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Football - Soccer - Scottish League Cup - 2019/2020 - Home

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Scottish League Cup 2019/2020 - Home

ScotlandScotland - 12 July 2019 - 8 December 2019

WinnerCeltic Glasgow : Celtic Glasgow

First Round
12 July 2019
20h45Heart of Midlothian (SCO)Heart of Midlothian5 - 3Dundee UnitedDundee United (SCO)
13 July 2019
16h00Hamilton Academical (SCO)Hamilton Academical0 - 0 (5 pen 6)Queen's Park FCQueen's Park FC (SCO)
16h00Queen of the South FC (SCO)Queen of the South FC0 - 3MotherwellMotherwell (SCO)
16h00East Kilbride FC (SCO)East Kilbride FC0 - 1Albion Rovers FCAlbion Rovers FC (SCO)
16h00Raith Rovers FC (SCO)Raith Rovers FC0 - 3Dundee FCDundee FC (SCO)
16h00Berwick Rangers FC (ENG)Berwick Rangers FC0 - 7Ayr United F.C.Ayr United F.C. (SCO)
16h00Annan Athletic F.C. (SCO)Annan Athletic F.C.0 - 1Dumbarton FCDumbarton FC (SCO)
16h00Falkirk (SCO)Falkirk1 - 1 (3 pen 4)LivingstonLivingston (SCO)
16h00Stirling Albion FC (SCO)Stirling Albion FC1 - 1 (4 pen 5)Hibernian EdimburgHibernian Edimburg (SCO)
16h00Partick Thistle (SCO)Partick Thistle1 - 0Airdrieonians F.C.Airdrieonians F.C. (SCO)
16h00Peterhead FC (SCO)Peterhead FC2 - 1Cove Rangers FCCove Rangers FC (SCO)
16h00Cowdenbeath F.C. (SCO)Cowdenbeath F.C.2 - 0East Fife FCEast Fife FC (SCO)
16h00Arbroath F.C. (SCO)Arbroath F.C.2 - 1Elgin City F.C.Elgin City F.C. (SCO)
16h00Forfar Athletic F.C. (SCO)Forfar Athletic F.C.3 - 0Brechin City F.C.Brechin City F.C. (SCO)
16h00Ross County FC (SCO)Ross County FC4 - 1Montrose FCMontrose FC (SCO)
14 July 2019
16h00St Mirren (SCO)St Mirren2 - 3DunfermlineDunfermline (SCO)
16 July 2019
20h30Stenhousemuir F.C. (SCO)Stenhousemuir F.C.1 - 2Dundee UnitedDundee United (SCO)
20h45Peterhead FC (SCO)Peterhead FC0 - 0 (11 pen 10)Inverness CTInverness CT (SCO)
20h45Brechin City F.C. (SCO)Brechin City F.C.0 - 4Ross County FCRoss County FC (SCO)
20h45Cowdenbeath F.C. (SCO)Cowdenbeath F.C.0 - 2Heart of MidlothianHeart of Midlothian (SCO)
20h45Montrose FC (SCO)Montrose FC1 - 0Saint Johnstone FCSaint Johnstone FC (SCO)
20h45Queen's Park FC (SCO)Queen's Park FC1 - 2Partick ThistlePartick Thistle (SCO)
20h45Falkirk (SCO)Falkirk1 - 0Stranraer F.C.Stranraer F.C. (SCO)
20h45Livingston (SCO)Livingston2 - 1Ayr United F.C.Ayr United F.C. (SCO)
20h45Alloa Athletic F.C. (SCO)Alloa Athletic F.C.3 - 3 (5 pen 6)Elgin City F.C.Elgin City F.C. (SCO)
20h45Queen of the South FC (SCO)Queen of the South FC3 - 3 (5 pen 4)Annan Athletic F.C.Annan Athletic F.C. (SCO)
20h45Greenock Morton (SCO)Greenock Morton6 - 1Dumbarton FCDumbarton FC (SCO)
17 July 2019
20h45Cove Rangers FC (SCO)Cove Rangers FC0 - 0 (2 pen 3)Dundee FCDundee FC (SCO)
20h45St Mirren (SCO)St Mirren1 - 0Edinburgh City FCEdinburgh City FC (SCO)
20h45Clyde F.C. (SCO)Clyde F.C.1 - 3Hamilton AcademicalHamilton Academical (SCO)
20h45Stirling Albion FC (SCO)Stirling Albion FC1 - 6Arbroath F.C.Arbroath F.C. (SCO)
20h45Dunfermline (SCO)Dunfermline6 - 0Albion Rovers FCAlbion Rovers FC (SCO)
19 July 2019
20h45Dundee United (SCO)Dundee United3 - 0Cowdenbeath F.C.Cowdenbeath F.C. (SCO)
20h45Motherwell (SCO)Motherwell4 - 0Greenock MortonGreenock Morton (SCO)
20 July 2019
16h00East Kilbride FC (SCO)East Kilbride FC0 - 0 (6 pen 5)St MirrenSt Mirren (SCO)
16h00Dundee FC (SCO)Dundee FC0 - 0 (4 pen 2)Peterhead FCPeterhead FC (SCO)
16h00Dumbarton FC (SCO)Dumbarton FC1 - 4Queen of the South FCQueen of the South FC (SCO)
16h00Edinburgh City FC (SCO)Edinburgh City FC1 - 0DunfermlineDunfermline (SCO)
16h00Montrose FC (SCO)Montrose FC1 - 4Forfar Athletic F.C.Forfar Athletic F.C. (SCO)
16h00East Fife FC (SCO)East Fife FC2 - 0Stenhousemuir F.C.Stenhousemuir F.C. (SCO)
16h00Ayr United F.C. (SCO)Ayr United F.C.2 - 1FalkirkFalkirk (SCO)
16h00Hamilton Academical (SCO)Hamilton Academical2 - 2 (6 pen 5)Partick ThistlePartick Thistle (SCO)
16h00Hibernian Edimburg (SCO)Hibernian Edimburg2 - 0Alloa Athletic F.C.Alloa Athletic F.C. (SCO)
16h00Elgin City F.C. (SCO)Elgin City F.C.3 - 0Stirling Albion FCStirling Albion FC (SCO)
16h00Inverness CT (SCO)Inverness CT4 - 1Raith Rovers FCRaith Rovers FC (SCO)
16h00Stranraer F.C. (SCO)Stranraer F.C.6 - 0Berwick Rangers FCBerwick Rangers FC (ENG)
21 July 2019
16h00Saint Johnstone FC (SCO)Saint Johnstone FC1 - 2Ross County FCRoss County FC (SCO)
16h00Clyde F.C. (SCO)Clyde F.C.2 - 3Airdrieonians F.C.Airdrieonians F.C. (SCO)
23 July 2019
20h45Edinburgh City FC (SCO)Edinburgh City FC0 - 1East Kilbride FCEast Kilbride FC (SCO)
20h45Dundee United (SCO)Dundee United0 - 2East Fife FCEast Fife FC (SCO)
20h45Dumbarton FC (SCO)Dumbarton FC0 - 2MotherwellMotherwell (SCO)
20h45Berwick Rangers FC (ENG)Berwick Rangers FC0 - 3FalkirkFalkirk (SCO)
20h45Annan Athletic F.C. (SCO)Annan Athletic F.C.0 - 5Greenock MortonGreenock Morton (SCO)
20h45Albion Rovers FC (SCO)Albion Rovers FC0 - 0 (3 pen 4)St MirrenSt Mirren (SCO)
20h45Stranraer F.C. (SCO)Stranraer F.C.1 - 2LivingstonLivingston (SCO)
20h45Alloa Athletic F.C. (SCO)Alloa Athletic F.C.2 - 1Stirling Albion FCStirling Albion FC (SCO)
20h45Raith Rovers FC (SCO)Raith Rovers FC3 - 1Peterhead FCPeterhead FC (SCO)
20h45Inverness CT (SCO)Inverness CT3 - 2Cove Rangers FCCove Rangers FC (SCO)
20h45Hibernian Edimburg (SCO)Hibernian Edimburg3 - 0Arbroath F.C.Arbroath F.C. (SCO)
24 July 2019
20h45Airdrieonians F.C. (SCO)Airdrieonians F.C.2 - 2 (12 pen 11)Queen's Park FCQueen's Park FC (SCO)
20h45Heart of Midlothian (SCO)Heart of Midlothian2 - 1Stenhousemuir F.C.Stenhousemuir F.C. (SCO)
20h45Ross County FC (SCO)Ross County FC2 - 0Forfar Athletic F.C.Forfar Athletic F.C. (SCO)
20h45Partick Thistle (SCO)Partick Thistle3 - 2Clyde F.C.Clyde F.C. (SCO)
20h45Saint Johnstone FC (SCO)Saint Johnstone FC4 - 0Brechin City F.C.Brechin City F.C. (SCO)
26 July 2019
20h45Elgin City F.C. (SCO)Elgin City F.C.0 - 2Hibernian EdimburgHibernian Edimburg (SCO)
27 July 2019
16h00East Fife FC (SCO)East Fife FC1 - 1 (7 pen 6)Heart of MidlothianHeart of Midlothian (SCO)
16h00Brechin City F.C. (SCO)Brechin City F.C.1 - 1 (2 pen 4)Montrose FCMontrose FC (SCO)
16h00Arbroath F.C. (SCO)Arbroath F.C.2 - 3Alloa Athletic F.C.Alloa Athletic F.C. (SCO)
16h00Ayr United F.C. (SCO)Ayr United F.C.2 - 2 (5 pen 6)Stranraer F.C.Stranraer F.C. (SCO)
16h00Albion Rovers FC (SCO)Albion Rovers FC2 - 1Edinburgh City FCEdinburgh City FC (SCO)
16h00Stenhousemuir F.C. (SCO)Stenhousemuir F.C.2 - 0Cowdenbeath F.C.Cowdenbeath F.C. (SCO)
16h00Airdrieonians F.C. (SCO)Airdrieonians F.C.2 - 3Hamilton AcademicalHamilton Academical (SCO)
16h00Forfar Athletic F.C. (SCO)Forfar Athletic F.C.2 - 1Saint Johnstone FCSaint Johnstone FC (SCO)
16h00Cove Rangers FC (SCO)Cove Rangers FC3 - 0Raith Rovers FCRaith Rovers FC (SCO)
16h00Greenock Morton (SCO)Greenock Morton3 - 3 (4 pen 3)Queen of the South FCQueen of the South FC (SCO)
16h00Motherwell (SCO)Motherwell4 - 0Annan Athletic F.C.Annan Athletic F.C. (SCO)
16h00Dunfermline (SCO)Dunfermline4 - 0East Kilbride FCEast Kilbride FC (SCO)
16h00Livingston (SCO)Livingston5 - 0Berwick Rangers FCBerwick Rangers FC (ENG)
28 July 2019
15h30Queen's Park FC (SCO)Queen's Park FC1 - 0 (5 pen 4)Clyde F.C.Clyde F.C. (SCO)
16h00Dundee FC (SCO)Dundee FC1 - 0Inverness CTInverness CT (SCO)

Round of 16
16 August 2019
20h45Motherwell (SCO)Motherwell1 - 2Heart of MidlothianHeart of Midlothian (SCO)
17 August 2019
16h00Forfar Athletic F.C. (SCO)Forfar Athletic F.C.1 - 2LivingstonLivingston (SCO)
16h00Kilmarnock (SCO)Kilmarnock1 - 0 otHamilton AcademicalHamilton Academical (SCO)
16h00Celtic Glasgow (SCO)Celtic Glasgow2 - 1 otDunfermlineDunfermline (SCO)
16h00Partick Thistle (SCO)Partick Thistle3 - 2 otRoss County FCRoss County FC (SCO)
16h00Hibernian Edimburg (SCO)Hibernian Edimburg5 - 3 otGreenock MortonGreenock Morton (SCO)
18 August 2019
16h00East Fife FC (SCO)East Fife FC0 - 3Glasgow RangersGlasgow Rangers (SCO)
16h00Dundee FC (SCO)Dundee FC1 - 2 otAberdeenAberdeen (SCO)

25 September 2019
20h45Kilmarnock (SCO)Kilmarnock0 - 0 (4 pen 5)Hibernian EdimburgHibernian Edimburg (SCO)
20h45Livingston (SCO)Livingston0 - 1Glasgow RangersGlasgow Rangers (SCO)
20h45Heart of Midlothian (SCO)Heart of Midlothian2 - 2 (3 pen 0)AberdeenAberdeen (SCO)
20h45Celtic Glasgow (SCO)Celtic Glasgow5 - 0Partick ThistlePartick Thistle (SCO)

2 November 2019
18h30Hibernian Edimburg (SCO)Hibernian Edimburg2 - 5Celtic GlasgowCeltic Glasgow (SCO)
3 November 2019
16h00Glasgow Rangers (SCO)Glasgow Rangers3 - 0Heart of MidlothianHeart of Midlothian (SCO)

8 December 2019
16h00Glasgow Rangers (SCO)Glasgow Rangers0 - 1Celtic GlasgowCeltic Glasgow (SCO)

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