2ENGJames Richardson179711
3ENGPaul Hogan169720
4GALJim Williams159612
5ENGDarryl Fitton149621
6ENGGary Robson139513
7ENGWesley Newton89225
8ENGAlan Norris69306
9ENGDean Winstanley59117
10ENGJohn Walton49027

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