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Football - Soccer - IFA Premiership - 2018/2019 - Home

Football - Soccer - IFA Premiership - 2018/2019 - Home

Choice of a season :

Northern Ireland
  • Ards FC
  • Ballymena United FC
  • Cliftonville FC
  • Coleraine
  • Crusaders Belfast
  • Dungannon Swifts
  • Glenavon FC
  • Glentoran FC
  • Institute FC
  • Linfield FC
  • Newry City FC
  • Warrenpoint Town FC


IFA Premiership - Home

Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland

Regular Season (Northern Ireland - 04/08/2018 - 30/03/2019)

1Linfield FC773324547021+49
2Ballymena United FC683321577442+32
3Crusaders Belfast643320496544+21
4Glenavon FC603317976040+20
5Cliftonville FC5433173136254+8
7Glentoran FC38331081549490
8Institute FC3833115174565-20
9Dungannon Swifts363399153756-19
10Warrenpoint Town FC343397174067-27
11Ards FC193347222758-31
12Newry City FC173345242361-38
22th March 2019
20h45Dungannon SwiftsDungannon Swifts0 - 5Linfield FCLinfield FC
23th March 2019
14h00Institute FCInstitute FC1 - 0ColeraineColeraine
16h00Ballymena United FCBallymena United FC1 - 2Warrenpoint Town FCWarrenpoint Town FC
16h00Ards FCArds FC2 - 2Crusaders BelfastCrusaders Belfast
18h30Newry City FCNewry City FC0 - 1Glenavon FCGlenavon FC
30th March 2019
16h00Cliftonville FCCliftonville FC2 - 1Glentoran FCGlentoran FC

Detail of the results

Group de Relégation (Northern Ireland - 05/04/2019 - 27/04/2019)

1Glentoran FC46371210155653+3
2Institute FC4437135195070-20
3Dungannon Swifts3937109184365-22
4Warrenpoint Town FC3837108195078-28
5Ards FC263768233062-32
6Newry City FC233765263167-36
5th April 2019
20h45Newry City FCNewry City FC3 - 0Ards FCArds FC
6th April 2019
16h00Dungannon SwiftsDungannon Swifts1 - 2Glentoran FCGlentoran FC
16h00Institute FCInstitute FC2 - 1Warrenpoint Town FCWarrenpoint Town FC
13th April 2019
16h00Ards FCArds FC1 - 1Glentoran FCGlentoran FC
16h00Dungannon SwiftsDungannon Swifts2 - 1Institute FCInstitute FC
18h30Warrenpoint Town FCWarrenpoint Town FC2 - 4Newry City FCNewry City FC
19th April 2019
20h45Newry City FCNewry City FC0 - 2Glentoran FCGlentoran FC
20th April 2019
16h00Institute FCInstitute FC0 - 1Ards FCArds FC
16h00Warrenpoint Town FCWarrenpoint Town FC5 - 3Dungannon SwiftsDungannon Swifts
23th April 2019
20h45Ards FCArds FC1 - 0Dungannon SwiftsDungannon Swifts
20h45Glentoran FCGlentoran FC2 - 2Warrenpoint Town FCWarrenpoint Town FC
20h45Institute FCInstitute FC2 - 1Newry City FCNewry City FC
27th April 2019
16h00Glentoran FCGlentoran FC - Institute FCInstitute FC
16h00Newry City FCNewry City FC - Dungannon SwiftsDungannon Swifts
16h00Warrenpoint Town FCWarrenpoint Town FC - Ards FCArds FC

Detail of the results

Championship Round (Northern Ireland - 05/04/2019 - 27/04/2019)

1Linfield FC843726657626+50
2Ballymena United FC753723688047+33
3Glenavon FC6737191087046+24
4Crusaders Belfast6537205126852+16
5Cliftonville FC6137194147062+8
5th April 2019
20h45Ballymena United FCBallymena United FC0 - 1Linfield FCLinfield FC
6th April 2019
16h00Glenavon FCGlenavon FC2 - 1Crusaders BelfastCrusaders Belfast
16h00Cliftonville FCCliftonville FC4 - 2ColeraineColeraine
13th April 2019
16h00Linfield FCLinfield FC0 - 0Crusaders BelfastCrusaders Belfast
16h00Cliftonville FCCliftonville FC1 - 1Ballymena United FCBallymena United FC
16h00Glenavon FCGlenavon FC1 - 1ColeraineColeraine
20th April 2019
16h00Linfield FCLinfield FC0 - 4Glenavon FCGlenavon FC
16h00Ballymena United FCBallymena United FC1 - 0ColeraineColeraine
16h00Cliftonville FCCliftonville FC2 - 0Crusaders BelfastCrusaders Belfast
23th April 2019
20h45Ballymena United FCBallymena United FC4 - 3Glenavon FCGlenavon FC
20h45ColeraineColeraine4 - 2Crusaders BelfastCrusaders Belfast
20h45Linfield FCLinfield FC5 - 1Cliftonville FCCliftonville FC
27th April 2019
16h00Ballymena United FCBallymena United FC - Crusaders BelfastCrusaders Belfast
16h00ColeraineColeraine - Linfield FCLinfield FC
16h00Glenavon FCGlenavon FC - Cliftonville FCCliftonville FC

Detail of the results

Relegation (Northern Ireland - 04/05/2019 - 09/05/2019)

Playoffs (Northern Ireland - 09/05/2019 - 12/05/2019)

Europa League Play-offs - Semi-Finals (09/05/2019)

Europa League Play-offs - Final

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