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Football - Soccer - Croatian Cup - 2018/2019 - Home

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Croatian Cup - Home

CroatiaCroatia - 18th August 2018 - 22th May 2019

WinnerHNK Rijeka : HNK Rijeka


First Round (29/08/2018)
18th August 2018
17h00HNK Primorac Biograd na MoruHNK Primorac Biograd na Moru0 - 1Zagora UnesicZagora Unesic
21th August 2018
16h30NK Rudar LabinNK Rudar Labin0 - 3NK KrkNK Krk
28th August 2018
16h00Nehaj SenjNehaj Senj4 - 1NK Granicar ZupanjaNK Granicar Zupanja
18h00NK Hrvatski DragovoljacNK Hrvatski Dragovoljac0 - 3VSNK VarazdinVSNK Varazdin
29th August 2018
16h00BSK Bijelo BrdoBSK Bijelo Brdo0 - 0 (3 pen 4)NK Vukovar '91NK Vukovar '91
16h00NK Slavija PleternicaNK Slavija Pleternica1 - 0HNK SegestaHNK Segesta
16h00NK KoprivnicaNK Koprivnica1 - 3HNK Sloga MravinceHNK Sloga Mravince
16h00NK Jadran Luka PloceNK Jadran Luka Ploce1 - 0NK BjelovarNK Bjelovar
16h00NK VisnjevacNK Visnjevac1 - 2NK VrapceNK Vrapce
16h00NK KrizevciNK Krizevci2 - 0NK RovinjNK Rovinj
16h00HNK SuhopoljeHNK Suhopolje2 - 3NK Udarnik KurilovecNK Udarnik Kurilovec
16h00NK NedelisceNK Nedelisce2 - 4NK Sloga Nova GradiskaNK Sloga Nova Gradiska
16h00NK Bednja BeletinecNK Bednja Beletinec2 - 0NK PitomacaNK Pitomaca
16h00NK Medimurje CakovecNK Medimurje Cakovec5 - 0NK Sava StrmecNK Sava Strmec
16h00NK Zagorec KrapinaNK Zagorec Krapina9 - 0NK Libertas NovskaNK Libertas Novska
19h00NK KarlovacNK Karlovac1 - 2NK MarsoniaNK Marsonia

Round of 32 (26/09/2018)
18th September 2018
15h30NK Bednja BeletinecNK Bednja Beletinec0 - 3Inter ZapresicInter Zapresic
19th September 2018
15h30NK Zagorec KrapinaNK Zagorec Krapina0 - 3NK OsijekNK Osijek
25th September 2018
15h30NK Udarnik KurilovecNK Udarnik Kurilovec0 - 2NK Slaven BelupoNK Slaven Belupo
15h30NK Vukovar '91NK Vukovar '913 - 5 otNK ZadarNK Zadar
26th September 2018
15h30NK VrapceNK Vrapce0 - 2Hajduk SplitHajduk Split
15h30HNK Primorac Biograd na MoruHNK Primorac Biograd na Moru0 - 1NK Lokomotiva ZagrebNK Lokomotiva Zagreb
15h30HNK Sloga MravinceHNK Sloga Mravince0 - 1Dinamo ZagrebDinamo Zagreb
15h30NK Slavija PleternicaNK Slavija Pleternica0 - 4NK VinogradarNK Vinogradar
15h30NK KrizevciNK Krizevci0 - 9HNK RijekaHNK Rijeka
15h30NK KrkNK Krk1 - 0HNK CibaliaHNK Cibalia
15h30Nehaj SenjNehaj Senj2 - 2 (2 pen 4)HNK SibenikHNK Sibenik
15h30NK ZelinaNK Zelina2 - 0NK GOSK DubrovnikNK GOSK Dubrovnik
15h30NK Sloga Nova GradiskaNK Sloga Nova Gradiska2 - 4NK Istra 1961NK Istra 1961
15h30NK MarsoniaNK Marsonia3 - 0NK ZagrebNK Zagreb
15h30NK Jadran Luka PloceNK Jadran Luka Ploce3 - 1RNK SplitRNK Split
18h00VSNK VarazdinVSNK Varazdin2 - 0NK Medimurje CakovecNK Medimurje Cakovec

Round of 16 (31/10/2018)
30th October 2018
17h00NK ZadarNK Zadar1 - 3NK Lokomotiva ZagrebNK Lokomotiva Zagreb
17h00Inter ZapresicInter Zapresic2 - 1NK Istra 1961NK Istra 1961
31th October 2018
14h00NK MarsoniaNK Marsonia0 - 1NK Slaven BelupoNK Slaven Belupo
14h00NK ZelinaNK Zelina0 - 4Dinamo ZagrebDinamo Zagreb
14h00NK KrkNK Krk1 - 5NK OsijekNK Osijek
14h00NK VinogradarNK Vinogradar4 - 2NK Jadran Luka PloceNK Jadran Luka Ploce
16h00HNK SibenikHNK Sibenik1 - 2 otHajduk SplitHajduk Split
19h00VSNK VarazdinVSNK Varazdin1 - 2HNK RijekaHNK Rijeka

Quarter-Finals (05/12/2018)
4th December 2018
17h00Inter ZapresicInter Zapresic3 - 0NK VinogradarNK Vinogradar
19h30NK Lokomotiva ZagrebNK Lokomotiva Zagreb1 - 2HNK RijekaHNK Rijeka
5th December 2018
17h00NK OsijekNK Osijek2 - 1Hajduk SplitHajduk Split
19h30Dinamo ZagrebDinamo Zagreb1 - 0NK Slaven BelupoNK Slaven Belupo

Semi-Finals (24/04/2019)
23th April 2019
18h00Dinamo ZagrebDinamo Zagreb2 - 0NK OsijekNK Osijek
24th April 2019
18h00Inter ZapresicInter Zapresic1 - 2HNK RijekaHNK Rijeka

Final (22/05/2019)
22th May 2019
18h00Dinamo ZagrebDinamo Zagreb1 - 3HNK RijekaHNK Rijeka

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