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Snooker - Snooker Shoot-Out - 2019/2020 - Detailed results

Snooker - Snooker Shoot-Out - 2019/2020 - Detailed results

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Snooker Shoot-Out 2019/2020

EnglandEngland - Reading - 20 February 2020 - 23 February 2020


Michael Holtdef.Zhou Yuelong64-1


Michael Holtdef.Yan Bingtao59-16
Zhou Yuelongdef.Haotian Lyu44-33


Michael Holtdef.Ben Woollaston19-6
Yan Bingtaodef.Anthony Hamilton35-9
Zhou Yuelongdef.Mei Xiwen38-18
Haotian Lyudef.Anthony McGill45-33

Round of 16

23th Feb - 20h00Anthony McGilldef.Shaun Murphy45-38
23th Feb - 20h15Haotian Lyudef.Anda Zhang34-32
23th Feb - 20h30Yan Bingtaodef.Craig Steadman42-15
23th Feb - 20h45Zhou Yuelongdef.Billy Joe Castle77-39
23th Feb - 21h00Ben Woollastondef.Jamie Clarke90-0
23th Feb - 21h15Mei Xiwendef.Mike Dunn22-12
23th Feb - 21h30Anthony Hamiltondef.Peter Lines48-23
23th Feb - 21h45Michael Holtdef.Joe Perry67-24

Round of 32

Zhou Yuelongdef.Jack Lisowski65-8
23th Feb - 14h15Anthony McGilldef.Liang Wenbo61-41
Mike Dunndef.Ashley Carty56-20
23th Feb - 14h45Anthony Hamiltondef.Ross Bulman73-0
23th Feb - 15h00Shaun Murphydef.Brandon Sargeant44-21
23th Feb - 15h15Haotian Lyudef.Soheil Vahedi64-47
23th Feb - 15h30Craig Steadmandef.Aaron Hill63-2
23th Feb - 15h45Peter Linesdef.Jak Jones28-16
23th Feb - 16h00Ben Woollastondef.Barry Hawkins54-15
23th Feb - 16h15Jamie Clarkedef.Hang Li47-11
23th Feb - 16h30Anda Zhangdef.Guodong Xiao31-6
23th Feb - 16h45Yan Bingtaodef.Dean Young73-17
23th Feb - 17h00Michael Holtdef.Ian Burns38-15
23th Feb - 17h15Billy Joe Castledef.Luo Honghao51-2
23th Feb - 17h30Mei Xiwendef.Peifan Lei21-6
23th Feb - 17h45Joe Perrydef.Akani Songsermsawad62-25

Second Round

22th Feb - 14h00Aaron Hilldef.Kyren Wilson55-11
22th Feb - 14h15Dean Youngdef.Liam Highfield61-0
22th Feb - 14h30Jamie Clarkedef.Lu Ning53-38
22th Feb - 14h45Anthony Hamiltondef.David Gilbert62-50
22th Feb - 15h00Haotian Lyudef.Mark Davis57-25
22th Feb - 15h15Yan Bingtaodef.Chuan Leong Thor70-15
22th Feb - 15h30Peifan Leidef.Kurt Maflin30-28
22th Feb - 15h45Zhou Yuelongdef.Andrew Higginson73-8
22th Feb - 16h00Barry Hawkinsdef.David Lilley72-8
22th Feb - 16h15Akani Songsermsawaddef.Pengfei Tian39-16
22th Feb - 16h30Soheil Vahedidef.Daniel Wells42-2
22th Feb - 16h45Ross Bulmandef.Andrew Pagett42-26
22th Feb - 17h00Mike Dunndef.Matthew Stevens47-0
22th Feb - 17h15Anthony McGilldef.Dominic Dale83-17
22th Feb - 17h30Ian Burnsdef.Bingyu Chang49-43
22th Feb - 17h45Ashley Cartydef.Mark Williams54-36
22th Feb - 20h00Peter Linesdef.Thepchaiya Un-Nooh79-11
22th Feb - 20h15Brandon Sargeantdef.Ali Carter68-63
22th Feb - 20h30Guodong Xiaodef.Ashley Hugill101-4
22th Feb - 20h45Luo Honghaodef.Igor Figueiredo100-19
22th Feb - 21h00Liang Wenbodef.Martin O'Donnell53-44
22th Feb - 21h15Jack Lisowskidef.Fraser Patrick54-44
22th Feb - 21h30Anda Zhangdef.Ken Doherty62-19
22th Feb - 21h45Mei Xiwendef.Nigel Bond58-23
22th Feb - 22h00Billy Joe Castledef.Ronnie O'Sullivan66-30
22th Feb - 22h15Hang Lidef.Chen Feilong40-28
22th Feb - 22h30Michael Holtdef.Elliot Slessor62-2
22th Feb - 22h45Joe Perrydef.Ryan Day44-39
22th Feb - 23h00Jak Jonesdef.Jordan Brown111-1
22th Feb - 23h15Ben Woollastondef.Xintong Zhao64-46
22th Feb - 23h30Craig Steadmandef.Chris Wakelin52-26
22th Feb - 23h45Shaun Murphydef.Alexander Ursenbacher86-19

First Round

20th Feb - 14h00Thepchaiya Un-Noohdef.Alex Borg63-17
20th Feb - 14h15Igor Figueiredodef.Sean Maddocks43-15
20th Feb - 14h30Kurt Maflindef.Sijun Yuan103-29
20th Feb - 14h45Dominic Daledef.Mitchell Mann30-26
20th Feb - 15h00David Lilleydef.Gary Wilson41-39
20th Feb - 15h15Anda Zhangdef.Fan Zhengyi37-21
20th Feb - 15h30Mark Davisdef.Harvey Chandler61-1
20th Feb - 15h45Bingyu Changdef.Iulian Boiko120-0
20th Feb - 16h00Mark Williamsdef.Luca Brecel59-7
20th Feb - 16h15Daniel Wellsdef.Bai Langning77-72
20th Feb - 16h30Guodong Xiaodef.Jiahui Si68-63
20th Feb - 16h45Dean Youngdef.David Grace35-29
20th Feb - 17h00Chris Wakelindef.Mark Joyce46-26
20th Feb - 17h15Nigel Bonddef.Gerard Greene62-0
20th Feb - 17h30Xintong Zhaodef.Lukas Kleckers70-24
20th Feb - 17h45Akani Songsermsawaddef.Mark Selby54-18
20th Feb - 20h00Kyren Wilsondef.Michael White28-24
20th Feb - 20h15Jamie Clarkedef.Louis Heathcote49-10
20th Feb - 20h30Anthony McGilldef.Jiankang Zhang69-19
20th Feb - 20h45Liam Highfielddef.James Cahill89-33
20th Feb - 21h00Andrew Pagettdef.Stuart Bingham46-41
20th Feb - 21h15Ashley Hugilldef.Jamie O'Neill33-9
20th Feb - 21h30Mei Xiwendef.Matthew Selt22-17
20th Feb - 21h45Chuan Leong Thordef.Nutcharat Wongharuthai133-0
20th Feb - 22h00Luo Honghaodef.Mark Allen54-8
20th Feb - 22h15Hang Lidef.Adam Stefanow58-44
20th Feb - 22h30Haotian Lyudef.Riley Parsons52-35
20th Feb - 22h45Anthony Hamiltondef.Paul S Davison36-21
20th Feb - 23h00David Gilbertdef.Robert Milkins39-0
20th Feb - 23h15Peifan Leidef.Simon Lichtenberg60-3
20th Feb - 23h30Elliot Slessordef.Joe O'Connor64-31
20th Feb - 23h45Matthew Stevensdef.Jimmy White71-30
21th Feb - 14h00Shaun Murphydef.Kishan Hirani77-0
21th Feb - 14h15Soheil Vahedidef.Alfie Burden42-37
21th Feb - 14h30Ben Woollastondef.Duane Jones41-23
21th Feb - 14h45Aaron Hilldef.Robbie McGuigan50-15
21th Feb - 15h00Jordan Browndef.Scott Donaldson67-35
21th Feb - 15h15Ross Bulmandef.Michael Georgiou28-21
21th Feb - 15h30Pengfei Tiandef.Ricky Walden71-61
21th Feb - 15h45Lu Ningdef.Lee Walker37-30
21th Feb - 16h00Ali Carterdef.Zifan Chen56-50
21th Feb - 16h15Andrew Higginsondef.Martin Gould74-8
21th Feb - 16h30Michael Holtdef.Amine Amiri69-38
21th Feb - 16h45Craig Steadmandef.Hammad Miah44-27
21th Feb - 17h00Jack Lisowskidef.Andy Hicks79-10
21th Feb - 17h15Alexander Ursenbacherdef.Hossein Vafaei Ayouri61-41
21th Feb - 17h30Martin O'Donnelldef.Rod Lawler58-27
21th Feb - 17h45Ian Burnsdef.Reanne Evans69-8
21th Feb - 20h00Ken Dohertydef.Kacper Filipiak64-41
21th Feb - 20h15Ryan Daydef.Barry Pinches117-6
21th Feb - 20h30Zhou Yuelongdef.Tom Ford61-27
21th Feb - 20h45Billy Joe Castledef.Andy Lee69-0
21th Feb - 21h00Yan Bingtaodef.Si Xu42-1
21th Feb - 21h15Jak Jonesdef.Sam Baird48-36
21th Feb - 21h30Ashley Cartydef.Noppon Saengkham46-43
21th Feb - 21h45Mike Dunndef.John Astley41-29
21th Feb - 22h00Barry Hawkinsdef.Jackson Page77-7
21th Feb - 22h15Brandon Sargeantdef.Eden Sharav63-7
21th Feb - 22h30Liang Wenbodef.Oliver Lines34-29
21th Feb - 22h45Chen Feilongdef.Fergal O'Brien56-41
21th Feb - 23h00Joe Perrydef.Jimmy Robertson35-7
21th Feb - 23h15Fraser Patrickdef.Stuart Carrington56-7
21th Feb - 23h30Peter Linesdef.Sam Craigie58-16
21th Feb - 23h45Ronnie O'Sullivandef.Alan McManus54-10

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