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Football - Soccer - Swiss Cup - 2019/2020 - Home

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Swiss Cup 2019/2020 - Home

SwitzerlandSwitzerland - 16 August 2019 - 4 March 2020

First Round (18/08/2019)
16 August 2019
19h30FC Concordia BaselFC Concordia Basel0 - 5FC LuganoFC Lugano
19h30Etoile Carouge FCEtoile Carouge FC0 - 1Young Boys BerneYoung Boys Berne
17 August 2019
16h00SC Young Fellows JuventusSC Young Fellows Juventus0 - 3FC WinterthurFC Winterthur
16h00FC WetzikonFC Wetzikon1 - 3FC MeyrinFC Meyrin
16h00FC Red Star ZürichFC Red Star Zürich1 - 3FC Wil 1900FC Wil 1900
16h00FC WohlenFC Wohlen2 - 1FC Wettswil-BonstettenFC Wettswil-Bonstetten
17h00FC EchallensFC Echallens0 - 6Servette GenevaServette Geneva
17h00FC AltstättenFC Altstätten1 - 3FC BassecourtFC Bassecourt
17h00Black Stars BaselBlack Stars Basel1 - 2FC ZürichFC Zürich
17h00FC RothornFC Rothorn1 - 3FC SurseeFC Sursee
17h00Pully FootballPully Football1 - 4FC BaselFC Basel
17h00FC Seefeld ZürichFC Seefeld Zürich1 - 9Grasshopper ZürichGrasshopper Zürich
18h00FC RotkreuzFC Rotkreuz0 - 2FC FreienbachFC Freienbach
18h00FC Perly-CertouxFC Perly-Certoux0 - 5FC Stade Lausanne-OuchyFC Stade Lausanne-Ouchy
18h00FC Iliria PayerneFC Iliria Payerne1 - 6FC Lausanne-SportFC Lausanne-Sport
18h00AC TaverneAC Taverne1 - 4SC KriensSC Kriens
18h00FC AllschwilFC Allschwil1 - 10FC SionFC Sion
18h00FC MuriFC Muri2 - 3FC Rapperswil-JonaFC Rapperswil-Jona
18h00FC BulleFC Bulle2 - 1FC ChiassoFC Chiasso
18h00FC Saxon SportsFC Saxon Sports2 - 4FC SpiezFC Spiez
18h30FC Gambarogno-ContoneFC Gambarogno-Contone0 - 5AC BellinzonaAC Bellinzona
19h00FC MutschellenFC Mutschellen0 - 3Stade NyonnaisStade Nyonnais
19h00FC MontheyFC Monthey1 - 4FC Saint-GallenFC Saint-Gallen
18 August 2019
14h00FC Béroche-GorgierFC Béroche-Gorgier1 - 1 (5 pen 4)FC OltenFC Olten
14h00SC ChamSC Cham2 - 2 (1 pen 3)FC AarauFC Aarau
14h00FC Linth 04FC Linth 043 - 1FC SchaffhausenFC Schaffhausen
15h00Signal FC Bernex-ConfignonSignal FC Bernex-Confignon0 - 2FC ThunFC Thun
15h00FC Escholzmatt-MarbachFC Escholzmatt-Marbach0 - 14FC BavoisFC Bavois
15h00FC UsterFC Uster1 - 3Lancy FCLancy FC
15h00FC SchoenbergFC Schoenberg1 - 5Olympique de Genève FCOlympique de Genève FC
16h00AS Calcio KreuzlingenAS Calcio Kreuzlingen0 - 2FC LuzernFC Luzern
16h00YverdonYverdon1 - 2Neuchâtel XamaxNeuchâtel Xamax

Second Round (15/09/2019)
13 September 2019
19h00Grasshopper ZürichGrasshopper Zürich1 - 0Servette GenevaServette Geneva
20h00FC WinterthurFC Winterthur2 - 0FC Saint-GallenFC Saint-Gallen
14 September 2019
16h00FC SpiezFC Spiez0 - 4 otFC Linth 04FC Linth 04
16h30FC SurseeFC Sursee1 - 2FC BulleFC Bulle
17h00Olympique de Genève FCOlympique de Genève FC1 - 2FC BavoisFC Bavois
17h00FC FreienbachFC Freienbach2 - 11Young Boys BerneYoung Boys Berne
17h30FC Béroche-GorgierFC Béroche-Gorgier2 - 1Lancy FCLancy FC
17h30SC KriensSC Kriens2 - 4FC Stade Lausanne-OuchyFC Stade Lausanne-Ouchy
18h00FC Lausanne-SportFC Lausanne-Sport3 - 0FC LuganoFC Lugano
19h00FC MeyrinFC Meyrin0 - 3FC BaselFC Basel
19h00FC Wil 1900FC Wil 19001 - 2FC ZürichFC Zürich
15 September 2019
14h30Stade NyonnaisStade Nyonnais0 - 1FC ThunFC Thun
15h00AC BellinzonaAC Bellinzona1 - 2Neuchâtel XamaxNeuchâtel Xamax
15h30FC BassecourtFC Bassecourt0 - 3FC Rapperswil-JonaFC Rapperswil-Jona
16h00FC WohlenFC Wohlen0 - 4FC LuzernFC Luzern
16h00FC AarauFC Aarau1 - 2FC SionFC Sion

Round of 16 (31/10/2019)
29 October 2019
19h30FC Béroche-GorgierFC Béroche-Gorgier1 - 7FC BavoisFC Bavois
30 October 2019
19h00Grasshopper ZürichGrasshopper Zürich0 - 1FC LuzernFC Luzern
19h30FC WinterthurFC Winterthur1 - 0FC ThunFC Thun
20h00FC Linth 04FC Linth 040 - 2FC SionFC Sion
20h15FC Stade Lausanne-OuchyFC Stade Lausanne-Ouchy1 - 2FC BaselFC Basel
20h15Young Boys BerneYoung Boys Berne4 - 0FC ZürichFC Zürich
31 October 2019
19h30FC BulleFC Bulle2 - 3FC Rapperswil-JonaFC Rapperswil-Jona
20h15FC Lausanne-SportFC Lausanne-Sport6 - 0Neuchâtel XamaxNeuchâtel Xamax

Quarter-Finals (04/03/2020)
4 March 2020
19h00FC Lausanne-SportFC Lausanne-SportPostponedFC BaselFC Basel
19h00FC LuzernFC LuzernPostponedYoung Boys BerneYoung Boys Berne
19h00FC WinterthurFC WinterthurPostponedFC BavoisFC Bavois
19h00FC Rapperswil-JonaFC Rapperswil-JonaPostponedFC SionFC Sion



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